A Cynical Sunday….

Sunday morning got up at 8.30.

Since morning I have been stalking bloggers who are active on a sunday. Leaving comments on the blogs I love. Than suddenly decided to read the news paper, I normally read the sports page and my news paper is done…. But today is sunday so I spent a lil more time and ended up reading about Mayawati in Hindustan Times and got depressed. It seemed that all the people writing were bracing us, and more so themselves for her taking the PM ki ‘khursi. They seem to justify Mayawati as if Hum Sab Chor hai to if Mayawati becomes PM why the hooplah ??

This is what Dipankar Gupta, a professor in sociology at Jawaharlal Nehru university writes :

Quote :

In A society where women depend on men, Mayawati is a self-made political climber. She defies other categorisations too. She is richer than many snots and studs, but she won’t play cocktail hostess. What hurts drawing room types is that they can not connect with her social ly. She is not their school friend or boardroom buddy .

Unquote :

Here is what Shobha De writes :

Quote :





Mayawati drives us mad. Us? Who’s ‘Us’? Oh…. us is us. People who count. Thought leaders. Opinion makers. Bull shitters. People still living in some la-la land, imagining we are important. Get real, guys. Before you can say ‘Kanshi Ram’, Mayawati will be on that kursi in Dilli. The same one her foes are determined to keep her ample backside away from. And if perchance Mayawati’s derriere does occupy the gaddi, God help those foes. Mayawati will whack their butts with that handbag of hers, whip their asses, and then the asli fun will start.



Why does Mayawati bug us so much?



Is it her appearance? Come on. There are worse looking women in politics. Is it her coarse tongue? Her crude language? Or is it something else? Something entirely silly and superficial? Do we despise her because Mayawati is a social embarrassment? Is that why the chattering classes recoil and exclaim, “She cannot possibly become India’s Prime Minister! My goodness, can you imagine her winning and dining Sarko and Carla? Or meeting Gordon Brown? Even worse, what will Michelle think of those arms?” Sounds ridiculous, right? But isn’t there some truth in it? Mayawati makes us cringe because we can’t handle her rustic personality and her lack of sophistication.



Nobody would want someone with that profile in his living room. What of the social barometer? Their ratings on the party circuit? What if she slurped tea from a saucer? Or dunked a biscut into the brew? Forget wine-shine, cheese-weese.



What on earth does one serve her? Conversation? Don’t make us laugh… Sounds horrible. But scratch the surface, and that’s the sort of stuff you’ll get.
Nothing to do with ideology It’s not about .



Dalits. It’s not even about gender. It has to do with class. Not caste.Which is precisely the reason why the chattering classes may end up with lots of egg on their faces.



The next elections are unambiguously about caste. Deal with it. Class does not enter the picture. And when it comes to cashing in on caste, Mayawati’s trajectory is hard to match. She gets it. She has always got it. She knows her USP And she knows just how to address her constituency — the words, the language, the appearance. That is her.



Corruption is a non-issue in these polls. Is there even a single politician who can claim to be clean — and prove it? So, holding Mayawati up as the Queen of Corruption will hardly dent her chances.
Nor will pointing out the many charges against her. There are no saints in the line-up. Nobody minds.



Nobody can.



Sleeping with the enemy? Forging perverse alliances? Ditto. Then why does everybody hate her so much? How is Mayawati any worse than the others in the race: Pawar? Chandrababu? Deve Gowda? Or the other ‘teen deviyan’: Mamata, Jayalalithaa and Sonia?



Will she sell India down the drain? No more than the rest. But that is not the concern of drawing room analysts, is it? What we want to know is will she change that awful handbag to a Ferragamo? Will she hire Abu-Sandeep or Manish Malhotra to redesign that dreadful wardrobe? Discard Polyester? Switch to Chikankaari? Will Jimmy Choo replace her rexin sandals?



Even if she cannot smell of roses, could someone please present her with a flacon of Chanel? And would Mickey Contractor with his team kindly volunteer their services and give the lady a makeover? This is the age of designer politicians. Alas, with all the efforts in the world, Maya can never become a Memsaab. That is both her curse and redemption.


But she could become the PM. Drown yourselves in Dom, guys.

Unquote :

While I agree that Mayawati makes us squirm and most of the reasons mentioned above may hold true if we be honest with ourselves. But than Mayawati winning a few seats or a state is one thing, that shows that there is a flaw in the system but she being the head of our nation probably means the whole system is totatlly rotten. She as PM, means she comes in contest with people like Dr. Manmohan Singh’s, Chidambaram’s, Mukherjee’s, Jaitley’s, Sonia’s.

No I am not suggesting that these people have never committed any sin’s in their lives. The point is not about the sins… like Shobha says, ” Hum Sab Chor Hai “. But I hope they are not trying to sell the fact that since hum sab chor hain means we have any one leading us.

As a head of our country wouldnt she need some, some and i mean a lil teeny weeny itsy bit of intelligence, level of education, vision and qualification. If Gowda’s were once accidentally PM’s does it justify Mayawait as the PM. Do we have to keep committing the same mistakes.

What I think is evident that most writers are actually bracing themselves to accepting her as the Prime Minister. Yes those hypocritical reasons are there and existing from which we all are running but they are not the only ones. Seems like all the writers are not telling the us the readers but telling themselves, that she becoming a PM is an imminent possibility and so accept, get ready.

If she built parks and built her statues in place of schools. People are giving excuses that others also didnt build schools, although they didnt build parks or their own statues.

If these are reasons to digest the bitter pill and accept Mayawati as our Prime Minister, I am sorry to say it but it sounds really cynical. Really.


And yet she’s full of brag ging rights. She has beaten them at their own games. But not by their rules.
It is not because she is Scheduled Caste or a woman that puts off the drawing room set. Prima donnas perform in their soirees, as do many from the Scheduled Castes. They look good and speak well, but most of all they are connected, or, the second best, eager to be connect ed. Mayawati could easily have walked into such par lours. But, so far, she has chosen not to. That is what rankles.

Mulayam Singh Yadav oper ates through Amar Singh, and Meira Kumar is classy on her own.
Lalu Yadav’s children went to boarding schools for an education, and he went to Wharton on a junket. They are all connected — first hand or second hand — to the so-called elite. If there are some who are not in touch yet, there is still time. If and when they become politically powerful, the doors will open. Their past will be forgotten, their table manners forgiven.

But they must want to belong.

Mayawati doesn’t, which explains her recoil effect. When others woo her they must go to her home. If a lunch is to be staged, she must be the host. Mamata can go to Jyotibabu, but Maya won’t go to Jaya.
She has never been to Wharton, but one day Wharton will come to her. If the Congress boasts three figures on its posters, the BSP carries only her image.

She erected statues of herself where there should be schools, made parks instead of houses, boasted, preened and aggrandised herself in a way that set new standards for political megalomaniacs. They all wish they could have done the same, but lack her gall. No wonder they hate her for it.

It is not what Mayawati has done, or not done, that is remarkable. It is just the scale on which she operates that is eye-popping.

But if after all this she had only condescended and said she wanted to belong, built connections with the select and showed deference to their cultural codes, she could do what she does and more, and be loved for it. Parties revolve around personages, and ideologies butter delusions.

But by being brazen about things that others do in the shade, she shines a mirror on their hypocrisy Pink may not go with stout heels, but she combines the two anyway She dresses like a woman but stamps on men like a man.

It is her ‘between’ status that is so confusing, even dangerous, to some. She is a behenji but without a husband, and not missing one either. She is a small town natural, but with big city dreams. She has enough English for a comeback, when you least expect it. Though most see Dalit in her, she fields Brahmans on her ticket. In 2007 she named the baddies one by one and won on law and order. But now, some of them such as Dhananjay Singh and D.P .Yadav are riding shotgun with her. She dodges protocol, but does not seem to care.

You see her without a manifesto, and then you see her with one.

What her supporters find attractive about her is precisely what the sitting elite hate. When Mayawati transgresses gender roles, caste stereotypes, and standards of propriety she endears herself to those who are looking for another kind of leader.

She is one of them, but smarter, better.

They live vicariously through her and she has room enough for that. She can provide more shade than a thousand flower pots.

When Mayawati trumped in 2007, the traditionally favoured class wanted to get on her good side. She had neutered the OBCs and mocked at caste-only reservations. This was the opening they were waiting for. But Mayawati looked away.

She had her own cronies, unshaven and vernacular, but who were happy with less.
She could do a Narendra Modi and become a drawing room pet. But she would rather cuddle pooches of her own.

24 thoughts on “A Cynical Sunday….

  1. Varunavi says:

    Dhiren the fonts used is very small,had difficult in reading it.
    If there is anything beyond hate it is what i feel about her.I just can’t imagine her to be PM of the great nation.Can’t imagine that she is going to sit where Nehru,Shastri,indira gandhi,rajiv gandhi… sat.
    But i am sure we the people of the great nation will not vote for,having said this most of her votes are the poor people who are forced to elect her becasue of she is dalit.

  2. i am what i am says:

    you know i’m really bad at all this. i dont understand politics at all. the politics , the cynicisms, the blame games, the tamasha everything just goes beyond me. hence i always refrain from commenting on these posts. but this post hit me somewhere. i too read this article today morning and trust me its something which is so unfathomable. anyways we do not have charismatic leaders who make us proud. if we have someone like mayawati representing us globally it really means India is on a path to digression rather than progression. that woman is nothing but a power hungry lout who wants to be there without even knowing the baggage with which this chair comes. does she actually have the vision to make India in to a sduper power which we are all working for? and the people who are supporting her in all this, what are they thinking for god’s sakwe. this is such an ugly game, no wonder people refrain from voting but then even that is not the solution. But accepting mayawati as the pm is definitely not the solution. its upto us the voters to see that she does not come to power. isnt it enough that she is ruining one stae , does it have to apply to the entire country.no wonder then that we as citizens will tend to get cynical if leaders like mayawati are thrust upon us.
    sorry for the rather long comment

  3. hitch writer says:

    VARUNNAVI : hope the fonts are better now, i changed them after your comment. I hope too that we dont see the ugly side of coalition politics coming to the fore..

  4. hitch writer says:

    GUNMEEN : I really hope we wont vote for her and have her as the Prime Minister. I think it is time when we left voting for candidates and start voting for a party. Wrong option maybe but we definitely dont need coalitions and most definitely a third front.

  5. Vinod_Sharma says:

    Yes Dhiren, they are all “bracing themselves to accepting her as PM”. She has broken all the rules of the game. The media hate her the most because unlike other politicians who court the media and actively seek it, she shuns them almost totally. That is why, they keep getting surprised and irritated after each election by her rise. I there is any proof that the media do not influence voters, look no further.

    Mayawati will become the PM sooner or later. And I think it will be good for the country.

  6. ugich konitari says:

    You know, the strength of our country is that we stick to democratic means, despite having had emergencies and wars and stuff imposed on us. We give everyone a chance through the ballot box, and if they dont measure up, or are seen to misuse , we throw them out, again by democratic means.

    So if we can have a Deve Gowda, we can have a Mayawati. He claims to be a “humble farmer”, and she shows herself to be an astute politician and lawyer. No one in politics smells of roses. Parties dont select candidates based on their dedication to the country, so that is never the criteria. And who cares about her social etiquette , her bags, her polyseter clothes, sandals or whatever?

    Think about it. Sonia Gandhi had the best of facilities from the moment she landed in India. I am not impressed by what she is today. Think of folks like Mayawati, Rabri Devi etc, who grew up very underpriviledged, and had to take a huge leap pf whatever, to learn how to move in politics, give speeches and so on. Evereyone , Sonia, Mayawati, rabri, lalu, Advani, Modi, Karat, jayalalitha, etc exploit the syetm. Why single Mayawati ?

    Give everyone a chance. As a people, we are strong enough to throw out people who we think are erring….

  7. Rakesh says:

    Tells you that a half descent writer can put his/her dumb thoughts, wrap it up in the choicest garnishings and present it to you as a 5 star dish.

    I don’t think any of us are so dumb that we don’t like Mayawati only for her appearance and her table manners. Yes, that is the first impression that we have and that is the trait we use to ridicule her in half hearted discussions.

    But when it comes to matters as serious as PM, I think the Indian public is smart enough. UP may have elected her with a majority but the majority of India doesn’t accept her as a PM and for reasons beyond her stodgy appearance and crude language.

    Not even education, coz. she is actually more qualified than she appears. She is a BA and also has a degree in education and law. She was a teacher before she became politician.

    But this time round, it’s India who is looking for a PM and not UP. A PM not only is responsible for deciding where to build a park or put a statue but also responsible for representing the face of the country to the world. And by face, I don’t mean FACE per se.

    The other question is, are her numbers enough? Can she be DEMOCRATICALLY elected as a PM? The answer is No. If she does become a PM, she’ll be riding on divisive politics.

    How do you think the rest of India (Other than UP where BSP has a big following) will take that? To be a good and ‘successful’ Leader, you not only need to be a good person but you need to have public following. She doesn’t have that in the whole of India. Let her prove herself in UP for a full term at least.

    And while we are at that, there are her criminal records as well. At least in terms of a PM, I guess, we do care.

  8. Indian Home Maker says:

    Brilliant post!

    Dhiren I think they are speaking for themselves. Lalu yadav is not exactly cultured and who cares where his kids studied – except the one who is writing about it.

    Mayawati has the Dalits and Brahmin votes, and obviously both, specially Brahmins, who have resented reservations, are hoping to gain something from her coming to power but if she can take everybody else for a ride – if she is as smart as they claim she is (I don’t consider any of these good qualifications smart enough for becoming a PM)… she might do what many others have done before her, make sure the divides between castes continue, and the need for her support remains.

    Whatever happens we will now onwards see representatives of this caste and then that caste coming to power… and what might be a blessing is the communal card will be played less blatantly.

    I think these elections will be between the Congress and Mayawati (and I prefer three intelligent, educated, non-criminal people to just one person, with many criminal allegations, semiliteracy (not sure how educated she is -sounds not too educated) and a total disregard for rules.

    BJP is out.(silver lining)
    Who do you prefer?

  9. R. Ramesh says:

    Indians i am convinced are progressing on their own despite the politicians..so i dont bother 2 much abt who becomes PM..BTW thanks buddy 4 passing by

  10. Sandhya says:

    I shudder at the thought of Mayavathi becoming our PM. Huh!

    I thought you are going to the Indore zoo today and we can see more photographs of the tiger cubs! I asked my neice also to check your blog!

  11. Solilo says:

    Dhren, You are obsessed with Mayawati. Hope she doesn’t trouble you in dreams…er..nightmares. Ha..ha..ha..

    BTW the dark Blue font color on Black bg was a bit difficult to read. May be I am getting old. 😦

  12. Smitha says:

    To me Mayawati becoming PM, signifies more than the fact that she would be leading us – but the fact that in all probability – it would be an uneasy coalition – which could collapse midterm and we could be put rushed into a midterm election – which could be exceptionally disastrous, given the recession and everything.. How I wish, we had a 2 party system, with us voting for the PM candidate – instead of the party…

  13. Indyeah says:

    Dhiren great post!
    I completely agree with Rakesh…the Indian janta is not dumb but at the same time I think she can become the PM because we vote for parties…
    I dont think India as a country will vote for her as PM..but the thing is that one she puts together a coalition she might well become the PM..

    A PM with such criminal records!!??

    India should prove to be smarter than that!

  14. Badz says:

    Hey Dhiren! I don’t know who this “Mayawati” woman is BUT I get the impression she’s a nasty piece of work. A candidate with a criminal record and is standing up in an election to represent India. I’m supriced the commity allowed her to stand as candiated. Here in the UK, as far as I’m aware, it is not allowed. I hope the nation doesn’t elect her.

  15. Chirag says:

    Two words, Kanshi Ram.

    And the problem with Mayaji, is beside the obvious is the same we have with other politicians. They all are uneducated and have really narrow world views.

  16. Monika says:

    dhiren… i have something to say here but before that let me put a disclaimer : I HATE MAYAWATI… I DONT WANT HER TO BECOME A PM

    ok so when that is out of way let me ask u a question – if we dont have BJP or cong coming to power? who do u think can become the PM and anyone who becomes are they better or worse than mayawati…

    my two cents no… they are all the same… corrupt to the core, no values, dirty politics and uneducated…. so whats the big deal if its mayawati or someone else?

    the big deal is and should be that we dont let india reach a level where this is possible… mayawati or anyone else

    I think the key mantra this election should be to vote for the party who can win a majorty and sustain 5 yrs and not that i like congress but thats the only one which can do this

    and if that doesnt happen i agree with shobha and others mayawati is no worse than the others that are in competition…

  17. hitch writer says:

    VINODJI : I have to disagree, I dont think she will become PM and if she does I am sure she will not be a good PM.

    UGICH : I am not singling her out. Let her win and come to the chair ! but not by arm twisting and coalition. Deve Gowda made a mockery of eletions and democracy … do we have to repeat our mistakes ? we cannot afford a re-election !

  18. hitch writer says:

    RAKESH : We most definitely care…. we dont want a PM for whom majority didnt vote…. If majority vote for BSP so be it.. but not unless that. And I know she cannot get majority ever.

    IHM : Mayawati is a visionary… she has visioned out that religions are a passe… the elections now cannot be won on the religion agenda… she has mastermined the caste agenda !!!! hope she doesnt fool the country like the BJP once did after Babri Masjid…

  19. hitch writer says:

    RAMESH : I always say this – India progresses inspite of the politicians and not because of them. But if we get people who just will start looting the country left right and centre… I am sorry it will make things difficult for us to progress.

    SANDHYA : Wish I had gone to the zoo and not read the news paper… actually son left town so I stayed put lazy in the bed…

    SOLILO : She haunts me.. i have to jump of the building remember !

    and no your not getting old, a couple of peole told me the same… but hey.. hang on… yea they were all above 50… so whats your age ?? lol 🙂 😀

  20. hitch writer says:

    SMITHA : How I wish too !! sigh !

    INDYEAH : i hope India does prove smarter than that !! sincerely hope ! 🙂

  21. hitch writer says:

    SUSAN : good you dont… change fonts ? size or colour ?

    CHIRAG : yes chirag… Kashi ! Ram !

    MONIKA : absolutely… I think we must ditch the idea of vote for the candidate and vote for the party and get a stable single majority. Difficult but that should be the goal of our voting !

  22. Preeti says:

    I dont want to see Mayawati as PM … I soo much love Manmohan singh …and sonia gandhi … Not that congress is different from BJP morally ..n i dnt expect any drastic change after elections , but I dnt think we can handle embarrassment like Mayawati …

    plzzz people have some agenda that atleast sound good …dnt give us religion / caste / color issues again .

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