Election Season !

Let me first tell you I try my best not to watch news, I watch the sports news and visit CNBC for the status of the sensex. However it is virtually impossible to not see a bit of the news that you don’t want to see and let me tell you that even those small bits are enough to irritate you or immediately spark off something in you that you want to voice about or write about.

Just saw a small snippet where Sharad Pawar stated that Maharashtra public want a Maharashtrian Prime Minister this time.

The moment I hear something like this the Indian in me immediately sparks I don’t want a Maharashtrian or a Punjabi or a Keralite Prime Minister. I want an Indian Prime Minister. Backgrounds shouldn’t matter !!

Pawar chooses to play the choicest region, language card and woo the sentiments of the Marathi’s. Vote for my party is what he is suggesting to all Marathi’s. As the agriculture minister he has already raised the Minimum Support Prices of a lot of agricultural commodities up anywhere from 8% to 40%, this comes in times when the whole world is facing such a huge financial crisis, he has gone about wooing farmers without worrying about the economics of the decision, throwing the trade totally out of place. Who cares about Economics, its Election season after all !! Happy Holi all !

I would like to tell all Marathi’s don’t let him fool you. Ideally we should all be voting for the candidate and not for the party or the party chief. Vote for Mr. Pawar only if you think he is the right candidate and not coz he is Marathi !!

Like Chanakya these politicians will use all Shaam, Daam, Dand & Bhed to woo you, they will try to trick you and fool you.

Also saw on news a dinner invitation from Mayawati to all parties for raising a third front !! This is the same lady who co-erces people to contribute for a gala celebration of her own birthday, and if you dont contribute, be ready to die !!!!

I suddenly again remember the promise I made to my colleague who has been adamantly reminding me all the time, that if Mayawati becomes PM of our country I have to jump off our three storey office building. My days are numbered it seems !! 😦

Remember to choose your candidate wisely. Although its an impossible task to choose a good candidate, we have to take the pain and select the best of the lot that is available. If you still feel disgusted and really don’t like any of the candidate, please use 49-0 option but please don’t let your vote go to waste or be misused.


20 thoughts on “Election Season !

  1. Rakesh says:

    I guess you should change your stand to “If Mayawati survives 5 years as PM”. She might, by a strange twist of fate, become PM but not for long!

  2. hitch writer says:

    RAKESH : Nahheeeeeeeee Yaar… if she comes to power…. oh no…. even thinking of it sends shivers down my spine ! 😦

  3. Varunavi says:

    It will be bad luck for india if it gets mayawati as pm,she has started dreaming of becoming pm with the third front.Pls dont vote for her.

  4. Rakesh says:

    When you and I say, don’t vote for her, nobody’s listening. Coz. her voters are the lower classes, her politics is based on the SC/ST card and the minority card. I may be exaggerating a bit but I feel 90% of her voters are illiterate or those who do not have access to the internet. So you see, our plea is on deaf ears… or should I say eyes |-)

  5. Jinu P says:

    oh GAWD!!! Mayawati as PM is more than a nightmare for me.. and I think there will be genocide if that happens.. there are too many people like us who would both kill and die if she were the PM…sigh!

    and looks like a whole bunch of us are writing about the elections… 🙂

  6. Vinod_Sharma says:

    If the Third Front comes to power, it will have to be with Mayawati as PM. Those who think it will happen any other way are out of touch with reality. The only way that is not going to happen is if Mayawati is routed. That, as everyone knows, is about as possible as day not turning into night at the right time.

    It is actually very disappointing to see a man like Pawar, most of his life a Congressman, playing the regional card. Goes to show that the country does not really matter for these politicians. It is them first all the time.

  7. mayz says:

    oh mayawati had given d third front 48 hrs notice to elect her as their PM candidate otherwise she wud not support em…talk abt blackmailin openly…n yet m a lil scared that it mite actually come true…
    if congress wasnt enuff to take this country to d dogs we have a lot of congress like clones in pawar comin up tryin to play regional politics…SOS!!!

  8. hitch writer says:

    RAKESH : Its time we the urban or the more modern people started voting everywhere… that way sure is the way out of this mess

    JINU : it is a nightmare… and hope it remains that way and doesnt turn into reality

    VINODJI : Most amazingly the third front is being created with almost everyone haveing different ideologies.. no it doesnt surprise people like Mayawati’s, gowda’s, chandra babu’s joiining… but people like Prakash Karats also are ready to mingle and give a damn to their own ideologies is really sick !!

    INDYEAH : Earlier it was Mulayam, now it is Behenji !! Or maybe Sharad Bhai ?? Who knows !! in elections things keep changing rapidly !

    MAYZ : She is an open goonda raj !! nothng else… only collectively people can vote her out !! Narendra Modi is a very good administrator, but he has blood on his hands… plus he is a good administrator only because is unparalleled in Gujarat… In the centre he can never come with majority and people like him can never function in a coalition government… and a BJP government with majority is again i think wishful thinking !

  9. Renu says:

    Ideally we should all be voting for the candidate and not for the party or the party chief. …exactly the way I think.

    Mayawati could be our next proimeminister, thats the beauty of democracy:).
    I strongly think that we should have 2 party system and once a coalition is formed to make a government, it must be mandatorily be run for full term, none should be allowed to withdraw support. Elections are major expense and unnecessarily not allowed again.

    People should vote either for congress or BJP, if they want a stable government and some reforms.

  10. Indian Home Maker says:

    This looks bad!
    But it does look like she has a lot of caste based support, and it isn’t just the dalits who are voting for her.

    Politics in India takes weirdest of turns so let’s wait and see what happens next …

  11. Chirag says:

    Kursi, key liya kuch bhi kareaga, as the election season is coming political folks will start all the natak.

    Mayawati as PM I’m leaving India 🙂

  12. Smita says:

    Hmmm a very sensible post. Unfortunately in our country PM candidate is usually decided post election and on the basis of nos. We need a system overhaul. Btw do you know modi’s response to mr. Pawar’s desire? Do read it and lol.

  13. hitch writer says:

    RENU : The fact that she can become is not the beauty of democracy… its a folly of our electoral system… Wish we could have a two party system… wish wish wish.. !

    SOLILO : fathom her or not 😦 . hopefully we have the choice in our hands and we wont let them win !

  14. hitch writer says:

    IHM : I hope you are not supporting her ! very diplomatic words from you make me suspect you !! lol… I hope we dont get a weird PM due to the weird turn of events !

    CHIRAG : No mate… this is our country why should we leave it ! we wont vote for her and i m still hopeful it will be ManMohan again !

    SMITA : What where ?? Pawar Modi spat ?? gee i need to fin out ! i dunno !

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