What I meant in the last post ! – explained

Thought some of the comments in the last post were to be replied, however I am not sure if they will be read so I would like to actually post about it here.

I am not singling out Mayawati at all. I am not against her looks or her clothes or her mannerisms. If she brought goonda’s to election, well every one else has. If they still manage to win congratulations to them. But they should win and come to power & not by


My point is if Mayawati was to win a lot of seats accross the country and comes to the Prime Minister’s seat, so be it. If the people vote for her and she comes to power no issues at all.

But the issue is that this dirty coalition politics bringing her to power by arm twisting. Like Deve Gowda came to power, if she wants to be PM fine, let her win !

I have no issues with her class…. but if arm twisting is going to catapult people to the leadership role of our country, sorry I cannot accept. Its like the voting happens, majority of the Indians don’t vote for Bahujan Samajwadi Party and yet she becomes PM. This will make a mockery of elections and democracy.

It will be a catastrophe if it happens again. It will mean we learnt nothing from Deve Gowda. It will dampen the spirits of people who voted, it will put an end to people telling each other we must vote.

For optimism to stay alive it is important that Mayawati becomes Prime Minister by votes of the public and not by “COALITION DAAVPECH”, atleast her party must have majority of seats.

That is why the hooplah over Mayawati becoming PM. Also you are almost sure the government will not last the entire term, so re-elections. We need stability in these times of recession.


14 thoughts on “What I meant in the last post ! – explained

  1. Chirag says:

    isn’t that the problem precisely we are being now feel guilty if we don’t choose her. Both the articles earlier portray the same fact.

    Well screw the guy from the JNU and the lady, its not about the rugged mannerism, its what we understand and we would want to have a leader who understand the world view, how long are you going to cry for caste and religions, its ridiculous now.

    Why do we have to choose a lesser evil?

  2. rahul says:

    the bottom line is the urban India will never accept someone who is always harbouring sympathy coz of her dalit status..it’s time she let work do the talking

    really nice blog!!

  3. Renu says:

    it is important that Mayawati becomes Prime Minister by votes of the public and not by “COALITION DAAVPECH”, atleast her party must have majority of seat—-I agree and why mayawati, for that anyone whosoever becomes the PM should be from the party who got max. no. of seats.

  4. Indyeah says:

    I am so with Chirag on this one..

    Dhiren you have put it across nicely..

    ”For optimism to stay alive it is important that Mayawati becomes Prime Minister by votes of the public and not by “COALITION DAAVPECH”, atleast her party must have majority of seats.”

    And we should not be feeling guilty over what people are telling us we are feeling !what the?WE know what we feel and why we feel that way!

    The intelligentsia may have their views (on how e supposedly think)but we have our own veiws and that means we do not want a PM who despite being educated acts like she is illiterate…not to mention the criminal charges and the way her party goons get people murdered.

    And if I am told that I am not supporting her because she is a dalit or whatever then I dont give a damn!I dont want to see her as the PM ever.

  5. Smitha says:

    Totally agree! It is really sad that we are so much into coalition politics that any two bit party can hold a govt to ransom. The only way we can have a stable government which can deliver , is when we do not have coalition partners pushing their ideas, or hijacking anything and everything….

  6. Sandhya says:

    This is a beautiful blog, Dhiren!

    All the alliances should be done before the election takes place. They should stick to that for the next 5 years. The PM candidate should be announced before election. We, voters should know who will be our PM before voting. Just for the alliances sake, they should not say that for 2 years, a person from one party will be PM and for the next 3 years someone else from another party will be the PM. No hopping from party to party, till the next election.

    Do you really think that hereafter one party govt. will be there? At least one party should have majority no. of MPs, so that they need not wait for the approval of the alliance parties to take some decision.

    I am also dreaming….Not a single good leader is visible in any party at present.

    All the best of all of us!

  7. Badz says:

    Well Dhiren! Like I said before, I don’t know who this “Mayawati” woman is BUT I don’t like the sound of her. The impression I’m getting is that she’s a nasty piece of work. I’m still supriced candidate with a criminal record is standing up in an election to represent India. Why the commitee are allowing her to stand as candiated is beyond me. I think I’ve mentioned to you before, here in the UK, as far as I’m aware, anyone with a crimanal record is not allowed to stand up for an election.

    Anyway, I really do hope the nation doesn’t elect her as PM.

  8. Solilo says:

    Dhiren, I have a problem with the way she speaks and dresses too along with other things rest of the commenter’s stated.

    She is going to cry reservation reservation for every single caste out there. Now Left is planning on 100% reservation for Muslims. I am just waiting to watch what are are going to witness each day.

  9. hitch writer says:

    VARUNAVI : Thanks

    CHIRAG : exactly !! unfortunately we have to choose a lesser evil only. There are rarely good people in politics left 😦

    RAHUL : hope so…

    INDYEAH : I hate her too… I will have to jump of this building if she becomes PM and I dont want to !

  10. hitch writer says:

    SMITHA & SANDHYA : I hope and dream one day we will have a single party majority in our lifetime. looks a distant dream though !

    BADZ : dont know bout the UK, but George Bush had a criminal record !!! 😉

    SOLILO : I try to avoid this, try to run away from this and the more I try the more I find myself in the midst of all this. aaarghhh

  11. R. Ramesh says:

    i always say indians progress despite the politicians..we are selfmade people..however much politicians demoralise us, we move on…thats the beauty…

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