Indian Potatoes

These various versions of culture by various people have confused me, I thought my culture or should I say our culture was to embrace all foreign cultures.

Even take a bit of the foreign culture mix it with ours and have our culture progressing or should be call it culture evolution !! Also share a part of our culture to the other culture and ensure that the other cultures also has an evolution process going on.

Now with Sanskriti and Chaddi’s flying in I am confused.

Beating up women is definitely not my Sanskriti !

I would like to ask Muthalik does he eat potatoes ?
Assume the answer would be yes !

So I would like to tell him that eating potatoes is not our Sanskriti !!! Its the Portugese that brought the most favourite Potato to India !!! Even cottage cheese that we consume is not Indian, again it was introduced by Portugese.

So if some potato eating goon decides to preach Sanskriti just tell him he ain’t qualified. Coz potatoes ain’t Indian…. So if he eats potatoes he ain’t got no right to speak about Sanskriti…

Geee I eat potatoes tooo… guess I have no right to speak about Sanskriti tooo….

No probs, I won’t talk about Sanskriti. But I am not stopping eating those potatoes anytime sooon !!!!

As Mcdonald’s would say, ” I ‘ m loving it !! “


21 thoughts on “Indian Potatoes

  1. Indian Home Maker says:

    Hitchwriter this creep has no interest or knowledge of Indian culture. His culture is VOTES.
    If Pubs got him votes he will try to dance like Q Q Queraishi in Bunty & Babli.

  2. Rakesh says:

    Some research there dhiren ! lol… btw, who is Sanskriti? Happy V-Day to her! or does she not celebrate V-day since it is beyond culture? he he

  3. hitch writer says:

    Thanks all !!!

    Well smart alec just read today that the potato was introduced in India by the portugese & cottage cheese toooo !!!!

  4. Indyeah says:

    lol!then should I get portugese citizenship!coz I love potatoes..:D
    btw potatoes remind me of the way a famous cricketer used to be taunted…

    Dhiren’s geeting a new potato fact
    but he aint stopping his potato act

    im loving it is fine and grand
    but you think the sanskriti rakshaks will understand?:D

    koi baat nahi potatoes khaae jaao
    aur portugese logon ke gun gaaye jaao:)

  5. Shilpa says:

    did u know that chilli came to India with the Portugese?
    Yeah the same chilli without which we can’t imagine a decent Indian meal. 🙂

  6. Guru Ajay says:

    A lot that we eat were originally introduced by the Portugese from South America in the 16th Century : potatoes, tomatoes, brinjal, papaya, chilli, guava, tobacco and maize etc. Wine is not an import but one whose production was a fine art and many different wines were produced from mango, bel etc. In fact one of the four sacred vedas was an ode to that supremeley sacred intoxicant, Somaras, consumed by all. Instead of sending pink chaddis, they should have sent somaras. It would have clicked with the masses which was Muthalik’s audience, instead of a miniscule minority that could understand the symbolism of pink chaddis.

  7. Solilo says:

    Do you seriously think that the likes of him care about culture? He has no clue about Indian culture. He should tell us which era he is referring to so that we can tell him what the culture was in that era. We were much more progressed and provocatively dressed in past eras.

    Attention seeking monger is what he is!

  8. Pallav says:

    I wa unaware with this Potato history..
    thanx for the same
    I tell u these guys cant do anythng….
    wen somebody dnt give them lift, they all, do this Idiots…
    Beating womens is also not our Sanskriti.. Mind it.

    February 12, 2009 10:13 AM

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