New Tiger Cubs…. and 3 of them !!!!!! whopppa !!!!!!!

Remember my obsession :

Remember the new arrivals expected at our zooo, I told ya about :

Well Well Well…. I m thrilled to bits to just come to know that last week our Indore Zoo’s white Tiger couple became proud parents of three cubs… the litter is completely healthy… !!!!!!

What a wonderful occassion …. this calls for a celebration…. Champagne…. !!!! pooooooop…….. geeeee…. I am really happy and thrilled… this is tooo exciting not to share straight away….. I now am feeling bad that I don’t read the Hindi newspapers who have been carrying this news since a week…..

The tigress Sita, is also healthy and the cubs are shaping up well… so this sunday morning, me & sonny are to be found at Indore zoo…. !!!!! I hope I can catch a glimpse of the new arrivals…..

Just saw today morning that our cricket team has also joined in the fight for saving the tiger and that is great news…. The tigers need as much exposure as they can get… !!!

Save the most wonderful cat on our planet !!!!! This is the third post in the day…. but tooo toooo hot and tooo exciting news to not share or make them wait even a second !!!!!! 🙂

28 thoughts on “New Tiger Cubs…. and 3 of them !!!!!! whopppa !!!!!!!

  1. Indyeah says:

    I loved this post because this is a cause I believ in..and I feel like killing anyone who hunts these or any otehr animals..
    the cubs here in the pic look cute:))
    Congratulations !:)

  2. hitch writer says:

    INDYEAH : the people who poach should be poached ! nothing less… I hope to see the cubs and post their pics… i hope they allow us to see !!!!

  3. Smita says:


    Shud I say congrats???

    Glad to know you care so much about to Tigers :)) there are hardly any people left who bother to even think about them 🙂

  4. Rakesh says:

    AAmmmm, personality test and tiger cubs – talk about diversification in times of recession. he he…

    But of the three, I can only confess my love for Aam. Tigers are good in the wild, I guess.

  5. Badz says:

    WoW! I learnt something new. I didn’t know white tigers were in Indore. I love tigers and lions. Next I come Inida, I will definetly come to you home to stay, and you can take me to go see them. Is that a deal?

    God I’m such a kid. I still love going to the zoo. 😉

  6. Indian Home Maker says:

    Awww they look so cute, like large kittens 🙂

    Would LOVE to see some pictures of your zoo also! They have managed a wonder and my warmest wishes to you, to Indore and to all of us.. let’s hope we are able to save some of our fellow creatures…

    I have not seen Indore Zoo, but I hope it is nice and spacious and a little like their natural habitat for these little ones to grow up in!?
    Delhi zoo has a nice enclosure for Tiger, enough space to let them run and exercise those muscles …Have you read ‘Tiger, Tiger burning bright’ …. by William Blake I think..?

  7. Sahaja says:

    Awesome…..I did feel like a happy kid clapping in excitement reading your post!!

    I am with you, save the big cats!

  8. hitch writer says:

    SHAYARI – 🙂

    RAKESH – Talk bout the free time in recession !! 😦

    Yea the tigers are best in the wild… free and safe…

    Mangoes and gujarati’s are lovers arent they ??

    BADZ : ur most welcome… and hey zoo goers are not just kids… i go regularly and i find lots of adults there… I love going to the zoo regardless !! 🙂

  9. hitch writer says:

    IHM : the old zoo was not so spacious… but they have made some new enclosements that are huge… however they are so huge at times that you can not get a proper view… but its good for the animals as they an roam free and a lot of space for them… the white tigers were imported from Aurangabad.. they helped revive the interest in the zoo… now there are lots of crowds coming in and the zoo is earning a lot so they have been able to enlarge the area… !!! 🙂 yes good things are also happening !!!

    That is a poem by William Blake rite ? I at times dont understand poetry… i keep trying though 😉

  10. hitch writer says:

    SAHAJA : Clap Clap !! yea yea thats the best compliment i got !!! yay yay…

    CONNIE : I am sure the new ones will be pretty too… i m dying to go there !

  11. Solilo says:

    2 days I don’t see any update and today I find 3 new posts. Errmm…

    This is such a cute picture, Dhiren. Sho sho shweet.

    Love your new look. The font color on the black bg is bright and easy to read.

  12. Varunavi says:

    So sweet.congrats sita for the lovely cubs.
    I am seeing a kid in ur dhiren.
    I have to read ur other two post as well.

  13. hitch writer says:

    SOLILO : this blogger seems to be playing tricks read bout this prob on Indyeah’s blog too. Glad you like the new look… !!

    VARUNVAVI : there is a kid in everyone of us !!

  14. Sandhya says:

    Both the cubs look so cute. We will wait for your visit there and more photos of them.

    Good to know that the Zoo authorities are expanding their moving space. Once I saw a huge white tiger in Chikmagalur zoo, must be some 5 years back.

    Will you please get the picture of the parents also? It will be nice.

  15. Sandhya says:

    Chennai vandalur zoo has got new white tiger cubs. it is in today’s chennai edition of times of india. will try and locate it in the web. I think you can get the photos faster than me! I take time to search!


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