Suddenly out of no where…. there is some real activity at work… the commodity markets are playing up interesting games, and lots of inquiries and the sales man has suddenly some work at hands….

I would like to inform all Blog Samaj members that I am suddenly busy after almost 6 months… Finally my boss doesnt have to give me free salary and actually will have some work done…. 🙂 or 😦 dont know ?? mixed emotions… lol

However its difficult to not come here completely and keep interacting with you all…

I will not be commenting a lot and not posting at all for a few days… but hey I promise to make up on sunday !!!!

Keep writing and keep njoying !!!

I ll try and comment, read and also conjure… some post !

and hey please do miss me a lil bit !!! 😉

7 thoughts on “hEy

  1. Masood says:

    IT investments are still on the fall and thus I’m on the free salary bandwagon. Don’t even come close to my boss! I like this free salary thingy. Don’t mind living like this for a few more months! 😉 Though missing the commission cheques…

    • dhiren says:

      Geee thats cheeky… I havent made my wordpress debut yet…. Still not totally savvy with wordpress….

      how did u catch me….

      and now that you have done it… you must help me around a bit !

  2. Solilo says:

    There was an incoming link from here to my blog 🙂

    Sure. Mail me any doubts you have, Dhiren. I will try my best to help you.

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