Random things bout me….

This tag I have seen on Monika’s and felt like doing and IHM officially tagged me so here I go… as such I have written a lot about myself already, but what the heck… one more go…

First the rules –

Once you’ve been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it’s because I want to know more about you.

So here we go…..

1.) I was most embarassed recently in a train journey, I was travelling alone from Mumbai to Indore, A mother had come to drop her 18 year old daughter, after a while of introduction the mother told me, ” Now that my daughter is with you, I have no worries, she is safe.”

Its ok, I mean yea I ain’t gonna do anything. I am a good man, but why did she have to say that and that too to me on my face??. Wonder what she meant when she said, she is safe with me ???? I was like totally freaked off inside !!!! This was not at all a compliment…. sheeesh….

2.) I want to retire, as soon as possible and end up in the hills, maybe do a bit of farming and relaxing…. anything but working in an office.

3.) I can never focus, I always am multi-tasking. I can never do one thing at a time. My biggest problem.

4.) I am as terrible as I can get in Maths. I simply am terrible.

5.) I used to hate studies and always had to inquire about my syllabus on the day of the exam in higher secondary school, remarkably though I never failed ever in my life in any final exams. Internals I did flunk but never been failed or promoted. Always passed on merit !!!

6.) My books would never be complete, I spent ages out side the class, being slapped lots of times by teachers and doing sit ups almost every day.

7.) However my English notebook would always be complete. At times I would be ahead of the class, I loved language, and one of the reason for it was the girls would always ask for my book to copy answers, so to impress girls and develop a friendship my English book used to be always full. That is how I fell in love with English….

8.) We had a mango tree in our house in Bharuch but we never bothered to eat from it, still once I was caught at another person’s bungalow stealing mangoes and my complaint reached home and I was given a good pasting by Mum.

9.) I hate shaving my beard… if I had the choice I would never shave, but my beard grows in such sprouts I cannot keep it.. tsk tsk…

10.) Till I held my son in my hands I used to hate small kids and babies and never take them in my hand. I used to think they were a pain in the neck.

11.) I once forgot my wife and drove home…. I was very sleepy then…. some how I am still married to this very very very kind lady…. that was a close shave though….

12.) I am probably the most forgetful guy in the world… at times really absent minded.

13.) Whenever any one in the house, my mom or dad or younger brothers or my wife or my son show me something wrong done by me, I always proclaim, “Who’s the boss of the house ?” ( its me… tee hee, it gets them all really irritated.)

14.) As a medical representative I used to really never work seriously and used to bunk work a lot of times. However my sales targets were always achieved. Some luck some intelligence involved.

15.) I once came second in my school in 2nd Standard with 93.7% and I think that was a big big achievement !!

16.) I once got 1.5 marks in accounts out of 70 in college F.Y. B.com internal exams, the results didnt matter though. I burnt my papers and never told home about them. In S.Y.Bcom I didnt give internal exams, bunked them, we would sit in canteen while others would appear for the exams !!! We were heroes who were showing off, we felt it was brave to be not giving exams. Told Mom the internals were cancelled !!!!

17.) I started smoking at the age of 16 and have never been able to stop, rather I dont want to stop.

18.) I actually think I still have potential to become a singer, and I just need a break !

19.) I am not at all religious and hate to follow any traditions, however I do believe in God. Only, my god has no religion !

20.) I can never hate a woman ! never…

21.) I & my wife both want to get drunk once, so badly drunk we don’t realise what we are doing, problem is it tastes so awful I cant swallow it in enough quantities. Tried almost everything but nothing goes down… for both…

22.) I am singing almost all the times, I just can’t stop. All the songs I hear, I have to sing along them… I just can’t resist.

23.) I used to think I am going to become a cricketer, however once I went for Gujarat Selections for under-19, I just realised my potential wasn’t there… that is when I realised maybe I will have to study and graduate and find a job.

24.) I couldn’t play as well, but I still believe that I know, understand and analyse the game better then many of the experts. It is actually a fact not a myth, but you all will not believe it. I should be the coach of the team, not Gary Kirsten. I would do the job for free !!! Please take me !!!

25.) I still dream some day I will win some crorepati show or find some treasure or someday suddenly my whole life is going to change. I am the Sheik Chilli Types…

Now I am supposed to tag 25 people, but most I know have been tagged by IHM.

However there are some I would still like to tag and get to know them better – : Rahul, Abhishek, Riya, Shilpa, Varunavi, Mou, Ramesh, Phoenix, Swagatika, Mayz, Ajit, Connie, Deborah, Magic Eye, Lakshmi, Indira, Serendipity, Ranu … Lets get to know you all a lil better !!!!