Senses Breaking News ! (literally)

Strangely enough it has taken a bit of time for me to realise what the news channels are after, unfortunately they are only after holding the viewer and they will do anything for that. Yes they will always forget to report news. They grab hold of one sensational piece of news and just keep replaying it.

What is worse that not just one news channel is doing this, each one of them is to be blamed. Just saw the attack on the Srilankan Cricketers in Pakistan being replayed over and over and over again. All have the same piece of information, they will ask the same questions to Pranab Mukherjee, Chidambaram, some Ex High commissioner to Pakistan, or some senior analyst or ex-cricketers and almost all of them will do the speculation after all they probably are being paid for appearing.

I don’t blame the visitors the experts who come to give their opinion on the news channels, why should they not make a buck !!

But when will the media understand and decide enough is enough, we have nothing to report. Perhaps never, 24 hour news channels have nothing to play for 24 hours so they will play what happened in Indian Idol or Comedy circus, they will also play Big Boss for you again (who ever is interested in that sickest program in the history of television in my opinion, please don’t sue me for this, needs to visit a psychologist first up ) and they will also act as the travel guru’s or food guru’s and what not…

Some idiot dresses up and does make up like a goon and he will catch the goons with us on TV… sorry but couldn’t bear to watch him for more than that to comment more on him !!!!! People who know nothing of sports will be the sports analysts, they ask silly questions at times and actually make a mockery of themselves… the standards are going lower and lower instead of improving !!!!

Some news channels will get the ugliest of Saadhu’s to tell your fortune, where as just catching a glimpse of him means you’re cursed for the day !!!!

Gimme a break… pls….

Wasn’t it good while there was that half hour news on doordarshan and that was that, read the news paper if you like… Its very easy to actually fall trap to this media and keep on watching the same news being reported by different channels over and over again.

Exceptionally they do come up with good campaign’s like save the tiger but largely they will keep playing some piece of sensational news and keep replaying it !! Amazingly we always fall in the same trance and keep switching from one channel to another watching the same news in disbelief till it reaches a point of cannot bear anymore and we switch either the tv off or we switch to a movie channel or a music channel.

At times I feel the Indian media will evolve and will slowly shrug off the sensationalism penchant and start being more sensible and more responsible and resort to just reporting the news and nothing more. However problem is we have always imitated the west and the media over there is as worse if not worser !!

Now, now I know you think this idiot actually believes in fairy tales, that he took so long to realize all this, but I am an eternal optimist however the chances of my wishful thinking coming true are nil… In the meanwhile, here is breaking news on my blog…. keep watching the news channels…


16 thoughts on “Senses Breaking News ! (literally)

  1. moi says:

    yeah thats the work of the media people.Even I would prefer the news which use to be telecasted in DD , which was only for half an hour and it covered up all the news of India and world, But sadly media now just requires a small tit-bit and they keep repeating it again and again!!
    1)Mumbai 26/11 attack
    2)Mangalore pub attack
    3)srilankan cricket players attacked in pak

    Sadly media has a responsibility but it fails to do that. It just reports, as ugly it can get

  2. Varunavi says:

    I think the meaning of NEWS (north,east,west and south) should be changed.
    Even pak TV is not far behind from ours.Intially when the news abt attack on srilankan team was shown,they said sangakara was hit by a bullet on the chest.Then after 3-4 hrs he spoke to cricketinfo,i was shocked.
    Even pranay roy said our condolence are with srilankan team,i think condolence shuld be given to the pak police not the srilankan team.

  3. Rakesh says:

    Hmmm, News is a commodity, just like rice, tea and toothpaste. They need to sell it.

    Btw, are you going to pay my phsyciatrist’s bill?

  4. Indyeah says:

    yeah give me the stale ,sedate DD news anyday coz if 24hour news means THIS,then count me out!

    even the newspapers are getting commercialised…media is going down a really pathetic path..

    ”However problem is we have always imitated the west and the media over there is as worse if not worser !!”yup!and the worst is the political agendas that some media houses seem to have…

    I agree on the sickest prog part

  5. Vinod_Sharma says:

    DD News were really good. You could watch them once without getting hyper-excited – they were that monotonous. And, if you were not able to sleep at night, all you had to do was switch on DD!

    Too much of competition is not always a great thing. And things are only going to get worse. There are more channels waiting to “break” you with the same breaking news, the same visuals, the same interviews, the same questions!

  6. hitch writer says:

    MOI : I am sure more and more people are getting sick of it.

    VARUNAVI : thats wat.. the people who died were considered nothing !! sadly !

    RAKESH : Geeee dont tell me you like that program !!! oh boy !

    INDYEAH : wonder what happened to our Indian Express ?? Goenka sort of people are needed badly.

    VINODJI : yes the competition is driving these fellows nuts !

  7. Smita says:

    If I channel has “khabar har keemat pe” for it’s tag line what more can we expect from them???

    I used to get irritated similarily but have now given up…there is no future for a media.

  8. Saurabh says:

    I can’t agree more with you on that, most Indian news channels compel us to hang our heads down in shame. A country so huge as India has so many serious issues to discuss, but these channels are busy scrutinizing Rakhi Sawant’s comments or as you mentioned, re-playing excerpts from that hideous “Big Boss” show..(I don’t care if they sue me, he he)…I also have given up worrying about it !

  9. Indian Home Maker says:

    I wanted to know what happened to Bangla Desh mutiny, and all I could watch was two men discussing some blogging .. err bollywood-awards!
    One of them started dancing while compering. On another channel they were only talking about one single news, Gandhi’s hand made glasses and other articles being auctioned off and India must get them … I can totally say I miss a decent news channel.No other news could be seen … yes too much commercialization is getting on my nerves, but I still feel, you are right, they will evolve, and we should still have free media.

  10. Solilo says:

    Dhiren, I couldn’t see any new posts on your first page and now I arrived here from another link. *confused* channels are worse than Bigg Boss show. BTW I used to watch Bigg Boss without fail. Ha..ha..

  11. hitch writer says:

    SMITA : how did i miss that name !! khabar har keemat pe ??? geee… sums it up really !

    SAURABH : Bravo !!

    IHM : wishful thinking i guess !

    SOLILO : dont blame me, blame blogger !! gee you too need money for the psychiatrist >>??

  12. Shilpa says:

    Bigg Boss is the most horriblest program on TV. I am with you there. It makes you so negative. I wonder what people watch it for.

    And about news channels…. I remember wathcing a news channel while having lunch at office, they were showing this kid who’d fallen off into an open borewell and the army was called to rescue the kid. And in that 40 minutes, I think they interviewed the kid’s parents, the local MLA (or who ever), the chief from the Army who was handling the operation, the owner of the site where the borewell was dug, the villagers and who not.
    I was wondering, do we pay 250 bucks a month to watch this?


    yeah this is what the demerit of having lotsa channels on the name of empowerment of fools…i dont get sometimes that why the hell those channels in the name of news just blindly put some exaggered datas…but wotsoever the national news ever the best!!they are like content and appropriate…

  14. hitch writer says:

    CHIRAG : Yeah I did read it, when you published !! and actually unfortunately have to agree with you on most things !!

  15. hitch writer says:

    SHILPA : thank god bout the big boss !! glad u agree. Those kids falling into a borewell was an epidemic once.. !!!

    you pay 250 !! I pay 330 !!

    SWAGATIKA : less is beautiful !

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