No Maid ?? be careful buddy !

Have read that a couple of my co-bloggers are in a bad shape thanks to no maid.

Over the years I have learnt how to behave with my Mom and my wife when the maid doesn’t come, Just be a lil more careful…. or else the consequences can be quite deadly !!

1.) Never complaint the roti is too thick or the salt is less…. just add the salt and get on with it or else you might be left with nothing to eat at all !! *phew*

2.) Never complaint bout too much dust or their things lying here and there. Instead help by dusting in the house a bit or by arranging things. *angel*

3.) Dont keep watching cricket and joking and giggling with dad or brothers, while they are slogging in the kitchen. Invariably you will be drawn into an argument or fight, sooner than later. *fearful*

4.) If possible stay away, avoid contact run away. Best is go to office, if its sunday, oh boy ! you had it. You might get slaughtered any moment for something that you say or do which is completely innocuous. *watchful*

5.) Hope they can find a replacement, borrow one from the neighbours ! *pray*

6.) If possible offer to wash a few dishes. That can suddenly turn things around, no you don’t have to actually wash them just offer and they fall for you !!!! *winks*

7.) In the evening always volunteer, lets go out to eat !! Its the best thing, it always works !! *solution*

My Mom proudly proclaims, my maid is my best friend, my wife concurs… and I used to think they both were each others best friends !!!!

yea they agree, nod… but the maid is in a different league altogether !!!!


41 thoughts on “No Maid ?? be careful buddy !

  1. Mystic Margarita says:

    Blog hopped here from Monika’s! Your mom and your wife are best friends?…errr…second best friends? Sir, take a bow! You’re the luckiest man in the world! πŸ™‚

  2. Varunavi says:

    Dhiren i don’t think ur mom/wife won’t give u food if u complaint abt less salt.But if they see ur post i am sure u will go without food for many days.

    U want to run away when ur wife/mom are struggling??

    Nice to hear that ur mom and ur wife are best friends,touchwood

  3. hitch writer says:

    SHILPA : the girls in my house are very smart they always have a back up for the maid… but if they dont find a back up which is very rare… you dont want to mess with them…. their boiling point just triggers a bit too soon during such a day !

    MARGARITA : Sir mat kaho na !! and yea they are second best friends ! touchwood !

    VARUNAVI : I dont run away… I m proud I have done pocha and also washed clothes at times along with dishes… cooking too you knw is a hobby !!! this is just looking at the funny side… i ll have to get them to read !!!!

    MONIKA : remember to say touchwood yaar !

  4. Indyeah says:

    This is simply awesome Dhiren!The way you have portrayed a situation sans maid and the situations at home πŸ˜‰

    lol!!Brilliant Dhiren!:D so many emotions!!:D

    yes,the situations are pretty much like this:))

    and touchwood for your mom’s and your wife’s friendship:))

    lol@ ”If possible offer to wash a few dishes. That can suddenly turn things around, no you don’t have to actually wash them just offer and they fall for you !!!!” *winks*

    achcha ?lemme speak to your mom and wife..:Dor better yet ask them to read your post:D

  5. Badrika says:

    LoL! Dhiren! ur evil. And definetly, I’m gonna tell ur wife and mum, nxt time u offer 2 wash dishes, make sure you give him all of them including the pots and pans. LoL! :-p

    And Connie, I understand wot you are sayin. But in India, i’ve found you don’t have to b rich to hav a maid. Most middle class house have one. Personnally, I think its people being lazy to do their own house work. Bcoz, all i’ve seen the maid do is sweep and and mop the floor twice a day, wash up and wash the clothes.

    But hand on heart, I wouldn’t mind mum having a maid. Dhiren will u send us one please. πŸ˜‰ LoL!

    Anyway, take care.
    Luv Badz

  6. nimis540 says: i loved this πŸ™‚ Glad to know that every house is the same without maids πŸ˜‰

    And yes,touchwood,God bless πŸ™‚

  7. kochuthresiamma p j says:

    looked like u were writing about me!
    can u blame us for behaving that way?
    anyway, your redemption is assured – very discerning, i should say.
    i too often say that my help is the best ting that ever happened to me.
    good post

  8. moi says:

    hahaha i didn’t know maids were in demand like this!!! funny maid has become the best friend, and i loved your tips, is your wife reading it too??

  9. hitch writer says:

    CONNIE : different countries, different cultures !! its quite different here…. explaining all that would take a life time… better some time visit here !!

    APOCALYPSE : I am, yay yay…

    SMITA : nething for the readers ma’m

    BADRIKA : arrange for a visa, maid on the way… !!

    NIMI : Kaamwali Ghar Gharki… geee ekta kapoor has a new serial concept !!! lol…

    kochuthresiamma p j : by joe that is a difficult spelling !! Kaamwali Bai zindabad !!

    SOLILO : believe me I am going to get this piece read by her… i ll advise reactions !!

    INDRANI : thats the best compliment i got from a reader !!!!!

  10. mayz says:

    oh i agree…my moms maid is more imp to her than me n my dad put together…i kno exactly whr this post is comin from…good pts thr dude…n i like d way u gather ur brownie pts…need to tk some tips from ya πŸ˜€

  11. Rakesh says:

    Yeah man, though my mom keeps fighting with our maid all the time but the day she doesn’t turn up, she misses her like hell. Redefines – Love Hate relationship.

  12. shail says:

    My best friends are the WM, DW and the VC! πŸ˜‰ But of course the KSEB should be in a kind enough mood and bless me or else I am doomed! 😦

  13. says:

    i hate to say this, but we are without a maid there days ourselves!! its not fun man!! im bored of doing boring housewk!!

  14. Chirag says:

    I had fight with my maid because I apparently found out I am better than her in cleaning the house, and then she was not good in any of her KRA’s had to fire her. I live alone so these don’t trouble me, I clean my house before anyone’s coming home.

    I hope you’re Mom and Wife are not avid readers else you are in a heap of trouble and they’ll start policing your blog.

  15. hitch writer says:

    AJIT : I aint commenting on that !! enough trouble already !

    THOORIKA : Truth is nice !

    SHAIL : the shortforms are a bouncer… sorry but dont get it !

    MANDIRA : awww … my sympathies !!!

    CHIRAG : thank god they arent as strict as the moral police !! lol…

  16. mindspace says:

    mean men! lol… whenever my hubz tries the trick of offering me something for a ‘feel gud’, i make sure i say what he is praying that i wont. if u do what u preach, has ur wife not caught u still?

    first timer here.. ccourtesy- bloghopping.

  17. hitch writer says:

    MINDSPACE : welcome to my blog !!! I sure do help… i guess i need to get my wifes certificate to display here !! lolz…

    VOF we are planning this year, unfortunately its in august and we tend to get time in may june… lets see though !!!

    travelling is a passion for me !

  18. Renu says:

    very enjoyable post:), came here hopping. Even my bro always says that as soon as the main enters the house, mom and his wife, both glow and start buttering her and use the velvety tone, they nevr use with family:)

  19. hitch writer says:

    RENU : glad you like it… yea females use all weapons… shaam daam dand bhed to appease the Kaamwali .. lol !!

  20. Indian Home Maker says:

    It would please me very much if they take up your offer to help with doing the dishes.

    And I agree with Varunavi, if they read this post you would go without lunch and dinner both.

  21. Sandhya says:

    Huh, hilarious! Must ask my husband to read …he too offers help, but I feel bad to take help from him! Must say ‘yes’ for his help and see if he too is ‘wink’ing or sincere! The exclamations are beautiful, like good background music!

    Coming here for the first time, via Renu. She said that she was tagged by you for the musical blog. I was looking for your musical blog and came across this one. Good thing. Have a BIG smile on my face now! Now will search for your musical blog…I am sure it must be good.

  22. hitch writer says:

    ROOPSCOOP : Welcome to my blog !! Umreeka is distincly different to India !! we have the luxuries of kaamwalis !! πŸ˜‰

    IHM : I do help !! sincerely ! I would love doing the pocha !!

    SANDHYA : Welcome to my blog ! I am sure he is sincere ! and not winking !! even I am sincere ! Musical blog well I hope you like it ! lemme see your page too now.. !

  23. mindspace says:

    july is also good for VOF trip, we went around 10th aug last year and due to rains, very few flowers were still there. june end, me not sure but july should be fine i guess.. my husband has been there twice. we are travel freaks too!

  24. myamusingmind says:

    LOL ..Good one ! Now I know what to make out of my husband’s concerns when there is no maid πŸ˜›

    And whats with guys ..why do they make calls(never ending long calls) to their dad’s and brothers when the wife is slogging or waiting for them for dinner or waiting for them to do something that was decided for long …I mean basically always at the wrong time ?????

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