Aam Kaha Hai Aam ??

The latest advertise of Maaza, where this bloke is saying, ” AAM kaha hai AAM ???? ” is my most favourite Advertisement these days….

Ek to the guy in the advertisement, I dont know his name, is the same one from my favourite serial “Yeh Jo Hai Zindagi” …. has really really cute expressions… Also he shows the same zest for my favourite fruit !!!! He made me long for the mango so early and I ended up eating Mango two days within seeing this advertisement !!!!


I am a lover of Mangoes !!! I simply love almost all breeds…. with the Ratnagiri Aphoos (or alphonso as you might call it) being the favourite….

In the next few months the entire family will sit down on a feast of Mangoes… in lots and lots of forms…..

Already we have the ” Bafla ” a juice made from raw mangoes with jaggery, garnished with a lil salt and a few leaves of dry Pudina !! its fantastic coooler everytime you come home from the sun !!!!!

And already we have started bringing the smaller version of Ratnagiri Aphoooooos…. My son now wont eat a single meal without a mango … !!! We keep telling him you have to drink milk if you want to eat so many mangoes and he is energetically taking in all the milk…. Anything karenga for a Aaphoooooooooos !!!!!

I remember when we were young, Mom would give us mangoes and make us sit on the verandah in our baniyans and all three of us brothers would eat mangoes in the most traditional and the real style of eating mangoes by sucking it !!!!

I still at times do resort to that style of eating and honestly that is the best way to eat a ripe mango !!!!

The alphonso from Ratnagiri is not just a delicious fruit, its a glamourous fruit… it looks like a king, its size is awesome, it smells divine and tastes…ummmmmmmm heaven….. yes that expression in that Mazaaa advertisement is beautifully potrayed…. ” Aam Kaha hai Aam ? “

In India we have an unbelievable breed of Mangoes, amongst them is one breed that has never got its due. I must mention the Chausa variety of mango here, cosmetically it doesn’t look great and doesnt have a long shelf life unlike the Alphonso from Ratnagiri… otherwise I think it tastes even better than Alphonso… However the brand of Ratnagiri Alphonso has become world famous due to its look, fragrance and most importantly longer shelf life, which enables it to be transported far and wide…

However, lets not go in the economics of the Mango… this is about my love for the Mangoes…. I dream some day I will go to Malihabad, the mango capital of India and eat the Chausa and Dusshheri sitting in an Orchard under a mango tree …. !!!

On Sunday’s now Mom will make the “aamras” of ” Payeri ” or ” Langda ” two mangoes special for making the ” aamras “, with White dhokla’s (in gujarati its idla), Karele ki subzi (bitter gourd) ” Bepadi Rotli ” (a chapati that is with two layers, sorry cant explain any better, come home and i ll feed you so you will know what I mean.)

The aamras and Dhokla’s taste fantastic… and you can also add pieces of Alphonso to the Aamras… some people add salt too and ghee to it tooo… but I like it plain !!!!!

As the season wears on… Kesar from Saurashtra another breed that is marketed world wide will become the preferred mango !!!!!

In the nights its again time to have Vanila Ice Cream with pieces of Alphonso, try it, its the most divine combination…..

In Bharuch my hometown they even make Bhajiya’s of Alphonso !!! (this is the only one that I don’t like)

Mango Shakes will be made often….. in the afternoons instead of the tea !!!!

All in all the Mangoes…. will now rule the kitchen and our minds now… for the next 3 months !!!!! Sometimes the lunch will be two Aphooooos ….. geee the talking is make my mouth water like anything…. seriously there are few things that taste better than a ripe mango in this world !!!!

I am sure there are many out there amongst you who are waiting, craving or have already started in enjoying this wonderful fruit already !!!!

18 thoughts on “Aam Kaha Hai Aam ??

  1. Sandhya says:

    The name is Satish Shah!’Yeh jo hai zindagi’ and ‘Ghar Jamai’ with Madhavan are very memorable serials.

    I am from Udupi and we call mango ‘Kukku’ in Tulu! Your blog on ‘aam’ makes me feel like eating mangoes at THIS moment!

    When my grand mother was alive, we children used to go to Udupi from Madras in the school holidays. Jack fruit also is famous in our place. Jack fruit should be eaten in the morning in empty stomach and mango should be eaten after food. My grandmother had 7 children (Ooh!) and most of us grandchildren used to be there, for most of the annual holidays (used to get concessional rate tickets for school children in those days! Just for their native place.). So eat, eat, eat was the only work in those days!

    Thanks for reminding me my childhood days!

  2. hitch writer says:

    SANDHYA : No no… Satish Shah I know… come on yaar… this south indian actor i dont remember the name… He was an officer in that serial… remember … & the mangoes being called Kukku !! thats new for me !!!

  3. Sandhya says:

    Shafi Inamdar (who is no more – he was a good actor), Swaroop Sampath, Rakesh….some Bangali neighbour, I remember. Don’t remember about the South Indian, huh.

    I like the way you write with expressions – aphooooooos…it is like background music! I had a friend from Kolhapur, some 10 years back and was tasting this mango often. Yes, it IS tasty! My grandmother too was particular about making us drink milk compulsarily after eating mangoes. How the similar traditions are followed…continued…

    Nice post.

  4. hitch writer says:

    Yes that Bengali neighbout !!! he is the one in the Maaza Ad… i somehow misremembered him as south indian !!

  5. Indyeah says:

    ”I dream some day I will go to Malihabad, the mango capital of India and eat the Chausa and Dusshheri sitting in an Orchard under a mango tree …. !!! ”LOL Dhiren!I am drooling just reading about so many mangoes..Myu family is quite crazy about them too:)
    and in UP we get all kinds of mangoes:)

    I love that advertisement too:D

    Bhajiyas of alphonso??boggles the mind:D

    arre there are so many ways to amke things out of it..aam paapdi yummy!
    and then some gravy like khatta meetha thing with green mangoes..
    DRooling now

    I ahve to go and get some mangoes now:D

  6. hitch writer says:

    INDYEAH : i forgot that muslim chacha who has made many breeds in malihabad bout whom i read long back in outlook traveller !! they have all sorts in UP and i dont mind all sorts !!!!

    Mangoes ki JAi Ho !!

  7. Chirag says:

    I don’t watch TV but I sure believe in your sentiments amm phalon ka raja hai 🙂 well said, right? Ahhhaaa Dude, I mix Mango pulp and Vodka and its quite simply brilliant. Also, Dusshheri Ha ha ha.. now I am bloody thirsty… need a amm.

  8. hitch writer says:

    CHIRAG : Mango and Vodka ?? gee i am not able to drink a lot… but this sounds inviting… i maybe able to take the vodka in with the mango for sure !!!

  9. Smita says:

    You will be surprised with the fact that there was a time when I hated Mangoes…but I started enjoying them after moving to Gujarat.

    Once a colleague had forced one peti of Veraval ke mangoes on me and to finish them I had to eat them 😀

    Though I find them messy but I like Aam Ras 🙂

  10. Shayari says:

    You bet?? Maaza ad is my current favorite. Aha! the joys of eating Mango in the messy way is an absolute delight. Truly next three months is bliss:D

    Your passion for the fruit is amazing!

  11. Badz says:

    Dhiren! Mango and Bacardi tastes good too. Try it. I’ve tried Vodka and Mango and your friend is right is taste great. 😉 😀

    But thinking of mangoes, all i can remember is mum making a milkshake with it most nights and my first trip to india where I was really sick whilst touring, and dad took me to a stall where they kind of make some of juice with it them, and i lived off that until I got better. That and lemonade aka “limboo soda” 😉

  12. Renu says:

    In that advertisement the actor is Vijay kashyap, and oh I am missing the amras of Indore and shikanji too:)
    Indore is a heaven for good food specially chhappan and that whole sale market .
    Even I love mangoes and in my childhood I would nevr take a single meal without mangoes.

    I can identify with every single line of this post:)…lovely post.

  13. hitch writer says:

    SMITA : You hated mangoes ?? gee… netime you get forced with Aam ki peti… just tell me.. I ll give you my address… !!! 😉

    SHAYARI : it was you who along with that maaza ad made me write this post !! I love mangoes 😛 totally …

    BADZ : India and Mangoes are made for each other !!

    DARSHAN : lol…

    SAHAJA : Come on over… its mango season setting in..

    RENU : yea Vijay Kashyap !!! rite… he’s a cute fella aint he ? and his expressions in the advertisement are tooo goood !!

    Indore is central India’s food capital without an iota of doubt !!! I hope most of mango lovers will be identifying with this post… !! lol 😛 this is a popular topic…

  14. Varunavi says:

    I love mangoes so do my daughter.My daughter eats mangoes for breakfast and lunch.
    We get pakistani’s mangoes here,lovely taste.They beat our indian mangoes.My hubby says pakistan is also famous for its mangoes and ladies.

  15. hitch writer says:

    VARUNAVI : did he say mangoes and ladies ?? lol…. i never knew mangoes were famous in Pakistan… but well we are in the same landscape so must be… !!

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