Chodo kal ki baatein…

I love the lyrics of this song….. Hope the politicians listen to this…

Enough of Varun Gandhi’s, Raj Thackrey’s, Muthalik’s… enough of coalitions…. enough of cynism.

Its time to build our nation….

America has lots of optimism that their change is here…. Where is our change coming from ????

19 thoughts on “Chodo kal ki baatein…

  1. rahul says:

    I used to like that song that too..well we Indians are kind of eternally optimistic..we don’t need anyone to make the change (hope that doesn’t sound too optimistic :P)

  2. ugich konitari says:

    The ordinary Indian is an eternally optimistic type. His faith in the country is being abused by all these personalities you mention in your post.

    The song and the video , an old classic, is like a breath of fresh air at a time when the politicians are comepeting with each other to fool us….

    thanks for posting….

  3. Indian Home Maker says:

    The video buffered and I realised which song it is … I LOVE this song, as a kid in class VII I sang it with four others on stage … have loved it ever since. Thanks for sharing… this really cheered me, I have two of your pages opened, because I am want to hear this song more than once 🙂

  4. Ordinary Guy says:

    hope is a quintessential human delusion which can the source of our greatest strength ot our greatest weakness….:)

    not my dialog… from matrix….:)

  5. Patricia Torres says:

    Its my all time fav song!!! Sadly.. wish I could say.. I am contributing to the change. I’m not… so I should actually keep my mouth shut.. beyond this point!! Being NRI, all I do is sit in the comforts of my home and accuse politicians and just speak about everybody doing the wrong.

    Hence I beleive.. unless.. people like you and me… wake up… (Jaago – like the Tata tea advt.).. there will be no change.. and rightly.. we are not ready for change!! coz we are not ready to bring it in!!

  6. Indyeah says:

    loved the song Dhiren!Thanks for refreshing my memory and refreshing my heart!:)

    yes despite all the dissappointments I also still hope…

    to abandon hope would be to abandon any thoughts of a future

    like Ungich said the aam aadmi has hope galore..and so we do …

    India can be better …
    thanks for posting this Dhiren!:)

  7. Badz says:

    Well Dhiren. Its the first time I’ve this song. I kind of liked it.

    Can’t really comment on change in India nor its politics because I know next to nothing about it due to not living in India. And hand on heart, I’ve never really given an interest in it due to it not effecting me directly.

    Anyway, nice song. And glad you feel so strongly/passionately about change and improving India.

  8. hitch writer says:

    SMITA : I am optimistic and I am ready to change, but somedays you just feel low…

    IHM : This song I too sang in patriotic song competition in vIIth class in my Mukesh Like voice to not win a prize !!!! 🙂

    Yes IHM we DO have hope…

  9. hitch writer says:

    RAHUL : no Rahul that isnt over optimistic… optimism is not a bad thing to have.. !!

    UGICH : Exactly, they are abusing us Indians !

    AJIT : 🙂 regardless man, that line is most oppurtune ! i feel so much better ! ! 🙂

  10. hitch writer says:

    PAT : We shall bring it in… we will vote, we will be more responsible, we shall not bribe, we shall try and educate… we shall improve ! 🙂 I am sure !

  11. Vinod_Sharma says:

    This song was written in the early sixties,if I am not wrong, when India was still on song and filled with a lot of positive energy and hope. Time to re-kindle that spirit…not easy but necessary.

  12. hitch writer says:

    VINODJI : not sure of the timing but guess around that time. and yes its really necessary to re-kindle the spirit of India !

  13. hitch writer says:

    SOLILO : aaaargh… the elephant is a beautiful animal and it cannot mean Maya for me…

    MONIKA : yes the time is here ! again !

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