silly just got sillier

This sunday’s going to be lazy,
I am gonna remain all messy,

Gotta go shopping with Biwi,
While the Aussies take on the Kiwi’s,

Dhoni looking for a whitewash,
come to think of it our walls need a creamwash,

Sonny boy has got up and wants to go the zoo,
Just saw the sky outside is so blue,

Wanna make this longer,
my talent is not getting any stronger,

Rhyming has caught my fancy,
Whole day we talk in this frenzy….

Thanks IHM for the Dutt Rhymes,
And Shilpa for the Horror Times,

Dunno whats got into my head,
But I am loving this jam & bread,

Not making any breakfast today,
Hooked on to blogging for the day,

Usha & Shail are the poets,
Bet they can’t sing duets,

I am the singer,
trying to find a listener,

May the more talented come and add,
To this silly rhyme and make it grand…

40 thoughts on “silly just got sillier

  1. Indian Home Maker says:

    Sunday mornings had best be lazy
    Making rhymes delights me crazy
    Just like, give us music we will dance,
    Will make a rhyme given a chance
    Am finishing a post on my favorite blue jeans
    What to me a pair trousers in blue denims means?
    So let me finish my curses,
    So let me hit publish
    will be back with more verses
    cause rhyming is something I really relish 🙂

  2. Usha Pisharody says:

    Am in awe of divine rhymers
    Such as you and you, all chimers :D!

    To get into that frame of mind
    Always gets me into a bind :P!

    Still one bravely goes on
    And tries hard not to fawn

    When one reads of lazy days
    And blue jeans, all in a daze

    For here I am wanting to wear ’em
    But, the neighbours all go *ahem*
    So you see, I really envy you , IHM :D!!!

    For here, they go Ooooh and Aaaaah!
    No teacher, please don’t go so faaar 😀

    And distort our kids’ thinking!
    For into their heads this’ll be sinking:D

    And the Ravan Sena might catch them in jeans
    So will you then, come and save them by any means???

    Will I? I might ask?
    And then in glory bask!

    When your applause stuns thems
    When I say, Aren’t they your gems?
    Not I but Us, we’ll bash those phlegms!!!!

    [All due credit to Ogden Nash’s influence on how to change spelling to suit rhyme!!!]

    Thanks Dhiren, LOVED this post:) Now you know why you have the versify award too :D!!!!

  3. hitch writer says:

    IHM is on fire,
    Renuka vent her ire,

    Usha is at her classical best,
    This Muthalik is a total waste,

    Mayz is cheating,
    He is not rhyming…

  4. Indian Home Maker says:

    As promised I am back,
    With a fresh rhyming attack 🙂
    Usha you are amazing,
    This Sunday I am lazing!
    Hitchwriter is turning to rhyme
    His blog is changing with time :))
    Have fun! My rhyme is done:)

  5. Usha Pisharody says:

    Just dropped in to find out
    How much of chrymes here pout 😛

    To find them all funny, quaint n dainty
    Dhiren, you’ll all agree,he’s fun, ain’t he??


    Now I am off for a Sunday snooze
    It works better they say if you booze 😀

    Sadly with none of it in my room
    That plan has somehow met with it’s doom!

    zzzzz.. 🙂

    See ya laters 🙂

  6. hitch writer says:

    Sundays are for siesta’s,
    But my son won’t let me have any such fiesta’s,

    As I prepare to sleep,
    He dives in with his knees,

    Jumps on my belly,
    As I give out a yelly,

    Wife turns and gives a warning,
    That has the lil one quietening,

    As the moment passes,
    His mischies surfaces,

    This time its Momma’s turn,
    Pulling a ear makes her squirm,

    Up gets Mummy,
    Son starts running for Daddy,

    Looks at her with innocent smiles,
    Full of mischief are his tiny eyes,

    Dad starts laughing,
    Mom starts laughing,
    Son starts laughing,
    Gone is the siesta holidaying …..

  7. ApocalypsE says:

    Sunday morning listening to black Sabbath
    Mommy cries “GO TAKE YOUR BATH”

    Went in my room to grab the towel
    There was weird feeling down in my bowel

    So I rushed down to take a dump
    Slipped in water and sat on my bum


  8. 1conoclast says:

    Beware of Idle pursuits on Sunday…
    Lest they set the tone for Monday! 😀

    And since you like rhyming so much,
    I'll leave you with some rhymes, free verse & such.

    This piece of random rhyming from Zig,
    Will make you break into a jig!

    My poetry, I know, stinks like poo,
    But it serves the purpose it sets out to! 😉

    You want better poetry? You’ll find it here.
    It’ll make you gasp, it’ll make you cheer!

    But if you want verse that’ll AWAKEN,
    Go here! You’ll find yourself SHAKEN!!!

  9. Shilpa says:

    In rhyming, you are getting completely caught
    To think, I have a hand in this part
    Nice to know you are having a good time on a Sunday
    Boo Hoo. It’s already a Monday
    Another five days to go before the funday is back
    For now, let’s get on track

  10. shail says:

    Wow you think Shail is a poet
    That calls for some wine in a goblet
    I will now sing that duet
    You go, make me an omelet
    Hey don’t stand there and fidget
    The eggs are in yonder basket
    While at it make a cutlet
    And how about some crumpet.
    Now you have thrown the gauntlet
    With Usha I shall sing a sonnet
    Don’t threaten me with a mallet
    I am not scared of even a hatchet
    I shall sing at least a couplet
    However much you may object.
    Out in the garden is a linnet
    The pig is chasing the piglet
    The dog is trying to ferret
    The bone from under the carpet
    Sounds of a dripping faucet
    Are coming from the third toilet
    Why don’t you go to the market
    And get the necessary gadget
    Maybe you need a bracket
    Or perhaps a new gasket
    Its cold, put on your jacket
    Check what is in your pocket
    Don’t forget your wallet
    Hidden beneath the blanket.
    Your wife needs a skillet
    Also some more millet
    For your child a puppet
    Clothed all in purple velvet
    A bat to play cricket
    As also the much needed wicket
    While riding always wear a helmet
    When thirsty stop for sherbet.
    Now I will give you some respite
    If your headaches, here is a tablet
    Ahhh now you know my secret
    I chatter like a parrot!

  11. Serendipity says:


    Among the things I cannot do,
    Is Rhyme a little word or two.

    Although this is worth a try,
    Among all the gr8 rhymes here ill feel like small fry 🙂

  12. hitch writer says:

    Poets want to sing duets,
    singers wanna be poets,

    Monday has been a dampner,
    couldnt find a moment to spare,

    Will keep checking,
    Who all are not rhyming,

    Stop all the Whining
    and all start rhyming…

  13. hitch writer says:

    IHM is fast,
    Usha is class,

    Mou was Shy,
    Shail was Oh my my,

    Shilpa was sweet,
    Conclast1 wasnt discreet,

    Serendipity was a sport,
    As all of you strike a cord…

  14. shail says:

    Hey how about if you get
    For your blog a new widget
    Which will draw like magnet
    Readers from far and wide
    Now I will go buy a racquet
    A dress all in russet
    O here is something I covet
    Its a tiny silver locket
    Set with a lovely garnet
    No I don’t need a corset
    Or a pretty pink bonnet
    Oh where did I leave my anklet
    It was next to the bracelet
    Now its time for the banquet
    We are leaving me and my cute basset!

  15. Indyeah says:

    oh!oh!and oh!how did I miss this one?:)
    lemme come back with a good one!Dhiren thanks for letting me know…:)would hav ebeen my loss..
    give me a few minutes..:D

  16. Usha Pisharody says:

    I think I need to dive into a thicket
    Or perhaps hunt for that pack of chicklet
    For the wiring in my head has lost its socket
    As I read Shail’s awesome double awesome rhyme racket :D!!!

    @Shail… Oh my Oh My Oh my…:)


  17. shail says:

    Usha don’t dive into the thicket
    You might stir the nest of some hornet
    Instead let us sing that duet
    Dhiren will buy us some chocolate.

  18. Indyeah says:

    How did I miss this I’ll never know..
    I had so much work to tow..:(

    But bless Dhiren who came to call…
    Now you know why h’s called honest by all..:)
    A poetic soul with time on his hands
    Is it any wonder on his blog he lands?:D

    Inviting us all to write and share..
    While he will sit back with nary a care..:D

    But no!look hes working too
    Trying to make rhymes turning all blue..:D

    My Sunday was spent at a beautiful wedding
    I don’t know where I am heading
    Coudnt find word to rhyme there
    So off to the next line without a care..:D

    I loved your Sunday version Hitchwriter..
    So tell me you and the other half whos a better fighter?:D

    By the way did I tell you of this new fact
    Your songs are awesome and you are a class act..!:)

    Loved jumping in here with all guns blazing
    Am jealous coz your Sunday was spent lazing..:D

    Oh!why didn’t I know of this more sooner and quick?
    You are a genius Dhiren aka Hitch!:D
    Loved your poetry and your rhymes
    Please let me know sooner next time..:)

  19. hitch writer says:

    Now that things are hotting up,
    poets are now teaming up,

    As they start a duet,
    Chocolates are yours dont worry poets,

    Indyeah better late then never,
    We were missing you forever,

    As more rhymes come in here,
    My rhyming now has no fear,

  20. CAT says:

    I hitched in to write,
    What a treat for my sight,

    Missed this Sunday fest,
    So full of jest,

    Tuesday morns are not ,
    Leisure and what not,

    Kiddo is shrieking,
    And I’m gonna go freaking,

    Was a nice break, this…
    Not sure where to take this.

    Am not a poet, sure,
    But this was quite a lure,

    Thanks 1conoclast……
    Did not know I would have such a blast!

  21. Anand says:

    Lol. Everything here was seriously hilerious (did I spell that right?). Loved ur blog. I’ll visit u again.
    Keep it up.
    Anand. 🙂

  22. hitch writer says:

    Albeit Late,
    Welcome Cat,

    For time is not of esscence,
    As your rhyming spreads effervescence,

    Hoping my spelling is right,
    May this go on day and night !!

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