When is the expiry date ? err….

Well this post actually reminded me of a lady I know quite well, but wouldnt like to disclose her identity, She is a lady in her late 60’s at the moment, is a graduate lets call her Renuka. She studied in vernacular medium but was quite comfortable with english but at times she did have her moments !!

Renuka is a very loving lady, full of life and always laughing. But she had a lil glitch, she would mess up with words, always trying to speak too fast…. I will relate a couple of funny moments !!!
One day at a shopping mall, Renuka is window shopping while her daughter is picking up a few things from a store, suddenly she remembers that they want to buy a cordless phone…. she see’s a electronic shop and enters… but she cant remember what do you call a cordless phone….

for a while she resists, keeps looking around to see if she can find a cordless phone so she can just point to it…

she say’s : I want a phone.

the shop keeper (SK) : kaisa phone chahiye madam

she : hotline phone ! (dont ask me where it comes from)

SK : hotline phone ??

she : yes hotline phone…

SK : what is that ? aisa to kuch nahi hai… aapko kya chahiye madam

she : arrey woh phone hota hai na, jisko le ke ghooom sakte hai…

SK : Oh madam , cordless phone…

she : ha… wohi to, tumhare paas hai ??


Renuka’s son’s friends had come to their house for a party. Quite a few as Renuka’s son loves inviting people home for dinners. Among the friends is a girl who is pregnant, so she doesnt move a lot and sits on a sofa !!

Renuka immedeatly finds an affinity for the girl, they sit and talk…. after a brief while where in she inquired where she was from, when she married and how she finds this new city, eventually its the main question, she wants to ask the pregnant girl when the baby is due…. so she goes unsure about the main word that is to be asked… She just utters –

” when is your expiry date ?

” The girl, “the what date ????”

I was sitting nearby, cudnt quite fathom what happened, then she corrected and asked, when is the ” due date i mean…. oh so sorry… slip of tongue….” by that time Renuka’s son heard it and it was announced again amongst all and the amount of laughter that followed was unbelievable !!!!

But Renuka was a sport she would laugh at her folly and not at all feel bad… !!!! her best trait….

Will be back with some more Renuka goof ‘ ups….


19 thoughts on “When is the expiry date ? err….

  1. Vinod_Sharma says:

    Good one. There are more Renukas out there. One a lady actually said “my telephone is not well”! This is a real one….I am the one who heard it from her!

  2. Usha Pisharody says:

    🙂 Very Sporting of Renuka, to actually even try these words, considering… 🙂 that is what I appreciate more 🙂

    Nice slices of life here 🙂

  3. Sandhya says:

    Am I reading about myself?! It happens with me sometimes! Ask my son and he will have stories about my goof-ups!

    Good one!

  4. Indyeah says:

    Expiry date!LOL!

    I know a lot of ‘Renukas’..and not all of them are such good at alughing at themselves:)

    so sporting of her I have to say!:)a lifelong learner ..what more can someone ask of themselves?:)
    so she will go far and will keep learning..the best kind of a human being..and she provides entertainment too..:D

    loved this post:)brought a smile, like I always say about your blog:)

  5. Sahaja says:

    haha OMGGG i am laughing….it happens to me but with hindi words….one day I asked my collegue, i call him Dada and one day I asked him Dada aapka poonch kyun nahi hai….well i wanted to ask why dont u gave a moustache? and then u knw he ran back of me all of the apmt and evryone was laughing ofcourse even i was laughing hard!!

  6. hitch writer says:

    APOCALYPSE : She is a wonderful person !

    VIND=ODJI : lol… so did you give paracetamol to the telephone????? lol…

    INDRANI : Courage ?? 🙂

    USHA : its impulsive and its fun !

  7. hitch writer says:

    SANDHYA : whats his email id ????

    INDYEAH : you are always generous in your praise… we need more and more renuka’s to make our life lighter !

    DARSHAN : she indeed is a very very happy woman !!

    AJIT : poor lady… it slipped out … she didnt mean it lol…

    VARUNAVI : so when are you posting bout your goof ups ??

    SOLILO : geee so did you eventually do the romans ??? roftlol…. gee thats funny and embarassing !!! lol….

    RAKESH : yea she is a sport !

  8. Renu says:

    Lol: But its very common sight, even sometimes I also do:), not exactly this , but sometimes its a slip of the tongue:), once I uttered flirting for flattering:) and I was so embarassed.

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