Jodte jaon doston … (stolen title)

The Anu Malik wala Inspiration for this comes from Monika….. After copying rhyming from IHM its time to copy this translation with just a bit of twist ….. The challenge this time is to translate the original song to another language at the same time keeping the rhyme or the tune or the dhoon intact…..

lets see how many guys n gals have songs that they can translate and still tune it…. This one I know rhymes quite well….

First the mukhda

Foreigner Foreigner dont go away, Leaving me alone, leaving me alone,

Foreigner my friend keep your promise you remember, do not forgetttt,….

Then the Antra

You come in the season of springggg, fly away like birds in the season of autumn,

You give tears to laughing eyes, Dont return even after promisinggggg,

Foreigner my friend, keeeeeeeep your promise, you remember do not forgettttt….

If anybody asks me which hindi song is that… you get minus 10 points…


I have a gujarati garba line translated toooo and it rhymes and tunes exactly like the garba …. it goes like this….

On the bank of river, coconut tree re brother coconut tree…

( नदी किनारे नार्येली रे भाई नार्येली रे ) that is in gujarati and not hindi but no gujarati fonts available..


Lets try one more…. I am trying this as I write :

Don’t know why, it happens in life, suddenly this mind, after someones left, remembers his small small talks…. Don’t know why….

geee that came out well didn’t it…. lol and it tuned quite well tooo…


Lets try one more….. I’m almost loving this… but promise this is the last… after that its upto you…. hmmm which song do we try…. lets try this one from Rang De Basanti…

You, without telling me, take me somewhere….

The place where you smile…. my goal is there…..


This sounds fun to me if does to you…. just add on…. lets see if we can unearth some new talent…. lol….


35 thoughts on “Jodte jaon doston … (stolen title)

  1. Indyeah says:

    LOL!This requires serious thought…will requires serious concentration for such serious work:D
    till evening then:))

    On the bank of river, coconut tree re brother coconut tree…


  2. hitch writer says:

    One more….

    No No… Not now… Do a lil waiting now….

    No No… Never ever… I am restless….

    Me young, you young, lacking is what than…

    (Nahi Nahi.. Abhi Nahi.. Abhi karo thoda intezaar, Nahi Nahi Kabhi Nahi.. Main hoon bekarar… ) lol…

  3. hitch writer says:

    INDYEAH : Serious ? lol…. waiting !

    MONIKA : no cheating… you have to use those grey cells… as such your not concerntrating on your work … lol !

    VARUNAVI : Waiting with baited breath !

  4. Ranu says:

    Fab dhir that is very funny specially that one with abhi nahi !!!

    Hey my favorite
    “Lost lost moon !!! in the open open sky!!!
    night will go in the eyes only!!!
    How will you also feel sleepy !!!!

    oh hoooo lost lost moon!!!!

    On the bank of river, coconut tree re brother coconut tree… That is really funny!!!

  5. hitch writer says:

    RANU : awww trust you to come up with the best… Thats the spirit !!!!! I was so much waiting for some contributions to come in… and what a block buster you have come up with !!!!! fantastic !!!! loll…. it tunes and rhymes well toooo ** Hugs ** your such a sweetheart !!!!!

  6. mayz says:

    hahahahahahha….awesome man!!! n its much tougher than it looks…phew…thou that small small talks is one of my fav songs so i managed to do that pretty well 😀

  7. hitch writer says:

    SMITA : dil ka bhanwar kare pukaaar… way to go !!!!!

    MAYZ : tumhari yeh choti choti baatein ? abhi bhi paheli hai… thoda suljhao na !

  8. Solilo says:

    Dhiren, I do this all the time. Turn most Hindi songs to English with it’s literal meaning.

    I stepped out of house
    And walked a distance
    Her house is on the way
    Yesterday when I peeped
    She was combing her hair
    Near her window……..

  9. Monika says:

    after meeting u
    i felt so after meeting u
    fullfilled got hearts desires
    after meeting u
    i felt so after meeting u


    sometimes sometimes
    my heart thinks of it
    sometimes sometimes
    my heart thinks of it
    may be u were made for me only
    may be u were made for me only
    in stars u were living may be
    in stars u were living may be
    on earth u been called for me only
    on earth u been called for me only

  10. hitch writer says:

    SOLILO : I keep doing it all the time tooo and thought its funny so just trying my luck !!!

    Must say that one again rhymes and tunes well toooo

    MONIKA : tested has been wait,
    still no report of my friend,
    this i do believe,
    cheater she is not….

    than whats the reasson of the wait….

    its awful but what the heck !!!

  11. Chirag says:

    Hitchwriter GOOD LORD, this is tooooooooo Funny 🙂 What were you thinking 🙂 … I am still laughing and the translation of the garbha 🙂 Dude, this this crazy

  12. Varunavi says:

    dhiren i am back with the song

    God see the situation of the world, what happened,
    how much man has changed
    Sun didnt change
    Moon didnt change
    Nor sky changed
    how much man has changed….

    Any guesssssss????

  13. hitch writer says:

    Solilo : that is Ghar se Nikalte hi… gee you asking me that ?? doubting my filmitelligence ???

    CHIRAG : no cheating !

    VARUNAVI : now that is testing my filmitelligence ?? what is that song ???? at wits end ..!!

  14. hitch writer says:

    coming going,
    laughing singing,
    I thought in my mind many times…
    that first sight…
    that light effect…
    makes my heart so restless….

    yes yes its true… i did love…

  15. Monika says:

    aate jaate
    haste gaate
    socha tha maine man kayee baar


    he he my proud of myself

    but dhiren watch out my boss might block u 😉

  16. Indyeah says:

    arrre this is a regular kavi sammelan in progress! 😀

    dont know why this happens with life
    suddenly this mind after somebody’s going
    remembers the somebody..
    little little things…:D

    Indyeah is not responsible for the murder of English.:D

    see see darling what I brought what I brought
    if you love me if you love me I will be your shadow forever..

  17. hitch writer says:

    MONIKA : its getting interested here, but i fear my boss will block me… leave alone your boss !!

    INDYEAH : Kavi Sammelan nahi yeh to bhasantaran sammelan ho raha hai !! mind it !! :))

  18. hitch writer says:

    INDYEAH : btw that song is done in the main post !!!!! by yours truly !!!! his favourite song !!!! so its not a valid entry !

  19. hitch writer says:


    kya mujhe dhoond rahe ho…
    teri aankhon mein dikhta hai,
    teri muskan mein dikhta hai,
    mujhe bas tu chahiye,…….

    Now is this easy ???? solve this one ?

  20. Solilo says:

    @Indyeah: murdering English is the best part of this translation game.:))

    @Dhiren: I was trying to post a comment on your photography blog but the ‘id number’ says its loading but never does. Today on many blogs which doesn’t have ‘Name/website’ enabled, I encountered this problem.

  21. hitch writer says:

    @ Varunavi this one :


    kya mujhe dhoond rahe ho…
    teri aankhon mein dikhta hai,
    teri muskan mein dikhta hai,
    mujhe bas tu chahiye,…….

    Now is this easy ???? solve this one ?

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