No Maid ?? be careful buddy !

Have read that a couple of my co-bloggers are in a bad shape thanks to no maid.

Over the years I have learnt how to behave with my Mom and my wife when the maid doesn’t come, Just be a lil more careful…. or else the consequences can be quite deadly !!

1.) Never complaint the roti is too thick or the salt is less…. just add the salt and get on with it or else you might be left with nothing to eat at all !! *phew*

2.) Never complaint bout too much dust or their things lying here and there. Instead help by dusting in the house a bit or by arranging things. *angel*

3.) Dont keep watching cricket and joking and giggling with dad or brothers, while they are slogging in the kitchen. Invariably you will be drawn into an argument or fight, sooner than later. *fearful*

4.) If possible stay away, avoid contact run away. Best is go to office, if its sunday, oh boy ! you had it. You might get slaughtered any moment for something that you say or do which is completely innocuous. *watchful*

5.) Hope they can find a replacement, borrow one from the neighbours ! *pray*

6.) If possible offer to wash a few dishes. That can suddenly turn things around, no you don’t have to actually wash them just offer and they fall for you !!!! *winks*

7.) In the evening always volunteer, lets go out to eat !! Its the best thing, it always works !! *solution*

My Mom proudly proclaims, my maid is my best friend, my wife concurs… and I used to think they both were each others best friends !!!!

yea they agree, nod… but the maid is in a different league altogether !!!!