The most deadly creature

Read in the Hindustan Times yesterday that in Australia, their national animal, the Kangaroo population in certain areas has over grown so much that they are thinking of shooting a few down so that they can control the population. There will be lots of protests to this decision though !!!!

Now I am not the one for shooting the animals down… and lets not go in that debate… the Australians will decide whats best for them….

But how wonderful would it be if we can copy them…. If we reach a stage where the tiger population, our national animal, keeps growing to that extent !!!! aaah…. yea , yea the tiger is not a kangaroo, it can be dangerous too… But still I wish …. I think a problem of plenty is always better than a problem of extinction….

We humans learnt the use of the tongue and the thumb a lot earlier and a lot better than the other creatures …. we evolved…. we developed and multiplied so much that we stopped the evolution process of all other forms of creatures…. forcing them to the brink of extinction.

Actually we are the most deadly creature on this planet.


13 thoughts on “The most deadly creature

  1. Indyeah says:

    I agree Dhiren ,”a problem of plenty is always better than a problem of extinction….”

    and sadly we are not even able to preserve what little we do have left…:(

    I will watch out to see what the Australian authorities finally do decide..

  2. Badz says:

    I also believe it is wrong to shoot/kill any animal and am totally against it. And I second you on that “a problem of plenty is always better than a problem of extinction….”

    Well lets see what happens with these kangaroos.

  3. hitch writer says:

    VARUNAVI : like mayz has said after you… why wouldnt they shoot humans coz we are too many ??

    MAYZ : we have the thumb… that gives us the upper hand man !!!

    INDYEAH : sadly… i have to agree… lets hope we can learn something from this !

    BADZ : I m sure they wont be shot… stupids shoould be transporting them to other continents.. to zooos !!! for kids to seee !!!

  4. Vinod_Sharma says:

    There has been no predator like man and here never will be. Al other predators kill for food or in self-defence. Only man kills for pleasure.
    Oh I forgot. Man kills man too, for ideology, religion, land, women, money…….

    In Australia, Kangaroos have multiplied only because men are few and, possibly, have hunted down all/most of the natural predators who hunt them.

  5. hitch writer says:

    VINODJI : Absolutely !! infact if you look in the history of australia.. the great desert was created because the english brought lots of rats who multiplied too fast.. there are some interesting facets how man has tried to play with nature.. !

  6. Darshan Chande says:

    What about human population?? We have already occupied more space cutting down forests and filling up oceans… The creatures that need to be shot down first of all are humans..!

  7. Ordinary Guy says:

    good line dude when you say that a problem of plenty is a better deal than a problem of a few… 🙂 we need to protect our wild life.. or what is left of it…. and we also need to control out human population…:P

  8. Smitha says:

    You are so right when you that we are the most deadly animal on the planet!
    So true! And even more true – problem of plenty is a better deal than a problem of a few…

    How I wish our govt understood this!

  9. Monika says:

    this is news i think the first species to be shot my this logic should be humans… as u rightly said the most deadly on earth

  10. hitch writer says:

    INDRANI : great idea… I wouldnt mind that ! 🙂 But than half of the tourists to Australia would stop !!! lol….

    DARSHAN : Absolutely !

    AJIT : would you believe India in 2050 will reach a phase where we reach population stagnation… till than our population will keep rising… here’s to another 40 years.

    SMITHA : yea… i wish we had enough tigers in our country.. ! the government amongst all is largely responsible.

    MONIKA : sad news but !

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