The nautanki must go on….

The IPL is going out of India, they think England is an alternate venue but weather makes it unlikely. South Africa is the other standby venue, but to get crowds there for 45 days, day after day is a cause of concern.

Why ?

Coz we dont talk to each other. Phones are too expensive in India you know, so rather call a press conference, after all these 24 hour channels want something or the other to show so instead of keeping phones or meeting each other and spending behind flights etc…

Now via the media – Abhi Abhi …..

Articulately articulate Chidambaram wants postponement.

Snooty Lalit Modi is taken aback, pauses… ( how dare any one tell him anything, he is untouchable, atleast that is what he thinks ) eventually revises schedules.

Chidambaram asks him to meet respective states. Again through the media, he wants further change.

Delhi Refuses, Bangalore too refuses. Dharamshala, Indore, Ahmedabad etc become alternate venues.

Hope emerges, I m thrilled to see Indore might be a venue. whoppa !!! yippeee !!!

but its short lived

damn you, Lalit Modi being questioned ? His IPL being questioned…

No way, he cant take that, he won’t bend… he is too uptight…

No all of these super hi-fi egoistic people cannot meet and talk and resolve the issue. The issue only needed a few adjustments.

Shashank Manohar announces we are going to England or South Africa, due to the government.

But everybody here is second to none…

Now when we talk of numbers and ratings how can we forget the irreprissible and numero uno of Indian Politics – Narendddrrraaaaaaaa MOOOOOOOODIIIIIII ( WWE style of name announcement ). We can forget but he won’t let us.

A loud mouth always thinks the non-hosting of the tournament is a national shame. Yes, yes he is the same one who is talking of national shame…….

P. Chidambaram must have laughed at that statement and must have thought heee heee haaa hoooo(the laughter that demons echo when they are sure they are going to win) …….

Look who is talking…. Remember Godhra ????

People from abroad and other states would ask me in chat window’s a few years back, I remember, “Is it safe to live in Gujarat ?”

Mr. Modi it is you who is responsible for those questions we had to answer and explain.

Narendra Modi forgets that he is the last of all people to ever point a finger at any one. He is the same guy who reached Trident on 26/11 to roast his propoganda papad first !!!!

Good thing was Hemant Karkare’s wife roasted his hand and ego both together !!!!!

Now that Jaitley’s favourite puppy Narendra Modi has been beaten black and blue by P. Chidambaram, Jaitely swings into action and jumps to the rescue of his puppy…. but he has nothing to tackle P. Chidambaram so he just lets out the heat that the minister is only a talker and does nothing. Give us some backups Mr. Jaitley, PC is so precise with what he says and backs them with statistics and facts and quotes.

Now now remember each and every politician … before you take on P. Chidambaram on, always get your facts clear or else he will take your pants down and hang you them on Eiffel Tower … He brought out a fax of the Gujarat authorities expressing inability to provide security to the IPL authorities…. a chappal in the face of Narendra Modi.

Than stating to Lalit Modi and Shashank Manohar that they have never actually tried to show any flexibility at all. He gave all their statements and their gestures to them on a platter and told them go to hell. Yes thats what he mean when he said the statement were unwarranted.

The move of the BCCI going out of India is not due to P. Chidambaram alone but because of inflexibility, arrogance and sheer ego of the super powers in India. And please lets face it BCCI is one of the most snooty and the most arrogant body without a trace of doubt !!!!

So now do we call it the Indian or the England or South African Premier League ?? huh ??

[ kindly note folks the most important thing in this IPL was amazing crowds for 45 days. Yes 45 days not one or two matches. The IPL will still earn enough revenue but will the same atmosphere be provided for 45 days is the biggest question. I do not think the IPL should have been post poned or cancelled. It should have been adjusted and fitted and it must have taken place. Elections do not mean everything else comes to a standstill. IPL is not just enjoyment, it is commerce too. If it would have got cancelled the biggest losers would have been the domestic players who get an oppurtunity to showcase their talents in front of International stars. We already have discovered Yusuf Pathan and Ravindra Jadeja in the last edition and many more will still emerge. The IPL must happen for sure. I am still hopeful it will happen in India and it can happen, things can change over night in my country so hang on !!]

P.S. – since I have nothing to do since almost ages now, its starting to get to me, it seems I am going to attack every one and debate every thing said. Kindly excuse my weirdly weird state of mind and behaviour of late.

25 thoughts on “The nautanki must go on….

  1. Masood says:

    Its a pity the IPL is moving out of India. Never expected that it would come down to this. In the end, big big big loss to India. It’s just not gonna be the same! But stranger things have happened.

  2. Varunavi says:

    I was just wondering if IPL goes to south africa will the stadiums gets filled?
    It is stupidity to go there,if other countries player leave india because of security concerns then ok,if we leave our own country because of security concerns……..
    I was not able to digest when chindambram told modi to postphone the IPL when Srilankan team was attacked,the attack took place in pakistan not in india,from where the hell he got a idea to tell IPL to postpone the games.

    Dhiren what you said is ur view point,there is no need for u to ask excuse right.

  3. Pradip Biswas says:

    I think we have time enough, adjustability to cut our belly, population enough so that advertisers asuuming a 2% response increase their earning 20%. We are second to none and we could have easily postponed our election to have IPL first make canvassing during the game.

  4. Smitha says:

    As you said -It is all a ‘nautanki’! Its a nice combination of cricket, politics and politicking 🙂 And talking about commerce – the news channels must be delighted – they are getting SO MUCH toreport on!!! Atleast somebody’s happy 🙂

  5. Nita says:

    Even though I was not a fan of cricket I enjoyed the IPL and I think the excitement of it being in India did something. It is sad that it might be going out of India. But if the matter is genuinely of security then perhaps its best.

  6. Mystery says:

    hi dhiren.
    reading ur blog from a lot of time. but never commented. by your blogs i understood that u r a die hard cricket fan. Infact i expected such a post from you on sunday(when the news of IPL shifting from India was annoounced) but saw that u posted on mayawati. finally u posted..

    needles to say. ur post is as usual nice.
    keep blogging.

  7. Sandhya says:

    Anyone who enters into public service (janta ki seva karne ke liye!!!)or sports or films or anything which attracts the media, should be prepared for the brickbats too. So be sportive and take out the frustration on them! No harm done!

    How come you have left Varun Gandhi?! I am waiting…

    We are cricket loving people and the thrill will not be there, for us and our sportmen too, without the cheerleaders – our own audience.

    As you said, anything might change, even tomorrow. Lalit is going to the UK and SA tomorrow. We will see.

    Keep writing…

  8. Indyeah says:

    Like I said on rakesh’s post It is weird abnd stupid is what it is!:(

    Why is the IPL moving out of India??:((

    I wont get to see a single one in the stadium

    PS:-you mentioned my name twice :PP
    abhi abhi 😉

  9. Ordinary Guy says:

    I am actually happy that IPL has gone out of our country dude…

    because of security issues…. and yes, may the games be played in SA now….. 🙂
    as Vinod Sir puts it…. politics over, now let the games start

  10. Badz says:

    Hey! I’d loved for the IPL to come to england. Both dad and I would go as often as we possibly could. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to go and see India aswell as Enland play live.

    So SORRY Dhiren! I want it to come to England.

  11. Solilo says:

    Dhiren, I loved the way you wrote full of cynicism. Do try a 55-er.

    I agree with you on Nautanki. That is what it is. Politics first baaki sab uske baad.

  12. Renu says:

    This IPL is managed by all arrogant high horses, looking after self and money only.
    taking it out of India is really bad, as all the business will go to other couintries, why couldnt they post pone it, after all elections are our national interest, should be important for everybody, its not only political parties who should be concerned.

  13. rahul says:

    It’s sad that IPL is out of the country but the game is more about commerece(especially for lalit modi) than about the sentiments of indians…now they have to think is how they would create the buzz, excitement for the various cities and their clashes..will pretoria be the new Punajb..we will have to wait -n-watch!!!

  14. Rakesh says:

    Dhiren, every time a six is hit, or a wicket is taken, if there is not a defeaning roar accompanying it, doesn’t really look that good on TV, does it?

    I think that’s what will happen with the IPL as well.

  15. hitch writer says:

    MASOOD : I am sure the pitches in South Africa will give good cricket. But will The crowds measure up ?? big question… !! lets hope for the best !

    VARUNAVI : Its a case of better safe than being sorry. However I dont think enough efforts from any party were made to keep it in India. For Modi it is simply commerce and nothing else.

    PRADIP : Cheer up mate… !!! IPL or no IPL Elections must happen on time. P.C. would have accomodated it some way or the other… but Lalit Modi’s wont stretch a single sinew for any one… snooty u see !

    SMITHA : Lol yea/…. the news fellows are going gaga whole day !!

    NITA : I agree, if its in the best interests of the player security fine.. !! But only after all sinews have been stretched and tested… Why shift the commerce and the entertainment out of India ??

  16. hitch writer says:

    MYSTERY : hey unless you show yourself how will i find your blog… welcome aboard… I am a die hard fan of Test Cricket and not so much of T-20, having said that this is the future and we cannot deny it… Doesnt matter if IPL would have stopped, but it going out of India didnt seem right.. !

    SANDHYA : No… I dont actually want to be writing about controversies or politics… invariably you end up writing about it… Varun ??? no but no thanks !! good riddance he…

  17. hitch writer says:

    VINODJI : let the games begin yes… but the nautanki will still go on for a few days !!!

    INDYEAH : lol i did think of you when i put that phrase… actually we even nicknamed one of our friends abhi abhi as he would always be full of rumours… so we used to call him abhi abhi… lol

    its sad that IPL is going out of India…. sad and nothing else.

    AJIT : South African pitches will provide better cricket than India.. surely but can the crowds be pulled in for all the 50 plus matches ?? do you think the same atmosphere will be created ???

    BADZ : first UK needs to get its weather sorted.. every country will want the IPL… !!! it is a wonderful tournament…

    SOLILO : yea i want to try that 55 er… let me try… i m getting sick of politics…

  18. hitch writer says:

    RENU : Organisers are always commercial, they were and they will be… IPL is commerce at its best… commerce with high entertainment…. it was an oppurtunity for domestic players to earn a living out of playing cricket and also get an oppurtunity to show case their talents…

    Why should IPL stop ? I think it is the governments responsibility to accomodate it… I can understand it had issues with its scheduling and it wanted to play safe… so it voiced its concerns… If Lalit modi would have been a lil more co-operative and pushy we could have got it done here…

    SAdly Indian Premier Leage is now South-Africa powered Indian league …


  19. hitch writer says:

    RAHUL : sadly pretoria cannot be punjab and cape town cannot be kolkatta… however the cricket will be good… lets swallow the pill and get ready to watch !

    RAKESH : Exactly buddy… for 50 plus matches to get the crowd daily for two matches… !!! England still could have done it.. South Africa ?? well… time will tell…

    however the one good thing is the pitches will be much better than in India so it will be fun to watch as the bowlers will also get some chance in South Africa… coz in India the bowlers were only being killed… now they can also hope to have a chance to hunt !!!! that is the only bright spot amongst all !

  20. Badz says:

    I’ve heard its gone to South Africa. 😦
    And you’re right, UK does need to get its weather sorted in order for the IPL to come here BUT unfortunetly it is not in our hand. And secondy, I believe, bollywood has some conspiracy against england, due to the english being racist towards the asians in Britain i.e. they will not take our people into their Premier League sports such as football. So it’s Indians/bollywood taking their revenge.

  21. Preeti says:

    good one ~!! i have been away for a while and I am enjoying reading now ..

    its a shame that IPL is moved out of India..

  22. Peendawes says:

    Great site this and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

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