Out sourced

Yesterday after the Sehwag Blitzkreig in the evening on Star Movies managed to see OutSourced a movie featuring Josh Hamilton & Ayesh Dharekar, whilst I had seen it earlier when I was not a blogger, I still loved the movie once again, but now that I am a blogger, I thought it is my duty to draw your attention to this movie… http://www.outsourcedthemovie.com/

Its a lovely movie bout the US Outsourcing jobs to India, an american comes to India and his experiences… Its funny, witty, modern and at the same time its Indian !!

I kinda like the way it projects India, no objections… ala Slumdog ! Some scenes bring a lot of emotion to me…

I dont like to tell the whole story to you, I just think the movie is a lovely one, please watch it if you haven’t already !!! I am sure you will love it ! Here’s a short trailer :

18 thoughts on “Out sourced

  1. Indyeah says:

    I liked it too Dhiren!you have described it nicely here:)

    will see it again now:)
    and yes being a blogger these are things we can share with others too:)
    thanks for sharing:)

  2. moi says:

    Hey same pinch, even I saw it yesterday !! I liked the movie, though I didn’t like the part where Indians where being projected as dumb, especially for that eraser and rubber issue!!
    And the best part is “holiday in goa”

  3. Charmed One! says:

    i watched the movie too yesterday 🙂 … I was just switching channels and then got glued to star movies…
    lovely movie 🙂 !!!

  4. R. Ramesh says:

    as usual i couldnot open the link but yr description is enough..thanks buddy..cheers..would like to watch the movie sometime..

  5. Tanuj Lakhina says:

    I saw it yesterday too.Holi relaxation time asked for movie watching and this was it.Really liked it.Although I didn’t like the part where Todd’s(or Toad’s :p) boss comes and gives him the news of them shifting to China instead.Also love the part where Asha(Ayesha Dharker) convinces the American to purchase the product that they’re selling which is $212 cheaper.How witty was that!

  6. Renu says:

    How come I missed it:(, ok point noted:), next time a must see. I saw Ayesha dharkar long back in A Mouth ful of Sky…I think first english serial on TV.

  7. Destination Infinity says:

    Interesting recommendation. Will definitely watch this soon as I am expecting a lot of free time shortly.

    Destination Infinity

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