Indian Potatoes

These various versions of culture by various people have confused me, I thought my culture or should I say our culture was to embrace all foreign cultures.

Even take a bit of the foreign culture mix it with ours and have our culture progressing or should be call it culture evolution !! Also share a part of our culture to the other culture and ensure that the other cultures also has an evolution process going on.

Now with Sanskriti and Chaddi’s flying in I am confused.

Beating up women is definitely not my Sanskriti !

I would like to ask Muthalik does he eat potatoes ?
Assume the answer would be yes !

So I would like to tell him that eating potatoes is not our Sanskriti !!! Its the Portugese that brought the most favourite Potato to India !!! Even cottage cheese that we consume is not Indian, again it was introduced by Portugese.

So if some potato eating goon decides to preach Sanskriti just tell him he ain’t qualified. Coz potatoes ain’t Indian…. So if he eats potatoes he ain’t got no right to speak about Sanskriti…

Geee I eat potatoes tooo… guess I have no right to speak about Sanskriti tooo….

No probs, I won’t talk about Sanskriti. But I am not stopping eating those potatoes anytime sooon !!!!

As Mcdonald’s would say, ” I ‘ m loving it !! “