6 months on the blogosphere !!!!

I just noticed that yesterday I completed 6 months on the blogosphere !!!!

I am a 6 month old blogger now… it has been quite a journey…. lots of views shared, lots of laughter, unbelievable for me to receive so many awards, one poem, lots of rhyming and some funny & quirky tags but most importantly becoming a member of what I call is a “Blog Samaj”

My parents and elders always used to force me to go and join the Jain Samaj or Gujarati Samaj, their view was it will help me to get to know more new people in Indore !!

Well I have come to know a lot more people from around India ! I am a proud member of this new “Blog Samaj”

I have made a few friends, learnt a lot from people here and I would say, become even more thoughtful and sensible now. (atleast I think so)

It was Ranu who almost forced me to start a blog, I jumped on the wagon thinking maybe I might become famous or earn some money. Never did I know that I would become so addicted and that this would give me so much satisfaction. Frankly now I just love doing this regardless…. and I thank Ranu from the bottom of my heart for introducing me to the “Blog Samaj”.

Thanks to some of the blogs, I even started feeling guilty about eating hot hot chapaties. Which is really silly as I love them so much. Infact I don’t eat hot hot chapaties any more and make it a point to sit together for lunch. I was certified JKG (Joru Ka Gulam) !! by IHM from whom I have learnt to call a spade a spade, write what I think and not care if it is politically correct or not. I at times am amazed by her passion.

Thanks to Backpacker, Magic Eye & Indrani, I got interested and started a photoblog, sharing my own pictures at first and now I have also enrolled two friends to share on our photoblog where we want to show pictures of India. For us, all three Bharuchi’s, it would be a life time achievement if we can see the whole of India.

Deborah, Nina & Connie are people who share wonderful pictures of the places around them and actually made me aware that even I lived in a beautiful place, it was only a matter of looking. Remember beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

When I started I wanted to write about cricket, I also have a cricket blog, but still amazingly I write less about it then I thought I would at the start.

I don’t remember how I discovered Usha & Shail’s blog, I never thought I would like reading poetries, but these ladies actually made me stop, read, think and understand and I actually now find poetries interesting !! (trust me I thought poets and poetries were not normal, but now I am a poet tooo !!! ) I used to hate poetry, Well well… I wrote my first poetry thanks to the “Blog Samaj” influence.

Monika’s doc tales had me laughing looking at the screen and my colleagues would come and ask me what was so interesting.

Indyeah’s blog was the one that told me I should write to my heart’s content, earlier there was a tendency to write short articles so that the readers would read and not go away, but reading her blogs told me to write what I wanted to write. I stopped worrying about if readers would read instead started writing all that I actually wanted to tell. She is an amazingly passionate blogger as well…. Eventually I realised that readers always stick around if what you write is interesting, regardless of the length of the article.

Ajit, an ordinary Indian, from whom I learnt to write with a soul, He writers wonderful stuff with which I can relate to plus he can be a wonderful story teller…

I met a few pleasant friends in Shilpa, a sweet writer with a strong view point, Varunavi, a wonderful cook and potentially a good funny stories writer, Riya, a doctor cum dancer cum writer.

Then I met, Smita, a sweet person (although I don’t know her personally I can tell that) who is going to make me a reader of books once again surely.

There are a few interesting guys like, Trailblazer, a rational thinker but one who writes with lots of sarcasm and funny anecdotes & Global Madrasi, truly global and a Bruce Lee fan like me.

Chirag, Chamoli (wat does Chamoli mean?) writes some really funny stuff, which inspires me to think out of the box. He has lots of updates to help technically naive bloggers like me, who are still to come to terms with the gadgets and widgets.

Rahul, a guy who updates me with all the new tool bars and even is helping me at the moment to earn out of the blog.

There are some whom I envy, like Vamsee at the amount of travel she gets to do and I marvel at her photographs. Also Smitha who is on a 7 weeks vacation currently.

There are some who make me want to wake up and try and make a difference like Serendipity and Nomad. They are good souls and are helping create a few more…

I have always read and marvelled at the observation of Ugich Konitari, she is a very sensitive person who never misses out the smallest of gestures. She observes and writes with a lot of intricacy.

Then at times I fail to understand a few writers at times, Abhishek, Mayz, Swagatika and Phoenix but hey I am not giving up. I am gonna read up all the stuff.

Then there is a champion blogger like Domain Maximus, he has an unbelievable sense of humour.

Ritu, always writing witty stuff with a devilish streak.

Solilo, a multi talented rhymer !!!

Sagarone, he always touches issues I have no knowledge of and makes me at times embarassed of my general knowledge.

There are so many other bloggers apart from the ones I mentioned above that I read daily, they have become a part of my life, there are many I am still discovering every day. When I get comments my heart warms, it tells me people read stuff I write, they relate to it, feel about it, object to it and even laugh due to it !!!!

This “Blog Samaj” is a wonderful place to join and be a part of. I have not met any of my fellow bloggers till date yet I dream some day we all bloggers would meet up in the hills and stay together and have camp fires with lots of discussions and lots of treks taking wonderful photos and sharing lots of jokes.

So far… so so so so so goood….

For all of you who are raging a culture and freedom debate… please read this post : http://kaimhanta.blogspot.com/2009/02/whose-culture-is-it-anyway-yours-mine.html


35 thoughts on “6 months on the blogosphere !!!!

  1. Varunavi says:

    Hi,wonderfull write up dhiren.thanks for including my name in ur blog friends list.
    I go with u regarding the blog samaj.I dont write much in my blogs,but i love to read what other bloggers write.
    I read everyone’s whether they read mine or not.
    I do love getting comments when i post something on my blog.I am getting many friends in my food blog.
    IHM was the 1st blogger to comment on my blog,it was very touching.And you are the one who always comments first on my blog and thanks for that.
    Every day i am in a hurry to put my kids to sleep in the afternoon, so that i will read blogs and comment on that and also to check if there is any comment on my blog or who has visited my blog.
    I dont have any addiction than blog addiction
    Cheers to u and to other bloggers

  2. hitch writer says:

    @ Varunavi : No thank yous accepted, only cash and cheque’s accepted. Yea comments drive me too…. i keep counting i all the time… !!!

    This is a journey well begun…!!! Today i am gonna try the egg biryani !!!! cheers… !

  3. Indyeah says:

    Dhiren!Thank you for being part of my ‘blog samaaj ‘ too!:D
    Thank you for those generous words….:)
    You have given me some new blogs to discover which I shall do in a short while:D
    and also given me a lot of encouragement..:)

    I read your poem ,loved it..:)will go and comment there now..:)

    I agree with what you say about everyone…specially IHM’s passion,Ajit’s story telling,Sagarone’s GK(his knowledge makes me embarassed atmy gk too LOL!)and Solilo’s rhyming:D

    USha has made me appreciate poetry..I did love poetry but only the classical ones..then i discovered her..:)and I am so darn glad I did!:)

    Chirag makes my technical knopwledge too .and he explains very nicely!:)Thanks Chirag!:)

    Dhiren you have heart thats big and so you’ll always find friends wherever you go…:)its as simple as that!:)

    By the way ,your cricket article is my most fav till date..:)

    God bless you and your loved ones..:)
    keep writing from the heart..:)

  4. hitch writer says:

    @ Indyeah – Awww … kind kind kind words, u like my cricket article… whew…. that makes me feel like on the top of the world…

  5. Usha Pisharody says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ I like being part of the blog samaj too.. ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a little universe that is so wonderfully warm, and human too!

    Thanks for the kind words too ๐Ÿ™‚ Yours is also a place I love to visit, especially to rhyme, and read about all those funny anecdotes ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. ugich konitari says:

    I like this “Blog Samaj” that you have defined. And I also like greatly the idea of having Bolg Samaj gettogethers in the hills over campfires and so on. ( An addition of Undhiyo, may be even more thrilling :-))

    Thank you for the kind words about my blog, as well as telling me about so many other wonderful blogs. This the highest form of “Blog Samaj Sewa” , if I might say so ๐Ÿ™‚

    Best wishes to you on your six month anniversary ……..

  7. hitch writer says:

    Usha – Yea, this samaj is so wonderful warm and human too… best is no rules…. !!!

    and yes keep coming….

    Ramesh – here is wishing our samaj keeps flourishing !!

    Ugich Konitari – Glad you agree to the idea of having a gettogether… I think the idea is neat and cool… hope i find more takers… Undhiya would be super !!! wouldnt it be….

    seems like unknowingly i just did the highest form of Blog Samaj Seva !!!! kudo’s to the concept of exchanging views and expressing !!

  8. Connie says:

    Thanks for mentioning me. I really like the pictures you take too. I love the one of the trucks going through the side of a mountain.

  9. mayz says:

    congrats on ur half yr anniversary ๐Ÿ™‚

    btw u dont understand wat i write :(((( damn n i thot my blogs was one of d easiest to…thnkgod u havent seen my other one ๐Ÿ˜›

  10. shail says:

    Congrats on your completion of 6 months in blogosphere!

    Ok Dhiren so I have a hand in your taking interest in poetry?!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Good good! ๐Ÿ˜€ Well I like what you wrote, “Eventually I realised that readers always stick around if what you write is interesting, regardless of the length of the article.” Bravo. I think I need go and tell a few people about this!!

  11. Ajit says:

    Hey man, I am honored to find my name in such a great list….. ๐Ÿ™‚
    Thanks and continue the good work…..

    I have been influenced by IHM as well…. well we dont eat chappatti… ๐Ÿ™‚ we eat rice but still, i have changed…. LOL
    and Indyeah rocks…. she is a brilliant blogger and Solilo as well…..

  12. Anand says:

    Man..that was one hell of a list n quite generous too. U must’ve really sat down earlier,made a list of ppl to be included,thot of wot to write about them eh?? How long did it take?
    I wonder how ur ‘will’ will be like. Can I…uh…be in it? Haha.
    I liked my stay here. I’ll visit u again.
    Keep it up.
    Anand. ๐Ÿ™‚

  13. Solilo says:

    Dhiren that was sweet and you are part of my blog samaj too. My daily cuppa tea includes your blog too among many others. It is only with close blog buddies one can joke and tease which I mostly do with you.

    My rhyming? LOL my rhyming is like Govinda’s films tacky songs :)):))

    I am turning 2 months old tomorrow on blogosphere and had written a post which I will publish next week.

    You rock on!

  14. hitch writer says:

    Connie : Your photo’s are the inspiration !!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Charmed one : Thanks !!

    Mayz : Only at times buddy !! at times….

    Shail : Indeed you do …

    Ajit : keep up the stories man !! Love reading them…

    Anand : Welcome to the my blog Anand !! techies like you are badly needed for naive bloggers like me !!!

    Solilo : Govinda’s films were a rage at one point of time !!!! lol…. no but you simply rock !!

    Kamana : Thanks !!! you need to write more…. find some time baba !!!

    Catherine : Welcome to my blog !! yea it is damn damn addictive !!

  15. Pallav says:

    Congrats for 6 month…
    i rgret why not i hv followed your earilier blogs.
    Lucky Guy…..
    hav fun n all the best..
    waiting for your next blog

  16. Indian Home Maker says:

    Dhiren I am honored and pleased to be a part of your not-hot-but-love-soaked-roti eating Blog Samaj ๐Ÿ™‚

    Your blog is a lot of fun to read and I am so glad you just write what you feel,

    I also don’t care for being politically correct …
    Wish you many more such six monthly celebrations!!!!
    And it is amazing how we make friends in our Blog Samaj ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Lakshmi says:

    Congrats ! and its good to have you around as a part of this Samaj..thanks for linking me ..its a great pleasure to meet new people through the blog..here is to more ! cheers

  18. Chirag says:

    Ha ha ha awesome dude, too good, this is one post we all must do from time and again.
    @Chamoli : I have no clue, will ask dad ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for the compliment.

    Now I know..Guys, thanks Indyhea ๐Ÿ™‚

    hey this make me really proud too be a member of a extremely extremely awesome community. Thanks again Hitchwriter

  19. hitch writer says:

    IHM – Yea its amazing… the number of friends we make here !!! Strangely enough people whom I have not met are a part of my life now… !!!

    Lakshmi – Our samaj is an expanding samaj… !!! Cheers !!

    Chirag – Ohh Chamoli is the surname… i didnt know … gee (really weird one) just kidding man ! No thanks buddy….. only cash and cheque will suffice !!!

  20. zinggy_mum says:

    Dhiren congrats on completing 6 months of blogging. The enthusiasm with which u write is quite applauding! Keep the fire burning. “Blog Samaj Zindabad”

  21. churningthewordmill.wordpress.com says:

    this is why i dont like blogspot.. i wrote u a nice encouraging note congratulating u on completing 6 months on the blogosphere….it said “duplicate comment”. forget the duplicate, i dont even see the original comment!! arrgh
    anyway, congrats..hope to see u blogging n enjoying urself in the blog samaj for a long long time.

  22. Monika says:

    i like the blog-samaaj… and glad that i am there :):)

    congrats for completing the 6 months…hope to keep reading u for a long time

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