Buck the trend fast !

India starts tomorrow in the first ODI of the 5 match series and it is very crucial that the visitors actually shrug off the over exuberance and over aggressive approach and start getting back to the basics, try and create partnerships…..

As was apparent from the two T-20’s we lost, just going hammer and tongs is not going to work… This New Zealand team has found a few really good youngsters and to take them lightly will be playing into their hands.

They have just had a real close series with Australia and almost beat them in Australia… not just that now with Oram and Ryder back they are even more balanced and stronger in batting…

India must concerntrate on having partnerships while batting and do the basics right, run the singles well, bring the field in closer and than take their chances. Not get tempted with the dibbly dobbly bowlers or the small boundaries too soon ….

Cricket is a very simple game and its best if it is left simple, but if you go in thinking you will just blast the opposition and not do not care about the basics you can fall into trouble fast.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni has a wise head on his shoulders and he will do well to tell each player to forget bout playing for the galleries and put the team ahead…. I cannot fathom how people after hitting 3 sixes of three balls still try to hit a fourth six in the first 10 overs…. sensibility has to prevail and singles taken…. elongate your innings… in the last 5 overs with wickets in hand our players can pulverise the bowlers….

Important to get the team into that situation. The wise head Sachin, returns and that should help calm the younger dare devils. Ishant’s injury will have to be watched carefully as he will be most crucial in the Test Matches that shall follow….

India has the potential and the class and have been consistent off late. So to expect a 5-0 drubbing of New Zealand is not too much to ask for … but the team will have to learn from the skipper who works like a workman and gets the results for his team… even though he can play like a Sehwag or Yousuf Pathan, he plays for the team.

Very often shortcuts are dangerous… hope the Batsmen have learnt that lesson and the One Dayers will be a different story….

10 thoughts on “Buck the trend fast !

  1. Ordinary Guy says:

    good one dude,
    we need to be cautious in our approach… not like the T20 matches when we went all out….

    Best of luck to India

  2. Indyeah says:

    yayy!the crickket lover is back!:))
    I was so darn dissapointed when we lost those two:((
    and we are supposed to be the champs..:(

    I really hope they dont repeat mistakes too..
    here’s to India and a comprehensive win!:))

  3. hitch writer says:

    AJIT : Best Of Luck.. the score so far is quite good at lunch !! looks like the first one day is in our pocket ! touch wood…

    INDYEAH : yay yay.. hope i can say that after the match today too.. !! amen

    SOLILO : awww, your such a sweetheart !!! its comments like this one of yours that swell my heart and want me to write even more funny stories !!!

    SHILPA : Really horrific news !!

  4. Chirag says:

    I have no clue what you said 😦 I am those idiots, why don’t understand, why my friends want to dash to there house, if there is a match 🙂

    All i understood was stick to basic and play well 🙂

  5. Indian Home Maker says:

    I love cricket too -like all Indians worth their salt lol … and we can not even watch news now … everybody is glued to cricket 🙂

    But see what happened in Pakistan, it’s so, so sad, looks like Pakistan is breaking apart, I feel so sad for the people there and for the police men who died …

    What’s happening everywhere? I hope this is all controlled soon, but doesn’t look like it is …

  6. Rakesh says:

    Yup, I guess Dhoni is the one who works hard. Any other player in his place would get tired and blast off either getting out or hitting a six and getting out next ball. That is why he’s the captain…

    This NZ team, the way they played T20 really gave me the creeps. I’d be happy with a 3-2 victory favouring India.

  7. hitch writer says:

    CHIRAG : lol… no worries dude… you concerntrate on our magazine… I ll come and join… a lil confused bout how to go bout things…

    IHM : Shocking and horrific is what happened in Pakistan… day by day they are going to get aloof from the international community… its future afghanistan and they are our neighbours… its scary… !!!

    RAKESH : Welll its 1-0 now…. trust me it will soon be 5-0 or maybe 4-1 …. India will win my friend !!! amen !

  8. Monika says:

    i love watching cricket but i am a zero when it comes to analysis… i watch for the mere thrill of it and looking forward to it

    but i do do wish that we win

    and what happened to the SL team now very sad, where are we heading to?

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