A Quirky Tag

This is a tag I liked and so I picked it up from Usha who tagged all her readers. She is a wonderful poet and a very sensible, fun loving woman. The tag is to share seven things unusual about me 🙂

I took up the tag of mentioning the unusual things about me and now I am finding it difficult to put 7 of them but lets try.

1.) My nose – Its huge and I can compete with Sunny Deol. In my maternal family every one is blessed with a huge nose that is called “Dhokla” like nose. But I guess I beat them all up, mine is the grandest… some times garnished by pimples its the most hated part of my body. I look at Akshay Kumar with full of envy and fantasize some day I will get my nose plastic surgeried to a nose like his !!!!! ( don’t know when I started enjoying fun at my own expense.. this blogging is driving me nuts !)

2.) Plus Plus Minus Minus – all day and night whatever I do I try to even it up. If I chew, it has to be in multiples of two Plus and Minus. Its really weird. If I walk 4 steps they have to be even, either 4 steps in the centre of a tile or 4 on the border of a tile or even worse 2 in the centre two on the lines. If I walk steps and there are 17 steps and I will skip one… I dont kow its really really foolish but I keep counting all the time ! Even when I pat some one it is either twice or worse 4 times but never in odd numbers ! I am trying desparately to leave this habit !

3.) No routines for me – I hate anything that is routine. Some days it is tea, some days it is coffee, some days its lemonade, some days just water. I even change my route to office every week causing much irritation to my brother.

4.) I cry in movies at every opportunity – Of late I try not to go to a theatre, this urge to weep takes me over. Any mother in the film dies and I cry more than the hero of the movie. I have seen Haathi mere Saathi atleast 20 times and even today when the Haathi dies I cry. I just cant help it. A slightly emotional scene and I am looking for a tissue ….

5.) Dreams of cricket – I constantly have dreams about cricket. Long back when India were to tour Australia, this was Sehwag’s first tour, I dreamt he would open the batting and smash Brett Lee all around the park… 3 months after the dream, on boxing day Sehwag smashed Brett Lee and company to a magical 195 !!!!! When I was young, I am young still but I mean when I was a kid and when I would return home after a cricket match, in the nights when I would sleep tired, the cricket match would still go on in my dream and I would speak in my sleep giving chills to my mother… I would suddenly scream, ” Throw the ball ” , “Easy, Easy” , “Run, Run ” whew…

6.) I am tansen, not a kansen at all – Every song I see or hear I have to sing along. I have a strong belief I sound like the great Mukesh himself. No reader will make fun of this !! All are warned !!! Whatever songs are playing I have to sing along with it, be it the theatre or home. My wife keeps prodding me in the stomach in the theatre to lower my volume but I can’t help it !!! I try to sing “I believe I can fly ” with even more feeling than R-Kelly himself !

7.) Sunday is a holiday – When I was young sunday was a holiday and that means, no bathing, no brushing, no shaving, no tiding up… You had to be shoddy on a sunday its a holiday after all… its time to laze or go for a trek or a hike.. but no good work can be done… My wife has sobered me quite a bit though and now I brush and bath on a Sunday !!! tsk tsk… but its so good to be untidy at times !!!

I thought a lot and strangely I managed 7 things. I should make it 8 but I have resisted it !

Now I would like my readers to take this tag tooo… Its voluntary, but if you do take the tag do let me know !!!!!


30 thoughts on “A Quirky Tag

  1. ApocalypsE says:

    Man, this is WEIRD…
    1.I ve a big nose.
    2.I hate routines.
    3.I cry watching movies too… Lion king, can’t help it you when mufasa dies leaving Little Simba alone…
    4.I sing along when I’m listening to songs… Run and Hide when I’m plugged to my ipod.
    5. Sunday is funday, I brush atleast:-)

  2. Riya says:

    Hey.. I liked that one in which you count to make it even.. That was my habit too previously.. But now its gone.. Others are also really interesting..

  3. hitch writer says:

    @ Zinggy – me ? encountered ? when ?

    @ Apocalypse – Weird man, they say there is atleast one man exactly same as you in this world…. have I just found my clone ??? lol 🙂

  4. hitch writer says:

    @ Shail – Yea it was, how bout trying it ??

    @ Abhishek – U a doc ? I am not gonna spend a single penny to cure any of these !!! lol 🙂

    @ Indyeah – Waiting with baited breath !

    @ Varunavi – Waiting with the same baited breath !

    @ Riya – Liked it ? I didnt know anything was worth liking lol…

    @ Shilpa – So you want to certify me as a weirdo ?

  5. Chirag says:

    @ My nose – Its huge
    Dude, tell me about it I have a pakoda for nose.

    @ Plus Plus Minus Minus
    He he he he this is a even quirk 

    @ Cry in movies
    Me to crying in movies for my wasted money he he he specially Hindi movies.

    @ Cricket Fascination
    Dude this is crazy, you can dream of better thing right !

  6. hitch writer says:

    @ CHIRAG – I am sure I can beat you on the nose size… not happy about it though ! I can and do dream about other things too !! dont know if they are better or not … lol…

  7. Solilo says:

    Cry watching movies? LOL that’s a first for a guy. I mean at least you admitted. Many don’t.

    I have commented earlier about Tansen Dhirubhai.

    So I believe that no one should meet you on Sundays.

    It was a fun read. Hope your holidays are going good.

  8. moi says:

    its quite a quirky tag, i will take this tag up soon, right now i cant figure out my 7 unusual things about me, BTW do you really cry so much that too on a movie??? it was fun knowing you!!lolz

  9. hitch writer says:

    @ Thoorika – Why dont you do this tag !!! its fun, if you do so please leave a link !!

    @ MOI – give it a try !!! yea i cry a lot !!! I am a sensitive human being ! ! sob sob !! lol…

  10. Indyeah says:

    Your tag was really nicely done Dhiren:)
    lol @big nose…!really?come on!:)
    loved how you see the lighter side of it…:)
    LOL@Plus Plus Minus Minus !!!oh man!!Dhiren!that could be OCD!:D
    but I think its a nice quirk and harmless and cute in a weird way:)

    the not routines part is so ‘me’ too…yeah routine gets really boring…
    awww@crying at movies!good!we need more guys like you…though *ahem*not so much… ”A slightly emotional scene and I am looking for a tissue …. ”but its so awww….

    LOL@”Any mother in the film dies and I cry more than the hero of the movie”….I am still laughing!:D

    ”I constantly have dreams about cricket”. yeah we know your heartfelt post told us…:)

    LOL@”I would speak in my sleep giving chills to my mother… I would suddenly scream, ” Throw the ball ” , “Easy, Easy” , “Run, Run ” whew…”
    😀 you are making me laugh a lot today!
    and I am just trying to iamgine you singing ‘I believe i can fly”heh!heh!
    I am sure you sing well *cough**cough*:D

    I love Sundays too thoguh I sometimes treat other days too like one by bunking work..:D

    DHiren a wonderfully done tag,one which made ma smile and laugh…:)
    god bless you!:)

  11. hitch writer says:

    @ Indyeah – OCD, your the second one who is calling me this, what is this lemme google it !! And no making fun of my singing !!! i told you that…. lol….

    Glad i bring laughter !!!

    would you care doing the tag ? its fun whenever you have time !!

  12. varunavi says:

    Dhiren even i cry when i watch movies in particular when sharaku dies.I am very emotional if a person sits to me is crying, i dont know him, still i get tears in my eyes and i will go and talk to that person.But i have never seen a guy crying.U r too emotional.
    “Whatever songs are playing I have to sing along with it, be it the theatre or home. “My wife keeps prodding me in the stomach in the theatre to lower my volume” I liked it.And i am sure u sing well
    ” suddenly scream, ” Throw the ball ” , “Easy, Easy” , “Run, Run ” whew… this was the funniest.
    Since yesterday night i am trying to figure out 7 unusual things about me, i got few one among them is i cry very easily.
    It was fun reading urs

  13. Vamsee says:

    That was funny and weird at the same time!! Counting steps – didn’t hear that before. The changing routine thing can drive your partner crazy. My husband is that way and I can never buy extra large boxes of cereal….he needs to change it after 3-4 days.

    Crying in movies makes me remember that Preity Zinta / Saif movie based in Melbourne (cant remember the name.

  14. hitch writer says:

    @ Varunavi – I am too emotional in movies not in real life. I get involved a bit too much i guess. me screaming int he night, it wasnt funny for my mom, it would scare her … Lol…

    Waiting for you to figure out your 7.

    @ Kunjal – Welcome to both the blogs !!!!
    lemme see that photo contest

  15. Usha Pisharody says:

    🙂 Lol.. @ all the quirks.. esp the 2 4 2 thing… 🙂
    As Indy says, it is OCD, nothing else, not even a quirk…. LOL!! Kidding!

    @nose… tell me about it.. I got a strange one too..:)

    @crying at movies… well the first guy, after my younger son… that I know 🙂 But Haathi mere Saathi is guaranteed to make anyone cry!

    Was great reading this… sorry to be late.. 🙂

  16. hitch writer says:

    How do we know – no we can’t !!

    USHA – i dont have a strange nose.. its just too big !!! OCD !! its getting to me now..

    Late you were but atleast you came !!!

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