Aaah Woman !


Woman’s liberty is alrite…. They have a right to dress up and attract attention….


But than is it fair to come to the park at 7 am in the morning, in your pristine figure looking as fresh as a flower, never does she look as if she has woken up and come…


Exactly 4 strands of hair, yes just 4 strands of hair are on her forehead… the rest neatly tied up… in a pony that bounces about…


She wears either polka dotted pink t-shirt and track pant or a white t-shirt and a pant….


She looks like Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone mixed into one !!


Than she comes in shoes that have an almost 2 inch heel !!


She does almost a cat-walk, that doesn’t qualify as a morning walk, no she doesn’t need to lose weight either, she is in purrrrrfffect shape…


is this a recipe for morning walk ?


for her it is…. she will giggle and talk with all and mingle…. walk slowly…. not really interested in the walk ….


She just glances once and gives a hint of a smile….


I am unsure, try and see where wifey is ?? Hoping she isn’t spying.

 She knows I like her !! I told her …

[  She says I have no chance with her … !! (straight away, I never said I am interested)

Imagine… why would i want to have a chance with her ?? (do all wives think like this ??)

I love you my dear wife…. ( only you, you gotta believe me )

Does every man who appreciates beauty look for a chance ??? (do they ?) 😉

Ain’t it my damn right to appreciate her beauty…. ! 😛  ]



… but before I smile… I loose her eye contact….




and than i forget how many rounds i jogged…. bah


such a nuisance… !


Really !


60 thoughts on “Aaah Woman !

  1. Smitha says:

    Naughty Naughty Dhiren! Ans just when I was wondering how this was going to end – ‘and than i forget how many rounds i jogged…. bah’ That was great!!!

  2. masood says:

    With your wife around? Some guts my friend.
    Appreciate beauty? Sure. But in what way? 😉
    You know what other married men say?
    “Married men are easy targets. Risk free and experienced”.
    And they like to think it’s true! :p

    Good luck with the jogging. Where did you say you go jog? 😉

  3. Ordinary Guy says:

    Ok… so that is why you go for your daily jogging…. 🙂 LOL…
    as the line goes: “you can look but cannot touch”…. 🙂 LOL

    we never change, do we?? 🙂

  4. Tara says:

    there is no harm Dhiru boy:), just as there is no harm if there is a tall n handsome dude with the perfect physique, joggin around and ur wifey glances across at him… would u mind? i m sure not!! hehe.. 😉

    at this end, while me sure the husband is too sharp to miss any pleasant sight 😉 i still make a point to bring such pretty things to his notice n we both enjoy smilingly.

    • hitchwriter says:

      Thank god Tara… you didnt say Uncle !!!!! 😀

      Dhiru boy is preffered any day… !!!! 😀

      I notice she does fall into a trance when she sees Aamir… !! (khan that is)

      but you girls are a lot more discreet than us honest men !! 😉

  5. Solilo says:

    What is with your obsession of Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone? men are such perverts. Look at us women….hamaara sar pati ke charanom mein hota hai. We never look here and there. Farhan who? 😀

    So you are jogging a lot these days, kya? 😆

  6. Indyeah says:

    LOL! Dhiren you are one smart cookie 😀

    You forgot the number of rounds? 😀
    And Wifey is mad about Aamir?
    then pray that Sonam and Aamir do a movie together 😀
    you and wifey both can drool 😀

    LOL 😀 look at that smitten mood 😀
    seriously dude! whats with you and Deepika and Sonam :D? Eh?

    PS:-I Have to put your blog in the updates one… 😦 still have your old one and thats whY I miss the updates 😦

    no latecoming from tmrw pucca! :d

    • hitchwriter says:

      cookie and me and smart ? 😛

      Sonam and Aamir in one movie… surely Aamir has to play her dad !!!


      I am in love with both Deepika and Sonam…. truly !! 😀

      Indyeah you can use your old blog as a blog roll !! blogspot… i just removed all my posts from blogspot and put a blog roll… so u can use either reader or our own blogspot both !!!

      good that you pointed no late coming or else i was going to scold you ! 🙂

  7. MultiMenon says:

    Cool,cool..!! 😀 That’s a nice take on stuff around..ur wife loves aamir??aamir and sonam are doing a movie together and its fast cuming up..start licking ur lips,u two.. 🙂

    am blogrollin ya..
    cheers.. 🙂


    • hitchwriter says:

      really Multimelon ?? they are ??

      wow… that would be total paisa vasool…. lol 😀

      my kid wouldnt love it though that mom and dad are not taking him to the popcorn counter though !! 🙂

      well well you made my day first up in the morning !!!! 🙂

  8. Usha Pisharody says:

    What I am wondering about is what you do when your wife perhaps admires a hunk… hehehe 🙂
    Poetic justice 🙂

    Nice one as always, Dhirubhai 🙂

    Btw, finally unveiled a blog at wp.. 🙂 Do visit, when time permits 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      She does admire a few… only i have to keep on pushing her to come out with the names… 🙂

      u women are a very discreet lot as i keep saying ! 😉

      you unveiled it !!! yay yay… welcome aboard Ushus !! coming over rite away…

      • hitchwriter says:

        well… I dont know… I would rather write something funny… lots of people are going to write about the shoe thrown !

        I dont think the shoe should be thrown… its wrong and that guy must be punished severly !

        • Rakesh says:

          Exactly my point. I had even raised this when the shoe was thrown at George Bush. I’d told a fellow blogger who was very happy that in the future, expect a lot of shoes to be thrown at politicians, leaders, heads of state etc. etc.

          • hitchwriter says:

            While it was bush i was least concerned and kinda giggling at the irony on america and bush !!

            but now that this has happened to my country’s home minister, I am not able to digest it…

            With Bush it was an Iraqi who did it… you can still understand what Bush and America has done to Iraqi’s…

            But Chidambaram is the home minister… he was not in charge when the riots happened, he doesnt control the CBI…

            how can you make him a scape goat… and its our own citizen a educated journalist who does this !!

            This is exactly what happens when people dont use brains… instead of going after the culprits… they are going after the congress party…

            like it happens in riots… a muslim guy kills a hindu man… they dont go after that man… they will go after the whole muslim community… this is a very dangerous precedent to have set in !

  9. Smita says:

    Do they not???? 😀

    Looks like you go out for sight seeing 😉

    And even if she has perfect figure she has all the rights to stay fit and wear whatever she wants to 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      I go out for jogging… she forces me to sight see… !! lol 😀

      She most definitely has a right to stay fit and wear nething that she wants smita !!! most definitely !!!

      I believe in appreciation !!! 😀


  10. Chirag Chamoli says:

    You are so busted man, your wife will definiteley pour some chillies in the food :), you are running after a merge of “Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone “, dude come on…

    ME: dude if you see her… you will start running tooo trust me 😉

  11. Badz says:

    Hahahaha! Dhiru Uncle, I agree with your wife, you’ve got no chance. 😛
    Sorry dear, the fact is your getting old. 😉
    Well to me you seem old in comparison to me. :-p

    It’s funny to hear, someone’s out there keeping you on your toes. So think you should do an extra 20 rounds. 😉

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