A Day of National Recognition ( for me )



Today is National ‘HOLY CRAP YOU’RE HOT DAY!’

Send this to someone Handsome, but not me,
I’ve been getting this damn message all morning!!!!



Guys & Girls this is not Shahrukh Khan. This is Tom Cruise, to symbolise hot !

I didn’t put my picture as was worried it will be difficult for me to step out, if I do so !!!

The women would go nuts !


40 thoughts on “A Day of National Recognition ( for me )

    • Rakesh says:

      Bhaila, Tom cruise ava eyebrows joi ne mari jase!!! :-DDD

      But jokes apart, who made this cartoon?

      HW : Bhaila…. lol… !!! This is him when he was young like me…. its a caricature… bhaila… !!! lol…. !!! and you are missing the point…. the point is I am handsome bhaila…… thats what we are supposed to talk about… not the caricature… so now you forward to other handsomes… !! okkk…. 😎

  1. Solilo says:

    Hmm…we have to send this to a handsome dude. Definitely not you! *bhagooooooooooo*

    HW : I got this message too many times already…. from so many hot hot hot girls…. !!!!

    so no need to run …. as they say…. I aint care no more… !! *chillin* he he he….

  2. Badz says:

    Hahahahaha! How sweet! You have a caricature of yourself. I have one too. I’ll email u it. 😉

    HW : BAdz u know me personally and you think that is my caricature… wel wel wel…. you just made my day !!! that is Tom Cruise !!! dear !!!

  3. tarabhatt says:

    good one.
    n i loved reading the gujrati written above.. mumbai colleagues ki yaad aa gayi 🙂

    HW : tara… your supposed to make fun of me… not praise… !! lol…

  4. Indrani says:

    There is one for the ladies too.

    HW : actually it is for ladies only… i just copied it from Sylvia… this is an open Invitation to all to make fun of me… !

  5. shilpa says:

    Whats the idea of putting the picture up, HW, if you do not want it?
    Thanks for letting us know though. Not that I intended to send you back 😛

  6. Thoorika says:

    You have been getting this messages from morning!!?? Does your wife knows about it 😀

    HW : she is out of station… he he he

  7. churningthewordmill says:

    ok nice teeth and everything..but i cant figure out who this guy is…
    lol@solilio’s comment.
    i like the way u have changed ur mood to ‘handsome’ too good!!

    HW : that guy is Tom Cruise… and btw I am feeling even cooler than him today !!! 😎

  8. masood says:

    What I am really trying to understand is how this fits in “actuality, finally, honesty, modesty, reality” tags :p

    HW : I was modest, but this is actual, finally I have honestly accepted the truth !

    what masood…. ur a lil kid… cant ut understand this much !!!

    psst.. i was hoping some one would notice it ! lol 😉

  9. Winnie the Poohi says:

    Tom cruise goes gujju 😛 And you are still sleeping erm dreaming arent you ?

    I am above Gujju or Marathi or Kutchi or Tamil…. Tom Cruise goes Indian !!!! and I aint looking like him…. I didnt put my pic for reasons mentioned above !!! he he he

  10. kanagu says:

    /*I didn’t put my picture as was worried it will be difficult for me to step out*/

    yeah.. for sure panic will spread.. whenever a ghost steps out.. 😛

    HW : this has been noted !! iska badla liya jaayenga… waqt aane pe… !!

  11. mayz says:

    ahhhh hardly this kinda attention comes along…bask in its full glory 🙂

    HW : lol… it stilll hasnt come… but i m basking in full glory !! lol 😆

  12. snow says:

    “I didn’t put my picture as was worried it will be difficult for me to step out, if I do so !!! The women would go nuts !”

    LMAO LOL lol 😉

    HW : :serious: That line was meant to be serious not funny !

  13. Indyeah says:

    ROFL!!ye kiska caricature hai dhiren? 😀

    ROFL@holy crap you are hot day! 😆
    and YOU have been getting it? 😀

    achcha okay *before Dhiren gets all angry*
    I do think its you 😀
    Dhiren grinning away 😀

    HW : I never get angry…. who else would come up and do a post like this, an open invitation to all to make fun of me ??? huh ??

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