Even the boss gets scared….

In the last tag of random facts bout me, the fact that got most attention was the fact that I once forgot my wife, prompted by Shail, I think I should actually make a post out of it !!

Well it was one of those Diwali days and my inlaws had gone out of station, at that time there were a lot of thefts happening so they wanted that some one would go to their house to sleep.

So I and my wife would go to their house to sleep in the night, it was also attractive for us as all our friends would come over and we would watch movies or play cards and have a full house to us. I loved cooking eggs and I don’t get any chance to do that in my own house so that was the added attraction. If mom reads this I am gone !

Well after a late night party which ended at 4 in the morning I got up at 7 with my stomach churning a bit… I prefer to use my own loo and I am very very very fussy bout the bathroom. Our office has a very neat bathroom but if I have to go to the loo, I have to go home 12 kms away…. Lol…

So I woke up wifey to pack and go, I told her to leave everything as it is and we will clean it up later and lets go home.

My house is just 10 mins drive on the bike. (in those days I had a Yamaha Enticer … aaah those were the days !!!)

They live on the 1st floor, I climbed down the stairs and wife was locking the door and coming after, somehow … half in sleep and half in a trance to get to the loo fast…. I started the bike…. And simply drove home…

At home my mom was on the verandah on our swing and asked me where is Hetal ?

And I was like oh !! Gulp !!

My mom just clapped her hand once and said to me “Maryo” (Gujarati word, I guess I don’t need to translate, but well it means you’re Dead now !!)

I immediately went back, no I didn’t go to the loo first, I went back….

and I found her hips on hands….

Staring me…

I was like smirking, but didn’t dare burst out laughing…

I just took the bike near her and …. said, “ I ‘ m so so sorry ! I, I, well was sleepy and don’t know, kaunsi dhoon mein tha…”


She burst out laughing and told me she had never seen me so scared and sat on the bike and we drove home…. I guess she was happy by the amount of fear she saw on my face… lol… Now I am thankful to her sense of humour.

I am so, so absent minded and forgetful what to do…. Have some sympathy with me too !!

Now I am sure Smita will agree I am the King of forgetfulness !!


29 thoughts on “Even the boss gets scared….

  1. R.K. says:

    You are not alone sir, a lot of us are.
    Its something that perhaps happens to everybody. I remember the case told to me by my Maternal Grandmother that how my Maternal Grandfather once just drove away the scooter and returned after a while.
    I personally know how it feels to be left from a ride u are supposed to go on. I was once left by my father, he thought i was on the scooter and just drove away. Fortunately, he just drove to another shop nearby to buy something. After we’re done at shop, i’d to actually tell him about the incident, or the potential incident. .


  2. R.K. says:

    I have my sympathies with you, also for another reason from that as you have mentioned ; Have a look at the Title of this post, i guess u’re gonna enjoy a lecture on equality and importance of both the couples.

  3. hitch writer says:

    RK : Sir mat kaho na !!! dont make me feel old !!! And well my Mom is the actual boss of the house but I tease every one in the house by calling myself the Boss !!! I guess the older readers will know bout this … so i hope the lectures will stay away !!! lolz…

  4. Varunavi says:

    enjoyed reading.
    One day my mom and dad went to drink sugarcan juice,after my dad finished his he started his enfield and drove home,after coming home,we asked where is mom then he realised that he didnt bring her.My mom just stood there and waited for him.
    My mom says i am like my dad

  5. Indyeah says:

    LOL!!!Dhiren!what a post!:D
    You are taking your humour to new levels:D

    LOl @ your mom’s maryo…:D ha!ha!..you dont need to translate at all.:D

    ”no I didn’t go to the loo first, I went back….”
    ROFL Dhiren!! you would have been strangled if you had gone!:D:D

    On this auspicious day of 20th february 2009,I Indyeah ,crown Dhiren aka Hitchwriter the king of forgetfulness…!!:D…
    I am convined beyond doubt that a more forgetful soul simply does not exist on this earth
    (not to mention that you are very lucky to have a wife like her):))

  6. churningthewordmill.wordpress.com says:

    ur case sounds geniune, but still cant forgive u for forgetting ur wife!!lol.. btw, i know of a dad who forgot his daughter at the petrol pump after he got his scooter filled..so i guess u arent the only one to forget!

  7. zinggy_mum says:

    this is a joke at our home also. my hubby smtms jokingly says to our friends ” she forgot me one day in the theatre….( coz of my forgetfulness). though nothing such has ever happened!..lol!
    hetal hats off for ur patience and generosity to spare dhiren..hahahaha

  8. Usha Pisharody says:

    So now an Event Has Been Named! Next 20th feb, hope we’ll still be around to wish you on the title you have acquired, though not having accomplished more in the sphere 🙂 Lol!

  9. hitch writer says:

    SHILPA : I dont thank stars Shilpa, I thank my wife !!!!

    THOORIKA : Msg will pass on today evening !

    MANDIRA : No it was unforgivable !! but really heartening to see that there are more like me in this world !

    SHAIL : Hillarious wasnt what I thought then !! lol …

    ZINGGY : She spared me so far …

    INDRANI : Absolutely !!

  10. hitch writer says:

    AJIT : Thanks man !

    MAYZ : :-))

    USHA : I most definitely will be around… why are you quitting the blog samaj ??? lol… mark the date in your calendar !!!!

    CONNIE : Here i come..

  11. Smita says:

    ha ha ha I remember you quoting this incident in one of my post I had Laughed out loud then and now as well….:D

    Yes I agree you are the king…but the best was your Mom’s reaction :))

  12. mou says:

    my sympathies with you :P…cause can relate to it. i myself am a victim of bit of forgetfulness…half the time am late because i lose track of time doing something else…

    but still…as i said before…you are a very lucky guy! lol!

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