Oscars – Naah Don’t worry….

Finally I saw Slumdog Millionaire last night….

Nope I ain’t writing a review on the movie… There is only one thing I want to ask all…

A ) What would you rather watch :

1. SlumDog or Rang De Basanti ?
2. SlumDog or Lage Raho Munnabhai ?
3. Slum Dog or Roja ?
4. Slum Dog or Bombay ?
5. Slum Dog or Anand ?
6. Slum Dog or Sholay ?
7. Slum Dog or Swadesh ?
8. Slum Dog or Lagaan ?

Please tell me where do you stand on those 8 questions ?? How many prefer Slum Dog to the 8 I have listed above…. (these movies are just random ones that sprang to mind and no research involved)

That done another 7 questions :

B ) Background score / Music of which Rehman film do you prefer …

1.) SlumDog or Bombay ?
2.) SlumDog or Roja ?
3.) SlumDog or Taal ?
4.) SlumDog or RangDeBasanti ?
5.) SlumDog or Saathiya ?
6.) SlumDog or Lagaan ?
7.) SlumDog or Swades ?

Please tell me where do you stand on those 7 questions ?? How many prefer Slum Dog to the 7 I have listed above…. (again no research involved)

I actually am no specialist on cinema or music I have no problems with how India is projected in SlumDog. Its a movie and not a certificate of India.

I actually am thankful to SlumDog that it has clearly implicated my stand in the family that Oscars don’t matter, simply because they don’t watch our movies or understand our language or understand our music….

I think India and our Hindi Film Industry has made many many many better movies than SlumDog and Rehman himself has given much better and more deserving music in films whether they went for the Oscars or not, whether they lost or won !!!

This Slum Dog might win Oscars tonight, it was a fine movie in my opinion, it was a fairytale with some really dark shades in it. Again I am no critic or specialist on cinema, but I have seen better movies and heard better hindi music than this movie !

In my humble opinion Oscar awards are by no means a certificate of the whole worlds movie’s nor a certificate of a good movie or not… they simply judge the movies that come to their platter…

******** End of Part 1 , Kindly do let me know your replies to the 15 questions above… I would really like to know ***********

Now I also managed to catch up Delhi-6, since RDB I had decided to never miss Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra’s movies. So first day last show me and missus with sonnie boy and popcorn, cola, coffee and samosa were set in the Big Cinema’s, a property now of our very own Anilbhai Dhirubhai Ambani group.

The movie is one of the most relevant movies I have seen, It hits you, It makes you uncomfortable at the same time unlike RDB it has a happy ending.

I don’t want to divulge the story or the plot, but in my humble opinion (non specialist one, I must mention) this is a most fantastic piece of cinema… I have been to Chandni Chowk a couple of times and the feel the movie generates of Chandni Chowk bylanes is fantastic… It is exactly like being in Chandni Chowk …. The movie has a strong message, is very relevant and I wish if things in real life could take a cue from this movie…

But alas…. reality and cinema are two worlds apart….

P.S. And yes I must mention it, Sonam Kapoor is ohhhh …. I cant describe her here… I almost have become possesive about her to discuss her here…. geee… ** BLUSHES **

28 thoughts on “Oscars – Naah Don’t worry….

  1. Riya says:

    Yeh.. Exactly.. Those questions you have put have really put me to think.. I agree there many good movies better than slumdog.. But since we have been put on the world platform for the first time.. And since we are almost going to recieve an oscar today evening.. We must appreciate it.. Lets all wish luck to slum dog mgillionairre..

  2. Indyeah says:

    :D…the second option in all the questions you have asked without a doubt..:)
    However only a movie made for that particular year ,in this case 2008 can go to the Oscars..

    Slumdog is nowhere close to the movies that you have mentioned for sure those movies and music are far far better..

    and hey!who said anything about Oscars being the holy grail?:D..no one thinks so believe me..

    We are more than happy with our movies and what we watch and it is visible in the box office collections these movies have..:))

    An oscar is just another award that one would be happy to get..and well wouldnt really care if one didnt ..(by one I mean most of us and me:D)

    Dilli 6 is good?Nita said something different in her review..:)
    anyway..want to see it and dont have time..so will have to catch it on dvd when it comes out I suppose…:(
    I want to see Dilli 6 just for the scenes..and Chandni Chowk..I dont care about the storyline..though you say that its nice so I am curious…:))

    :D..just wrote on Nita’s yesterday that thanks for letting me know it wasnt a good movie and I will avoid going specially to see it ..
    you say its good…:D..hmmm I have to see it now and write a review…:D

    😀 Dhiren !Sonam kapoor!and Possessive?:D:D
    arre wah! new facts are coming to light arent they?:D

  3. hitch writer says:

    RIYA : Yes, hope slumdog win’s many awards, even if it doesn’t the movie has been recognised !! no worries…

    INDYEAH : I hope you are right that no one thinks the Oscars are the holy grail ! Bout Dilli-6, gee in my opinion it is a contemporary and a very relevant movie… I suspect you will like it from whatever lil I know you. Hope to see your review soon, movies in a theatre are definitely better than the dvd…….. so prefer the theatre… and bout Sonam… lol… yea new things are coming… My wife thought I was in a daze watching her !! lol

  4. shail says:

    “…..they simply judge the movies that come to their platter…”
    Period. Doesn’t that explain everything?? There is no need even to talk if Rahman has given better music or there are better movies being made. This simple explanation covers everything. When PT Usha, was the champion runner and she didn’t take part in an event, someone else wins, does that take away from the glory of the one who won?? Or does it take away the glory of PT Usha as a runner?? Neither actually!!
    From the platter they judge… what an apt way of putting it Dhuren!

  5. Rakesh says:

    Yup, The point is none of the second option movies were made by a Hollywood director so they don’t qualify for the mainstream Oscars!

    I wonder whether Hollywood is so crazy about our Filmfare or IIFA awards? he he…

    I hope you’d read my take on Slumdog. I liked the movie but it is out of question whether it is better than the ones you listed above or not. The question is, is it better than the other movies nominated? I think it is coz. this is a taste of Indian cinema to Hollywood, How can they not like it? 🙂 Ditto for Rahman’s music.

    Btw, glad you liked Delhi-6 and my review.

  6. Varunavi says:

    There is no comparison between the movies you mentioned with slumdog.
    Slumdog is just a foreign movie based on a novel written by an indian author and music by a indian musician.I dont think there is anything we/india will get if that movie gets oscars,the credit goes to the director Danny Boyle. A.R.Rehman should get a oscar for his music.

    Even rakesh didnt mention much about sonam kapoor in his review and u also,but liked the way u said ur getting possesive about her.

  7. hitch writer says:

    SHAIL : exactly… but I tend to pour a few more words dont I !! lol…. the fuss about the foreign award at times gets to me…. why do their awards matter to us so much i will never understand !

    RAKESH : Dont know which other movies are nominated… but I will take your word… our taste’s seem to be a lil similar… only i never got hit for 25 runs in an over !! lol … sorry *evil grin* cudnt resist it !!!

  8. mayz says:

    i wud choose slumdog only over roja n bombay…n anand over any of d ones u have mentioned…
    i jus finished watchin slumdog n really dont kno wat d whole fuss is abt…

  9. Rakesh says:

    lol Mayz, thats the title of my Slumdog post – What’s the fuss all about?

    And Dhiren, I knew this 25 weird facts tag was going to get back at me some day… he he

  10. hitch writer says:

    MAYZ : yea thats wat as Rakesh says, whats the fuss all about…

    RAKESH : At times rubbing salt in the wounds is pleasurable… especially when you go past 30 !

  11. Monika says:

    oh dhiren i so agree… that is what i have been saying abt slumdog all along… its great but there are greater movies

    the music is good but there is better music…

    the only point here is that this has danny boyle associated whereas the others dont

    and ya i am with u on delhi 6 too… i simply loved it… i dont know why its getting bad reviews… its deep and it captures delhi so beautifully

  12. Indian Home Maker says:

    I feel Slumdog Millionaire is a nice movie but I definitely prefer the second one on all your list. Very well put!! NO review is needed.
    But I guess those who prefer Slumdog are welcome to their opinion. And Oscars are their award they can give it to whoever they prefer …

    And I look forward to watching Delhi 6 🙂 I have some fun memories of the are while shopping for my wedding lehenga – I had made many trips choosing fabric, colour, work etc ..it was;t required just that some friends gave this idea that it as the best place to shop … and I ended up treating accompanying friends ‘paranthas’ from ‘paranthe walee galee’ and I can say that I have never eaten better ‘paranthas’ in my life!
    I liked Sonam too… in that song! Will definitely watch this movie!

  13. nituscorner says:

    I have not seen many of those in the list but i saw slumdog…and yes its no doubt a good movie but than its sad too the India is always associated with slums n snakes and poverty. We have a lot more in us than all that . don’t we ????

  14. Thoorika says:

    Your wife reads your blog?! 😀 I second your opinion in both the categories! Better movies and Better background score is out there !!

  15. i am what i am says:

    as far as the music goes, delhi 6 has to feature in rahman sir’s best work. you got to hear “dil gira daftaan” and “genda phool” to realize what i mean. i still have not seen the movie but i’m sure its going to be somethin good. i mean who gets to see an ensemble cast of waheedaji, rishi kapoor, om puri, supriya pathak, divya dutta, atul kulkarni, deepak dobriyal in one frame and one movie.
    as far as slumdog millionaire is concerned, i feel its a good movie. it just got the exposure, a shot in the arm that catapulted it to the limelight.it could have happened to any other movie but it happened to SM. so no issue on that. but i loved jai ho just because gulzar saab wrote the lyrics and i’m really biased when it comes to him.

  16. Usha Pisharody says:

    Well as most of the above have said, the second choice is my answer to all the questions :D!

    And that is because as you say, what matters is the movie, the enjoyment of it, suited to one’s interests, tastes, and the classic quality it has!

    Oscars? What is that? As far as Indian Cinema is concerned, we go ga ga over it each year, drum up and strum emotions, which fizz out hours later. lol!

    Nice one. And yes I will prob see Delhi 6 just for that song 🙂 Masakali, as I wrote in Mampi’s take on it 🙂

  17. Chirag says:

    Here the movies, I will watch :
    Rang De Basanti
    Slum Dog or Lagaan – a bit confused here.

    @Its a movie and not a certificate of India.: Why don’t folks het it?

    Agree with your views on Oscars. Too much hype, by who has won it already.

    BTW, Delhi 6, nahi dekhi abhi, download karonga.

  18. Shilpa says:

    I agree with u that India has produced far better movies than SM and Rehman has given much better music as well. And I am not saying that Oscars is the end of the world or whatever.

    But the point is, winning an Oscar is a recognition. Just as much recognition as Amartya Sen’s Nobel Prize or Zakir Hussain’s Grammy. We might have sent better movies to Oscars and we might not have won. That doesn’t mean we are bad and they are great. That only means, as you rightly said, they do not understand what we are trying to say. Or they are not showing enough interest in our movies.

    Winning an Oscar is like inviting attention. It is like saying ‘Look we do great work, we have always, you just didn’t know’. Next time, when a movie that has Rehman’s music is sent to Oscars, hopefully it will get some attention.

    And all said and done, movies and awards are business. If we get the kind of recognition and if our movies sell overseas and does well with the foriegn audience, isn’t it better for us? our technicians? our tourism? [Not talking just about SM here, but all the movies to come]

    About D6, hopefully I’ll get it this weekend 🙂

  19. hitch writer says:

    SMITA : Sonam is aahhh wat to say…. gee i get goose bumps !! the movie disappointed you ?? guess every one has their own view ! I simply loved it !

    MONIKA : Dilli hai mastano ki dilli dilli… its getting musical with you… lol

    IHM : Absolutely… the parantha’s and the chole bhature on the khumcha’s the gol gappa’s… slurrpp…. The movie is good catch it…

    bout SDM well i liked the movie but too much fuss bout the oscars used to upset me, especially when our countrymen and filmmakers get too edgy bout it… However I must confess just saw a pic of Rehman holding two trophies and it made my heart swell with pride…

  20. hitch writer says:

    NITU : we do have a lot more and we dont need a film to certify that… and most foreigners too know India has many more things to offer. BTW catch those movies I mentioned all are worth watching !!

    THOORIKA : I keep telling my wife to read it but she is too lazy and too uninterested… She can’t even understand why am I so obsessed with blogging…

    GUMNEEN : Music of Delhi-6 is fantastic… no doubt… Even Slum Dog is brilliant… What I meant is if Slum Dog gets an Oscar imagine… if the other sound tracks of Rehman had gone to the awards !!!

    USHA : OSCARS ? WHAT IS THAT ? I loved that phrase… really … :))

    Delhi-6 is a must watch for the song, for the story, for the relevance it has to our life today, for the potrayal of Delhi and for Sonam.. mmm … yea for her toooo !!!

  21. hitch writer says:

    Chirag : Yea … why dont people get it. n download delhi-6, what is this site bhai ?? tell me… I would like to download a few movies tooo..

    SHILPA : Point taken… thats an interesting & a really mature way of looking at things. Only i dont like the craze my country men have for that award…

  22. Indrani says:

    Yet to see Sm… but I think we must have the courage to accept the truth of India and try and improve the situation if possible.

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