Head is also important !



Did you know that the first cricket helmet was used in 1930 !!!


That was almost 100 years after the abdominal guard was invented !!!


It took men a 100 years to realise that the Head is also Important !!!


– Tony Greig.




32 thoughts on “Head is also important !

  1. vinodsharma says:

    Looks like it will take them another 100 years to develop a Viagra strictly for the head!

    HW : do we need that ? lol ?

  2. shilpa says:

    Well, cricket was supposed to be a gentleman’s sport, isn’t it?
    So, you are supposed to aim the ball at the bat, not at the person.

    HW : gentlemen and cricket dont go together ! actualyl 🙂

  3. Rakesh says:

    You know, God gave men 2 very important parts in his body. But only enough blood to run one of them at a time. 🙂

    HW : can never fathom why we men so love making fun of ourselves !! 😀

  4. Solilo says:

    Well! men needs to be reminded that head is also important so I am not surprised.

    Ha..ha..ha..@Rakesh’s comment.

    HW : 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

  5. mayz says:

    i agree “head” is vy important…in cricket or even in a relationship 😛

    HW : it is very important, but is it most important ??? 😛

  6. Smitha says:

    Thank god for small mercies, that they finally realised that 🙂

    LOL at Rakesh and Solilo’s comments!!!

    HW : yea they did !! eventually !

  7. Badz says:

    Dhiren I did know of that fact. BUT I do see the point of protecting the men’s head as they are usually of shall i say ALWAYS thinking from below their waist.

    They dont ! 😉 it proves it !

  8. Nancy says:

    Oh I didnt know this….I’d have thought they wd have done it the other way around.

    LOL, thanks for enlightening me. And I’m reminded once again as to why I blog…seee I’m learning new things everyday:-D

    HW : any time nancy ! lol… hey you didnt leave your link !

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