wrong train at the right time…

On thursday I reached home at 2 pm and we left at 3 pm for station, our train was scheduled to leave at 3.50 pm to Bharuch.

Enroute in the rickshaw I checked that my seat was in S-6. We reached the station at about 3.30 thanks to a lot of traffic.

Now there is only one train that goes from Indore to Mumbai and Bharuch is on the way, Avantika Express. It normally stands on Platform no. 5, when we entered the station with our back packs the train was waiting at the platform and S-6 was straight in front. We climbed in and sat at our seats. The train I must say was pretty empty, which is not usual at this time in Avantika, just 20 minutes for the train to leave the station.

At about 3.45 pm I got up to see if the chart was stuck on the bogie and to check our names on it to find it was missing, I went in the train again and checked the tickets if I made a mistake in the date while booking. I didn’t, the tickets were right…

Perplexed I showed to another guy standing besides us, my name is missing. Wondering in my mind if the railway could ever do something right, without making any mistakes

The guy asked me after looking at my ticket : where do you want to go ?

Me : Bharuch !

The guy : This train doesn’t go to Bharuch Bhaiya ! This is Nizammuddin Express !! Avantika is on platform no. 3

Me : What ! oh I thought this was Avantika ! shit.. its on platform no 3 !!! 5 minutes for it to leave… !!!!


Luckily we had only back packs and we put them on and ran.

Enroute my 4 year old son tells me worriedly while running : “Addha tame to keva cho, naam bi nahi vaachyu ?” (in eng : Dad, you are strange, didn’t even read the name of the train !!)

So much for me the educated, literate, graduate me and my wife… great beginning to the trip… bah !!! in the running helter skelter forgot my newspaper and magazine in the old train !!!

I really felt sheepish, such a silly mistake…

I am sharing this to see if I am the only sheep or are there more ?????

p.s. more bharuch stories to follow


32 thoughts on “wrong train at the right time…

  1. varunavi says:

    It happens sometimes.Your kid asked u the best question.
    Once we got into the train and found out that the tickets were not with us, we ran for a duplicate tickets with my mom’s id of govt employee

  2. Usha Pisharody says:


    Very familiar.. happened to me, when I was travelling along with my boys, one was three, and the other six… at night … only this time the train actually moved, and when it did the opp direction, I raised a hue and cry, and literally got off with the kids from that slow moving train… I guess we were darned lucky !!!

    Still get goosebumps when I recall that day… had to be one of the most frightening experiences; the kids enjoyed it enormously though. 🙂

  3. Indian Home Maker says:

    I am known to be extremely absent minded. Forget faces and people and even names …

    Don’t worry soon you will be able to ask your little one and he will tell you what you have forgotten 🙂

    You are definitely not the only one.

  4. Shilpa says:

    Well, let’s just say I am the dark sheep.

    I was at Penn Station, NY trying to get back to my home in BlueBell, PA via Trenton, NJ. The timetable I had said the train left NY at 1:30 PM.

    I reached the station at 11:50, got my ticket from the vending machine but it refused to give me change. Banged the machine twice to make it give me my rightful money. Came to the waiting lounge to hear an announcement ‘NJ Transit leaving in 5 minutes from platform no:11’ [There was one at 12 noon too, the one I had ignored to check]

    Hearing that I ran with no idea as to where the platform 11 was. A security guy guided me to some escalators going down that had the board ‘Platforms 10 and 11’. Ran down that to find trains in both platforms about to leave.

    I screamed at one of the guys looking out the train door if this one was going to Trenton. He had no idea as he was not going all that way.

    I didn’t know which was the NJ Transit. In a fit of fear of missing the train, I just jumped into the one on my right. For 30 minutes, I didn’t know if the train was really the one I had to get into.

    Then a lady TTE came to check my ticket and I asked her if this train was going to Trenton. She said with a smile, ‘Well, you have the tickets. If this train isn’t the one, we’ll just change its route and take it to Trenton’ 🙂

  5. Monika says:

    lol!!! ur son’s comment was the best…

    i dont travel in trains much… hometown is too far from where is stay and unfortunately one cant do this mistake in flights 🙂

  6. Shayari says:

    Ha ha…It happens often.Recent incident which I can recollect is, when me and my roomie boarded the wrong bus;)Thanks to our chattering mouths:D

    Waiting for more Bharuch stories…

  7. hitch writer says:

    @ ramesh : whew… i have company !

    @ Varunavi : 3 is company for sure !!! lol…

    @ Ajit : Ok, your an exception, but that doesnt prove your smart okay !! lol .. 🙂 I have never taken a wrong mumbai local train though, i am so weary there i keep asking lots of people… so we are even !!

    @ USHA : tell me bout the goosebumps… I almost had visuals of the train going… whew !! close shave… lol

  8. hitch writer says:

    @ Solilo : It wasnt fun while running worried bout missing the train at all. As long as you dont miss the train its funny i guess in hindsight !

    @ IHM : Absent minded ? well i am a self proclaimed king of forgetfulness, but this was really silly. emabarassing lol.. funny now but really embarassing …

  9. hitch writer says:

    @ Shilpa : Nice TTE you found !! was she pretty too ?? lol… yay yay … i m not the only sheep !!

    @ MAYZ : Does reaching the school without the school bag match up ? Exams, well my mom wouldnt dare let me forget them !! lol… what did you reply to your mom after missing the exams ??? must be interesting eh !

    @ Monika : The rich and the luxurious !!

  10. hitch writer says:

    @ Monika : Ok Ok.. the busy and the beautiful.. i was just kidding !

    @ Rakesh : Shu karu yaar, thai gayu…

    @ Moi : glad u like it !

  11. Charmed One! says:

    i haven’t missed any trains this way.. but surely have missed quite a few buses :)..
    Btw your son is really smart.. am sure the next time you travel by train.. he will remind you to check the train name again :)!!


    hey!!such a big joke!! hahaa…neways dese will b shortlisted in urs future fun package…wow!!but very true ..sumtyms in happens which remind us 2 b more responsible for the jobs we handle..neways nice post!!

  13. zinggy_mum says:

    yea yea it happened with us too
    v were 16 of us to board train from poona to bombay. as it is v were late and we dashed to the platform…the train was there…v all spread out getting into the compartment from different doors…and hubby was checking the list of names and our names did not appear on the list…luckily saw the Tc and asked him..he asked to check the tickets and said these were for 2morrow…oh God v started shouting to one another to get off the train…what a chaos..had to cancel the tickets and took a cab back home!

  14. zinggy_mum says:

    and then u must have seen the chaos which was there at Borivli staion yesterday! sometimes they announce at the last minute the changes in the platform where the train is supposed to come…public have to cross over the bridge or the tracks at the last moment when the train is entering the platform and that pisses them off….

  15. Smita says:

    Dhiren tame to keva cho, naam bi nahi vaachyu?

    Vaise Am known for making such mistakes and many more 😀 so u r not alone 🙂

    Waiting to know more hilarious incidents on these line 😉

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