Macho Woman !!

From Today’s Hindustan Times, kudos to this brave lady… thought I must share !!


Woman fights armed robbers, catches one

A 32-year-old woman took on three armed robbers, caught one of them and handed him over to the police in Ghaziabad on Thursday.

Nazma Parveen, the wife of a sub-divisional officer with the electricity department, and her three children were at their home in Hydel Colony at Kavinagar when the three men tried to break in.

Two of them fled after Parveen shouted for help.

“The third also tried to escape but I chased him over 1.5 km and kicked him down,” she said.

“He tried to take out a weapon but I was determined not to let him get away. I caught him after a fight.”

Parveen then called up her driver, forced the robber inside the car and handed him over to the police.

The police gave an encouragement certificate to Parveen on Friday.

“It is unfortunate that no one on the main road came forward to help her,” said Akhil Kumar, SSP, Ghaziabad.

On January 29, Archana Gupta, the wife of a professor, had fought and chased away six armed robbers from her residence at Vasundhra. Gupta was injured and needed 18 stitches on her face.


12 thoughts on “Macho Woman !!

  1. Indyeah says:

    What a woman!and she chased him over such a distance too!amazing!
    that is one gutsy go after an armed robber..not get scared of weapons and then to force him to sit in the car!!!

    awesome woman!I can barely imagine it!
    we all should take a leaf out of her book and hanle such idiots bravely and smartly..

    though it is so tragic that no one came to her help!what a society!people are concerned only with their own safety..

    its good that the police ahs given her the certificate to encourage her further…

    thanks for sharing this Dhiren!:)made me go wow!when I read of her bravery!

  2. Varunavi says:

    Kudos to the lady infact ladies.
    Sad part is the people never come to help,i dont know what make them stop for helping.
    My mom once caught a thief who put red chilly powder on her face and tried to snatch her chain,she caught the thief hand and gave him a kick and didnt allow him to snatch her chain,her chain broke but didnt get into the thief’s hand.
    Kudos to all those ladies.

  3. R.K. says:

    thats what i call equality !

    What say those maniacs who want women just to stay at home?

    They are just nothing when alone or without any weapon.

    One more important fact that comes out of present world crisis in my mind : Nazma, seems a Muslim. It takes years for terrorists to brainwash young minds by words, but action of brave people like Nazma just take some seconds to motivate them to fight for right !

  4. Smita says:

    It seriously needs guts to stand up against people like these. I remember reading the Profs. wife wala incident that lady had guts n presence of mind as well.

    Brave is a small word for these ladies 🙂

  5. mou says:

    wow…seriously! kudos to these ladies! and it’s really sad that nobody helped…almost all the people are mute spectators…everyone afraid to take the initiative.

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