Sniff Sniff….



On one hand a husband misses his wife when she is away, he writes a few lines to express his feelings, he puts it on his blog, a fair few of the readers go AWWWWWW…. so sweet…. your wife is so lucky…. get her to read it….


A devilish few think, its make up for the previous post…. a few think its missing her housekeeping skills…. a few think its the COOK who is being missed… and a few think its laundary that is missed, bill paying remembrances and what not !!!!


Deep down though, I know its SHE who is being missed….


So you eventually think you have to show her your softer side and get her to read it….. coz the devils must be IGNORED !!

———————————————- Meanwhile ——————————————–

You tell her, “you know what, your the star on my blog ! I even wrote a few lines for you”

She : I am making garma garam roti’s… why dont you sit and eat !

Me : Naa we will sit together…

She : Oh ! god… since you read that lady’s blog, why are you feeling guilty about eating hot chapati’s ! I love feeding you hot chapati’s… you sit… !

Me : I dont feel guilty because of any lady, she only gave me something to think ! Anyways, you gimme a few roti’s I ll eat !!!

She : There you go !

Me : Coming back to the blog, I wrote for you !

She : You want pickle ? (It seems every line i say with the word blog in it doesnt go in her ears)

Me : No.  

Soon after 13 hot hot chapati’s !! my dinner is over !!… I sit and watch as she eats along with my brother and sister in law… (son is at friends house) 


the moment she goes to pick up her third roti… I growl… “you didnt come to the park today !! to jog !! ”

She : Good for you, you and your Sonam alone… !

Me : that is the last roti…. (quickly i pick up the kaju katli box from the dining table and put it on the refrigerator)

Me : How many times do I tell you dont buy sweets for the house !

She : Its for Hriday !

Me : yea yea tell me…


—- Dinner over —-


She wants to see some comedy serial, I go towards the laptop and am thinking of connecting to the Internet to check if any comments have come…

She : Dont you dare touch the computer…. sit beside me…. Whole day in office you have no work and you only blog…. at home sit like a good husband…. No need to connect to the internet !  (the tone is crystal clear  & THREATENING ! )

Me (sheepishly smile and revert) : I was just recharging the Ipod for my morning jog….


I tamely sit and watch the serial like an obidient pet …. they just scream to make it sound funny but I really cant find it funny.


After about 30 minutes of torture… finally its over…. She gives me the remote…. and tells me you can watch what you want… !


Immedeatly Star Cricket, and voila ! Highlights of India / Australia Perth Test match…. wow !!! She just hits her head for the cardinal sin she committed…. Its time for her to be the kitten now… !! he he he…

but she won’t be the kitten…. In the house she is the lioness….


She : Hey… lets make my poster… ! I have to advertise the Ladakh Trip !

Me : Have you made a draft ?

She : No.

Me : Sorry boss, I wont make it !

She : oh come on ! help me !

Me : Your not helping yourself… why should I ??

She : Come on, I am not good at making posters !

Me : you didnt even try, atleast put the dates, schedules charges in one place and the core message in it… and leave the designing part to me… sorry but you are asking for spoon feeding and I cant do it…. Do you come and make excel sheets & presentations for me in office ???

She : Come on… lets connect the internet, you make the poster and upload it in mail… I ll get a printout from a cyber cafe tomorrow ….

Me : dont disturb… I m watching the highlights…

She : oh… come on…, be a sweetheart and make it, in return,  I’ll also read your blog !!!!

————————-Now Now————————————


This is what you get for caring ! for missing ! for appreciating !

I’ll ALSO (?????) read your blog !!!

The blogger in me died a hundred deaths on hearing that line….

I am unconsolable…. sob sob…. My ego has reached the deepest pit… !! sob sob… 😦

*sniff* *sniff*

**cough cough **

*sob sob*


64 thoughts on “Sniff Sniff….

  1. Sahaja says:

    poor u 😛 ….actually, it does happen a lot i think, my best friend renu, i blogged abt the gift she gave me and all i mail all the 3 the link of my blog, all i get back, is 1/2 line saying awesome post, other 2 did not even respond!……waa…ofcourse i was expecting more excitement than just that! I know its awesome, tell me something u feel! 😦
    to be honest with you, this is such a sweet post, and i dont know i am smiling!

    HW : I didnt know co-bloggers or co-samaj members could resist rubbing salt in the wounds…. !!! (some are going to crucify me in the next few minutes)

    yours is a genuinely sombre comment !!! but you are also peedit (hindi word for affected) lol….

    Sahaja only you can understand the pain I went through !!! really !!! 😈

  2. Solilo says:


    13 rotis? Remember you need to look shmart-vaart for your BIL’s wedding. 😀

    HW : whew… I got away very lightly there !!! I look smart !!! 😉

    2 days of detox diet …. and well…. it had to happen !!!

    but i look smart regardless ! 🙂

  3. Solilo says:

    Just checked you ‘mood meter’ on the side bar. Kuch lete kyun nahin? Jamal Ghota?

    *Solilo runnnnnnnnnnnnn*

    HW : thats it… I m changing it….

  4. MultiMenon says:

    13 rotis??good going.. :p ur wife must be a very nice woman..does she force u go gym-ming??

    HW : man ! are you blind ? is she a nice woman ?? after she says I’ll ALSO read your blog ????

    and I am the one who forces her to the gym…. I jog… with Sonam Kapoor and Deepika Padukone !!!

  5. Mystery says:

    poor dhiren!!
    It happens to me also 😦
    i write something with full enthusiasm and ask my friends to read it and i dont see the same excitement in them. We should understand the fact that just because we like blogging, we shouldn’t be expecting the same from family/friends.
    I learnt this the hard way though 😦
    cheer up you have the whole ‘blog samaaj’ to read your blogs and let out their thoughts on them.

    HW : AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Mystery….. your so so so kind !!!!

  6. Ordinary Guy says:

    🙂 dhiru bhai!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this is one…. great article…..:) 😀
    I also get the same feeling when I try to get a friend to read my blog!!!! 🙂 no one seems to be interested!!!!

    13 rotis…. 🙂 great dude…so you eat more than me… 😛 wah wah!!!

    🙂 My sympathies dude……… 🙂 best of luck!!!!

    You are one of my fav bloggers…. coz you write such (from the heart) posts…. 🙂 great going!!!!

    HW : Dude…. its quite strange… how we feel so so so excited about our blogs…. people who are not in this world… can neither understand or even comprehend what we feel…. sadly !

    boss… 13 roti’s is also a lot less then the older days…. !!! lol….

    eating and overeating is a glamourous thing to do in my part of the world !!! lol….

    and your being too kind…. !!!! doesnt suit us guys !!! lol…. but i loved it !! really ! 😉

  7. Rakesh says:

    He he, Buddy, I share the exact similar sentiments!

    She doesn’t really hear any sentence which has the word ‘Blog’ in it.

    Good for us, we can flirt as much as we wish through our blogs 🙂

    HW : uh huh… Rakesh… we are not supposed to write our secrets here… the women folk will read this… !! 😆

  8. Indyeah says:

    rofl!! I’ll ALSO read your blog??? 😆

    Dil ko thes lagi Dhiren? 😀

    LOL:D she really doesnt listen to any line that hasd the word blog does she? 😀
    More pickles in answer to a question about the blog 😆

    like OG said you are one of my fav bloggers too :)coz you write dil se 😀 and it is only here on your blog that the mad mad group has such fun…Wrodpress ki jai ho! 😀
    we all are going crazy with the comments…

    You are in an evil mood? 😀

    HW : absolutely Indyeah !!! no blogspot wala’s can understand unless they move to wordpress and its comments threading…. its sensational fun !!!! i am just waiting all the time to refresh…. !!!! 🙂

    and yea that was really Dil to thes…. some day I am going to tie her up and make her read every word i write… and make her say it aloud while she reads it…. I m planning some evil torture… and hence the moood….. he he he…. 😉

    Solilo did change my moods before… this from bad to worse…. though… I won in the end !!!! he he he 😈

    • Indyeah says:

      LOL@evil torture 😀
      You will make her read it loud? 😀
      and then you will probably do a post on it! rofl!!

      wah!Will wait for the evil mood to subside 😀

      HW : Beta…. I can always be the lion here !!! at home I have to be the timid cat… !!!! torture… ??? Zinda rehna hai ke nahi !!!! lol…. i guess that post will have to wait an eternity !

    • Mystery says:

      LOL at your plans of evil torture 🙂
      will wait for your post on that experience as well 😀

      HW : do u want me dead ?? lol… keep waiting for that post, coz that isnt happening… fantasies are one thing and real life is one thing !!

    • Solilo says:

      Dhiru BHAI, you know that women mostly let men ‘think’ that they won. So ye khayaal bhi acha hai mere dost. *evil laughter* muaaahha hahahah muahahahaha muahahha


      HW : you decide first… dost ke BHAI ? this is bugging me !! 😈 I only talk after that … hmph !

  9. Indian Homemaker says:

    Awww this is such a sweet post 🙂 I read it out to my husband 🙂
    I LOVED this post, and I understand I also do a hundred things just to be able to get some blog time ….

    The blogger in me died a hundred deaths on hearing that line…. I understand!!!
    I am missing all your new posts because I still haven;t got a Blog roll!!
    😦 ………..let em do something about this.

    HW : I so try to stay away from the laptop at home… !! I cant resist though… !!! get a blog roll and fast…. !!!!

  10. Badz says:

    Well Dhiren! I really feel sorry for you. I thought it was a little has of her to ignore you when you are talking about your blogg and then when she wants something from you, she uses your blogg as an incentive by say I’ll read your blogg. I think she should read your blogg regardless on whether you help her or now. Being in her shoes, I would. I would like to be involved or give an interest to everything my partner/bf/husband was doing. BUT I guess that’s just me.

    HW : Such an angel… But i guesss the train of school she comes from is, why dont you tell me ?? why do you have to write about me >>?? 🙂

  11. Smita says:

    ha ha ha ha….

    Her priorities are set 😉

    And see even she can not believe that u wrote good things for her in your blog 😀

    HW : your comment always gets caught in the spam of WordPress…. even it has caught you as the naughty one !!! lol…. 😆

  12. varunavi says:

    Hey why ur post are not getting updated on my dashboard??

    Dhiren 13 rotis for dinner my god?? I think u wanted a reason to jog in the morning so that u will shed the 13 rotis.

    Great post as usual:)
    Like all your post this is also a honest post and from heart,i mean it.

    The blogger in me died a hundred deaths on hearing that line…. sob sob i am also sobbing with u.:((
    When ever i tell my hubby to check my latest post,he tries to tell me 100 excuses.But he says i am happy that ur enjoying what you are doing 🙂

    HW : Varunavi add my link in your following :

    13 roti’s my god ?? lol…. my wife !!! ha ha..

  13. manju says:

    Nice post! Though if you blog all the time you are at home, I sympathize with your wife! 🙂

    HW : Manju this post was supposed to arouse sympathy for myself… And hey I never blog from home, however now I use internet at home on saturday nights and sunday mornings !!

  14. shalini says:

    Haha, you a “obedient pet”? Not a chance in hell, you’ve always got something devilish going on I bet! But, you’re soooooo funny!

    HW : strangely Angels like me are mistaken as devils and funny ! sigh !

  15. snow says:

    haha i thought someone was on a diet!!! 😛 oh and about the wifey-no-read-ur-blog thing, well i think some people love blogs TOO much, others not at all.. happens with me all the time, the people i write for hardly read it — they say they’d rather just talk to me lol but i know i know, one day they will 😆

    HW : I am never on a starving diet… But i do excercise.. and make up ! Its true the people who dont blog cant understand the reasoning… why wouldnt i tell her instead of writing for her ?? and its a fair thought tooo

  16. Winnie the poohi says:

    Man I couldnt stop smiling.. but I feel your pain truly! After all the things I do to get my sister read my post well *sigh* I even read it out for her forcefully while she is “relaxing” and eventually gos to sleep which is when I stop i.e I am reading her my poems 😛 😛

    *sigh* 13 garam garam rotis? Whoa! She is nice!! And so are you 🙂 how sweet to offer to eat with her 🙂

    Btw did you make that poster for her? 😀

    HW : she goes to sleep…. atleast i havent had to face that Ignominy !! (hope the spelling of Ignominy is rite) ha ha ha ha ha !!!

    What do you think, should I make her poster ??

  17. Tara says:

    How do you come up with such stuff.. u craft everything into a hilarious post! good one this again.
    I read it in a hurry yday, you know how difficult it is to get to blogging when those special someones-not interested in this world are giving u :u-closing-this-or-i-throw-the-laptop-out-of-window: GLAREs.

    but i have a feeling that your wife reads ur posts without you getting to know of it and feels nice n warm abt being the star on ur blog 🙂

    • hitchwriter says:

      Tell me Tara… today morning I made her read all the posts… she still hasnt read this one… na na… she doesn hide and read I know… she is weary of the computer actually… !

      She also glares all the times I am on the internet and blogging… plus this silly smile comes up when i read comments from lovely bloggers like you and that i think gets her even more irritated !!! 😆 ha ha….

      keep coming !!!

      live life funnily is now my new motto ! 😀

      • Mystery says:

        you made her read all the blog posts?
        did she read the comments section also?
        what was her reaction?

        HW : how i wish I could give you a more interesting answer… no reaction yet… yea she did read the comments tooo…. I want to so much get her to do a guest post… but she doesnt want to be pushed into this…

  18. kanagu says:

    LOL dhiren… i am just laughing… even my friends dont read my blog.. at times they will ditch me like i was attacker by blogophobia 😆

    🙂 keep laughing !

  19. Usha Pisharody says:

    Lol, Dhirubhai… 🙂 You did good, honest, to be able to demolish those 13 chappatis.. :P!

    You also spoke for all of us, when you said that the blogger in you simply died when she said that she would also read the blog..

    *sniff sniff* My sympathies.

    I promise to behave myself here, from now on ok?

    Great post, really, and I just loved the way you brought that scene so so alive! 🙂

    HW : Ushus… you have tagged the BHAI with me… and this naughty Solilo will never never leave me… now… sniff sniff.. the damage is done… sniff sniff…

  20. sandhya says:

    I would like to re-write all your lines or better I copy the whole post and paste it here in my comment box! Loved the whole conversation of yours and your wife’s! It doesn’t look ‘made-up’. You give her the remote and sit like a timid meeow and when you start watching sports channel, she glares at you…! I feel as if I have read a nice story, Dhiren!

    I can create a picture of you two – she, making garama garam rotis (THIRTEEN for you alone!) and offering you pickle while you blabber about your blog….then going for the kaaju katli ….haahaahaaa! And the last atom bomb ‘ I’ll also read your blog !’ Beautiful post, Dhiren!

    HW : Imagine… Also read !!! so painful !!

  21. sandhya says:

    You deserve Solilo’s comment… NOT Rakhi Saawant….what do you say often…rotfl….hahaha…all of us are enjoying your blogs, 100%, really…Thank you, Dhiren! Please convey our love to Mrs.Dhiren!!!!!

    HW : What Sandhya… you too… all you females teaming up ?? sob sob… with solilo !! sob sob…

    and will convey to Mrs Dhiren…. surely !

  22. Pixie says:

    LOL! 🙂
    Poor u!

    First visit here… blog hopped from IHM…
    Loved your posts and your writing… will keep visiting now!

    HW : welcome Pixie !!! keep coming !!

  23. Shas says:

    I enjoyed reading this post. I wonder what was your wife’s reaction to this post. Has she read it?

    HW : She read it but didnt react… all she says is its nice… she purposely tries to ignore my blog… why ?? dont ask me… i dont know ?

  24. shilpa says:

    u had 13 chapathis? really? i mean T.H.I.R.T.E.E.N. r u sure?

    well, the husband-wife nok-jhok, isn’t marriage the best thing to happen?

    HW : shilpa… these nkok jhoks are the spice of life and provide incentive to go on…. and yes 13…. and i could still gobble up another 13 ~~~ EASILY !

  25. churningthewordmill says:

    i am gonna echo wat a lot of people have already said…13 rotis!!!!!!!!!!!!! in one meal!!! WOW!

    lol@ all the conversations…:)

    HW : wow ??? lol…. amazingly a lot of people think overeating is a glamorous thing !! lolz…

  26. Chirag Chamoli says:

    Dada yeh kaya hai 🙂 13 roti!!!

    When I used to design logo’s the once I thought are really good were not appreciated and the once I thought were loved, so you get the point. 😀

    HW : anoooj, acha na lage woh to ek baat hai… par padhna hi nahi…. yeh to zulm hai…

  27. Winnie the Poohi says:

    Poor you instead of sympathy everyone is commenting on 13 rotis 😛

    P.S: I know of a friend who eats as much.. so its no big deal.. besides gujju rotis r quite thin 🙂

    HW : Psst – they are thin and small… but tell you waht i could have eaten another 13 no sweat… but just that i did want to leave for others too !!! lol…

  28. Rashmi says:

    Its gr8 to read your post at start of the day splly after long weekend…ur all post make me burst into laughter…
    As far as admiration about blog from spouse is concerned..every house has same story…..ghar ki murgi dal barabar 🙂

    13 Rotis…..poor wifey…how she managed to cook so much 🙂

    HW : awww…. !! u r rite…. she can read all the silly romantic novels… but not such great humour by me !

  29. churningthewordmill says:

    it is glamorous in its own peculiar way… actually it more of an acheivement that i can never match.. makes me look up at u !lol

    HW : wow… what a reason to look upto !! me… also breaking news…. I m hot !!! one more reason to look upto me !!

  30. Indrani says:

    This was so funny!
    You both make a great team.

    And the comments are equally hilarious.

    HW : thanks Indrani… The comments are the essence of bloggin now I think…. its lovely !!!

  31. smitha says:

    Dhiren!! That was ROFL !! I really do not have the time today to read -but could not resist reading your posts and was not disappointed 🙂

    Looks like I am the only one who does not call you Dhiren Bhai! Have to correct that! Dhiren Bhai from now on!
    And 13 rotis!!!! You certainly need you jog 🙂 or is that the way you ensure that you HAVE TO jog 🙂 🙂

    I think our spouses like reading our blogs – just don’t want to admit it 🙂 Husband here, seems to be reading them now 🙂
    By the way, I have come back from holiday with loads of dinosaur pics for Hriday – will do a post one of these days.

    HW : I am not talking to you… you callled me bhai ??

  32. masood says:

    LOL. Awesome post Dhiren.

    My wife does not read my blog too. Someday when you think you’ve succeeded in getting your wife to read your blog regularly, let me know in on the secret. Deal?

  33. puneet says:

    Karm Kiye ja fal ki chinta mat kar Dhiren….
    Yeh Duniya (Biwi) tumhare efforts ko ek din jaror appreciate karegi…
    This reminds me a similiar sitaution which happens to me quite often ….
    “Me telling wifey some talk or some high funda things ..and mid way she repeats it til the end …without reacting …”tum yeh pahle bata chuke ho”….

    Woh yeh kyon nahin samajhati ki “Are baba tumne pahle bhi react nahin kiya tha….”

  34. nitu says:

    Well we are in the same boat brother…..when i tell my hub i wrote something on my blog , he would say wow! thats g8. and then i would say read n tell me how it is…..he would say ohh but i kno u write well and blah blah its nothing new for me etc etc and then the remote would be in his hand and geography channel would take up his attention. hehehe!!!! at least i don’t have to take 13 rotis!!! lol.

  35. zinggy_mum says:

    I’ll also read ur blogs” wat a consolation that must have been for u!
    ” u scratch my back and i’ll scratch urs”…..hahahaha dhiren.
    first u want her to read ur blogs then u will ask her to comment and then will want an explanation for her comments….oh oh grrrrrr…..

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