Whew ..

When I went home yesterday from office, I was heartened to see the pan shop open and the guy sitting there and writing his “Shri Ram” with a red ball pen in his small diary.

I went there and inquired if his daughter was well and he said she is recovering. Suddenly he felt I had come to ask for the money and he said, “Saab, abhi 50 Rs. deta hu, baki kal de duga.”

I told him no need. Its not money I came to inquire about, I was worried if your daughter is fine. Infact I got worried why you didn’t open your shop today morning.

He simply had to go to get some other work done. Her daughter is fine he assured me. I didn’t hang around too much and got away relieved that his daughter is fine.

phew… All is well fella’s so no need to worry !!!


11 thoughts on “Whew ..

  1. Indian Home Maker says:

    🙂 I read this first, and then then read the last post. Glad the little one is fine 🙂
    And glad you could help!

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