Venting Rupees…

DISCLAIMER : this is not a post, this is my tantrum, this is tragedy, still I feel its funny, Its a slap in the face, still I pretend I am learning from it, this is nothing but just being a cry baby.


Some times its really weird.


I am a trader.

I am supposed to trade.

I must buy at a lower price.

 and sell at a higher price.

That is my basic job.

Simple enough.

I m supposed to be good at it… I am paid to do exactly that


But, every time I buy, price goes down.

Every time I sell, price goes up.


When I sell dollars, rupee becomes weaker.

When I convert dollars, rupee becomes stronger.


At times I wonder, am I so Important ?

Is it me who is governing the markets, do they get influenced by my decisions ?

I tell friends, do exactly the opposite of what I do… you will surely earn !!

Even that I think is an achievement


While all this was happening at work it was ok…


Boss ka paisa hai.

Markets are uncertain.

Its very volatile.

This is weird.

No one can predict the markets.


But Than…

Smart ass, former financial advisor.

Equity investor.

trying to emulate Warren Buffet.


buys Unitech at 285


Unitech is at 85

cousin comes in tells me, get out of the stock..

its 85 lets average, lets average, lets buy more !!

you gotta be kidding me…

i have to recover 200…

Cousin adamant get out of the stock…

ur out of ya mind…

Unitech is at 60.

ok this must be the bottom…

lets buy a few more…

Unitech is at 40…

Its now gonna rally… lets buy more…

Unitech is at 24…



Warren Buffet Saying :

Dare where others fear, fear when others dare…


I must buy more…

I aint got no money but… to average any more ( thank god for the recession, and no bonus 🙂 )


same story with RNRL, LNT, RIL, RPL, Chennai Petro, Bharti, HDFC Bank, Yes Bank, Icici Bank, Rajesh Export, waaaaaaaaaa cant add more ….


My jug of woes is full !!!



Amazingly as the sensex turns around, crossing 10000.

The bull in me is still distant…

Now I understand the bears…

Where they come from…


Its weird….

but than life is weird…


geee this speculation…


At college I was good at this…


always speculating which girl is going to fall down or walk up 

more often than not a success…


guru was what they would call me !!


wish that guru part would come back now in life…

badly needed…


Warren Buffet – Dhiru guru – Dhiru bhai – Ambani – is there any connection anywhere ???


I can’t find one newhere…


Yea there is this money connection, they gained… I vented !!!!


51 thoughts on “Venting Rupees…

  1. chrome3d says:

    I like to read vents and that was quite hilarious although it must feel bad for you too. I hope your buying and selling starts to show some sense some day.

    Hitchwrite : Yeah rite… Its supposed to be funny… I feel bad, but I am sure I am the warren buffet in the making !!

    • Purple says:

      LOL. Change your profession! Or hire someone who can actually guide you on what to buy and sell! He he. Save some money, smart moves are needed in times of recession.

      In college you used to predict which girl would fall or walk up? Lol lol. Did you managed to trap any?

    • hitchwriter says:

      sir sir… show some sympathy… Unitech was my money !! for boss i dont buy shares…

      for him i buy cotton !

  2. Sahaja says:

    i am completely ignorant soul when it comes to this shares and trading…… :O

    but i think i understand how u r feeling! 😦 sad na! but its ok , this is Dhirubhai’s first days before becoming another giant like W.B/Ambani!

    • hitchwriter says:

      trust you to find something cool in adversity…

      Latest Fashion and me… 😛 didnt even know !!! lol…

      Now now… I can surely impress Sonam… I hear she is keen in fashion !

  3. Rakesh says:

    He he, Dhiren, Can understand exactly what you feel coz. this is the story of my life. Even had written a post on it some time back.

    Yes, we’ve been averaging more and more and then some more… but finally when cash ran out, the sensex stayed put for a long time and when its rising again, I guess, the day when I start buying, it’ll sink back and they’ll say it was a rally in the bear market…

    • hitchwriter says:

      Exactly Rakesh…

      I am sure… that will happen the moment I start buying again… for the moment i have left stocks to God’s if there are any !!

      Need some liquidity as cant sell anything from what I have.. !!

      so first have to build some liquidity !!

      its a golden opportunity to buy but… I am resisting…

      as the saying goes : Dudh ka jala, Chach bhi fuk fuk ke peeta hai !

      lol… 😛

      Hey welcome to the new place !! btw 😀

  4. Smita says:


    This is the very reason that despite loads of persuasion from so many people I have never put my hard earned money in stock market…..
    I might not be doubling my money but am happy that at least amd making it negative as well 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      Good that your bank has not gone bankrupt !!

      but its a good time to invest Smita…

      Take my advise.. 😛 yuk yuk… lol even after all the mishaps.. !!! lol

      trust my speculation skills !

  5. mayz says:

    grrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! meri dukhti rag par hath rakh diya guruji aapne…

    koi nahi…ek din sabka katega…humara bhi no aayega

    ps: whr did u get this comments template from

    • hitchwriter says:

      Mayz i know… we are together in this dul dul….

      hope our number will come soon… koi to hume bahar nikalo !!!!

      hey this comments threading is most wonderful in wordpress….

      dude time to shift !!!! from blogger !

  6. Usha says:

    All in a day’s work! ? 🙂 😦 :-o!

    Now that is something you had to get off the quill I guess.

    Hope you’re feeling better by now 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      feeeling super Ushus !!! absolutely !!!

      I am Buffet or Ambani in the making…

      lol !! for sure 😀 😀

  7. kanagu says:

    Dont know dhiren what to say.. I am not following market… I have opened an account but didnt went into trade due to laziness… I know how you are feeling as some of my friends are into it… wishing you all the best in coming days 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      Thanks buddy… I need all the luck !!

      good you were lazy… but now is the time to shrug it off and enter with a long term perspective !

  8. Varunavi says:

    Lol dhiren good in speculating abt girls in the college……
    “I tell friends, do exactly the opposite of what I do… you will surely earn !!” did really ur friends got benefited?
    Best of luck.

    • hitchwriter says:

      I was… I would like to think i still am good in that !!! 😀 😀


      Luck I need indeed !!

      Friends are all also in hte same boat… !!! they tooo are losing money… infact at the moment all are… ! 😛 friends and foes alike !

      Recession u see !

  9. Indyeah says:

    LOL! 😀 dhiren I have absolutely no clue about the share market but could understand your dukhbhari gaatha 😀

    lol@the latest mood 😀
    aww….cheer up 😀 and get a shave 😛

    • hitchwriter says:

      good that you dont have any clue about the share market !!

      lol.. in hindsight 🙂

      And if you need, you can take my advice… and do exactly opposite to it… !!

      your sure to succeed !!! lol…

      The gaatha is not so dookkhbhari… lol 😀

      no loan ?? how do i shave >>??

    • hitchwriter says:

      not so sad… its humour tooo.. !!

      it gives life a new perspective….

      every 5 th line you speakk you say… savemoney ! lol thats a welcome change ! 😀

  10. Ordinary Guy says:

    where there is a will, there is always a way dost…. 😛
    you will turn into buffet’s “baap” in future…. 🙂

    keep at it…. 🙂 and sorry for the loss… 🙂 LOL

  11. hitchwriter says:

    thats the best comment i must say Ajit !!

    Warren Buffer’s Baaaap….

    sounds really coooooooooooool

    sochna padega… lol…. 😀

  12. snow says:

    hahaha even your venting is funny LOL i know zero about markets and finance, so won’t know what to comment, but all i know is that it will turn around! people out there make tons of money during down-time, there must surely be some place where you can invest! and if you find that out, share with me 😀 hehe

  13. indianhomemaker says:

    Hey this was good :))) Fabulous.
    I am not looking at my portfolio, and the two Dmat accounts.
    If Muthalik hates pink, I hate red 🙂

  14. hitchwriter says:

    I wish Muthalik’s and raj’s and Varun’s would actually beat up all people and force them to invest in the stock market….

    I m sure i wouldnt object to their violence !!

    lol 😛

  15. Rashmi says:

    i m newbie to this share market..and investing more in nifty call/put…till now i m in profit…
    Wish u luck with all upward trend shares 🙂

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