whats in the heart must be brought to the lips ….

He has to go for an 9 hour journey by train, he doesn’t have reservation, tatkal tickets aren’t available… he has decided to go in the general compartment.

Its been years since he travelled in a general compartment, but he is going alone and has almost no luggage so be it…

He announces the previous night home that my train is at 4 pm tomorrow, I will go directly from office as office is midway between the house and the station.

The wife lets out a sigh, she wants more of him, she would always want him to come home and kiss her good bye before he left. But he is more practical, more sensible not so romantic any more after 7 years of marriage.

He reaches the station and finds out where the general compartment will be, he is waiting for the train, suddenly he turns back and finds his wife has come to see him off. He is pleasantly surprised, happy in his heart but doesn’t know how to express, he starts off :

He : Oh.. wow… Hey you have really become so dark !! These days you travel a lot in the noon on your dio and the sun has just tanned you !! (what a super compliment you idiot)

She (looking at the funny side) : Shu kariye, kaali majuri je kariye che takda ma !! (what to do, we do black labour in the sun)

Both giggle… he pats her head affectionately

He : Whats this in your hand ?

She : This is for you (hands it over)

(a box of sweets, and two aluminum foils which were probably carrying dinner and a few snacks)

He (with a crooked face ) : You know I don’t like all this, why do you pamper me so much, I can always buy food from the station. You know I don’t like to carry all this plastic bags ( he said it in a semi angry tone without thinking or worrying of the consequences )

She looks away… (he realizes, oh… you idiot, she came for you, brought food for you and you’re like the thankless rascal)

He (now apologetic and a lil lovingly) : Look, oh I am so sorry, you brought it for me and I am like… sorry… look at me…

She keeps looking here and there and there is a tear in her eye…

He : Hey really sorry, look at me… what are you looking at ??

She (angrily) : trying to find a beggar to hand this over to…

He : Oh sweetheart I am really sorry, you know I am a jerk, I don’t deserve such a good wife, I am really sorry… I know you did all this for me coz your care….

Suddenly the train came, he is to board the general compartment, its closed… people are going helter skelter trying to board it, he is cool, he doesn’t move… finally the door opens every one is running in… he watches them and stands, over confident he will find a place to sit, he turns to find his wife is gone… he looks here and there isn’t able to see her, suddenly he spots her near a window and she tells him she has reserved the window seat for him, that he board the train and sit.

He is just stunned, amazed and cannot quite comprehend how in the last 7 years he had started to take all these things for granted. He loved her coz she was caring, he loved her coz she was resourceful, he loved her coz she was intelligent, he loved her coz she was beautiful, he loved her coz she was his best company, he loved her coz she loved him unlimitedly….

He kept apologizing, he knew he had hurt her, she was like its ok, it happens at times… He kept looking at her till the train moved and she was out of sight. He knew he was the biggest jack ass and he also knows he doesn’t deserve such a forgiving wife.

Expressing his love for her in front of others has been easy, all his friends envy him that he has the bestest of wives, coolest of wives some one who never stops him, who never gags him, some one who cares, some one who is the most wonderful cook, some one who is smart, some one who is intelligent, some one who is fun to be with, she cracks great jokes and has a wonderful sense of humour, she is some one who is an individual and not just his wife.

She had brought a box of besan ka laddoo which she makes, his brother doesn’t eat sweets but only this made by her bhabhi !! So she thought the brother in law would love to eat it… The train route is odd and apart from some dirty samosa’s you don’t really get a lot fo good food to eat….

She had packed his favourite Macroni for him for snacks and Poori Subji for him so that he wouldn’t have to take the trouble of finding foods. While eating these he kept thanking her….

Than he realized, its no good to appreciate only in your heart, at times it is important to express the same appreciation. He kept calling her through out the journey… thanking her and trying to cajole her and get her into good spirits.

At times we don’t appreciate what our loved ones do for us, but hey don’t take them for granted.

I made a mistake, I got away, she is too kind, I am trying my best to make up… in many ways. She is the best I can hope for, she has probably even forgotten it… but I haven’t and I will try to remember this and not make the same mistake again.

31 thoughts on “whats in the heart must be brought to the lips ….

  1. Smita says:

    Awww!!! This is such a sweet & loving post :))

    And u r so right we take the people closest to us for granted. Even pur smallest comment can hurt them and we forget that, sigh!!!

    But as is said der aaye durust aaye 🙂

  2. Indyeah says:

    awww…Dhiren this was so touching…so touching…and the way you wrote it..
    amazing is the word that comes to mind….

    Let out the writer in you more often…

    This is the most romantic story …:)
    even if you do forget all that romance means a few times 😀

    but then blame it on your memory:D

    the message at the end is really important ..thanks for reminding me and all of us about it..:)

    God bless both of you and your love..:)

  3. Varunavi says:

    Hey dhiren its u??
    If it is u man i am sure u love ur wife so much.U both are made for each other (touchwood)
    If it is u then show this post to ur wife.

    At times we don’t appreciate what our loved ones do for us, but hey don’t take them for granted.–I liked this and i feel it is for all the men maybe they deny it but it is true.

    “He (with a crooked face ) : You know I don’t like all this, why do you pamper me so much, I can always buy food from the station. You know I don’t like to carry all this plastic bags— THIS IS VERY BAD

    honestly i dont understand why hubbies dont express themselves,a small expression will make wives happy.

    lol even i completed 7yrs of my marriage on 4th march

  4. R.K. says:

    Thanks for making me remember that how thankless i’ve become. I am single, but i’m thinking if i ever thanked or even praised my mother for the food she cooks, for things that she manages, which seem not so important to me till i do them on my own when she’s out ! I always think that its just her duty!! Never thought of my duty !

    Wonderful Post !

    As a new blogger, i now need to learn to make links to the posts. I want to make a link to this one in my blog !

    Thanks for sharing !

  5. zinggy_mum says:

    u ought to be sorry and more for ur actions!
    u men r such jerks….so true!
    as the saying goes:
    appreciation can make a day…even change life.
    Your willingness to put it into words is all thats necessary.
    Make up to her. she is one helluva person u need to love.

  6. Usha Pisharody says:

    God Bless you and yours 🙂 Especially your wonderful and sensitive and empathetic soulmate 🙂 But then you are too, all of these, else these words would not have shared itself here.

    I see here, more than a tribute to a great person, a sharing of the self, and reminding us to be just as caring and concerned, and make sure that the other person knows it too 🙂

    You had better start thinking about the P word. 🙂 It’s time :):) You have a gift of articulation that will inspire others as well 🙂

  7. hitch writer says:

    VARUNAVI : Yea its me 😦

    like i said, at times we forget, we take it for granted… but than at times we do realise our mistakes… hope to make less and learn from this !!

    RAKESH : exactly… its not their duty… but everyone loves appreciation, dont we love it when friends tell us you look good or you batted wonderfully today ?? similarly… and appreciation doesnt even cost… just a thought, and believe me it counts !!

  8. hitch writer says:

    DARSHAN : 🙂

    ZINGGY : sorry, i know … but better late than never >>

    USHA : in routine life, in daily chores, in this rat race for money… some things go unnoticed… dunno if instead of the train journey where i was alone, had i gone to a office meeting, would i have thought and noticed all this ??

    but than we must learn, I am learning from the mistakes… just hope to tell all you guys here to not make the same mistake, like me

  9. Rakesh says:

    We men are jerks. Seriously, here I am trying to enjoy my vacation since my wife has gone home and you’re trying to make me all senti…

    Damn, I’ve to call her now 😦

  10. hitch writer says:

    RAKESH : I agree, at times we husbands do love it when they go and there is just no one to stop us from going wild !! … for i bet in a couple of days we do start remembering them … we just look for excuses.. and you found yours here !!

  11. Shilpa says:

    It’s good when people learn from thier mistakes. Especially with relationships, it is not worth committing the same mistakes twice, one might not have that kind of time or luxury.

  12. Monika says:

    awww this was so touching… u have an angel for a wife

    and touch wood on the love 🙂 kala tikka

    and u men learn something 😉

  13. Chirag says:

    Dude, ya people so close to us, we never tell them how much we love them :(. I suffer form the same, I can never express properly if I like something or someone, they have to understand with is bit of a pain.

    Thanks for reminding me of the Gernal Coach and Besan ka ladoo.

  14. Badrika says:

    Aww! How Sweet! Or Shall I say how mean. You bought tears to my cousin’s eyes. But i know you didn’t mean it. So I’ll let it go this time. BUT DON’T DO IT AGAIN!! 😉 😛

  15. shail says:

    Taking people for granted is a sure fire way to kill relationships and that is one of the most common reasons for relationships going down the hill. Glad you realised it sooner than later.
    And I wonder we Indians are so fond of saying ‘You should not have, this was not necessary’ and such things instead of gracefully accepting what others do for us and thank them with an open hearty??!
    BTW this is such a sweet post. Bless you both.

  16. hitch writer says:

    RAMESH : 🙂

    SHILPA : u sound ominous !

    AJIT : thanks !

    MONIKA : Learning !! hope to graduate soon !

    CHIRAG : I know where you come from, but at times it pays to make the special one realise he/she is special. Besan Ke Laddoo you want, come to indore !

    BADZ : Noted 🙂

    SOLILO : let me see now !

    SHAIL : Realising it !! like i said we men are jerks !

  17. hitch writer says:

    Dude I am serious !! Anytime !

    🙂 :)) after all your gonna help me with the template and the header both ! lolz..

  18. Vivek Patwardhan says:

    Very touching! And it is nice of you to confess you goofed it.

    It is said,’jab haar manee to ho jati hai harmony!’

    Best wishes,

  19. mindspace says:

    before reading the comments, i thot its ur work of fiction 😛

    loved reading it thru & i m glad u realize ur wife does for u..

    Thanks for coming to my blog 🙂

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