Moi is back !


Ladies & Gentlemen, Girls and Boys, Heroes and Heroines, Devils and Angels ….. I ‘m back…. !!

:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


How perceptions change after a break is quite extraordinary…. Things just start to look so much better and work starts looking so much more appealing… new thoughts suddenly start flowing from everywhere….  


I have come back atleast 1.5 inches fatter…. atleast 4kgs heavier and 100% fresh as a flower (a daisy at that) ! whew…. !!!


Visiting the home town is quite different, here in Indore I never have any one call me on the roads or anyone waving at me… but back in Bharuch, I got off the train at 1.45 in the night and I had 4 friends waiting to receive me. We head home and meet my anxious Mom who can never sleep when some one is coming…. especially her own son…. After a few bear hugs and taking her blessings, off we went to a restaurant on the highway and had dinner at 2.15  am !! Those are my friends and that is Bharuch and that is a life for you !!  Aha… ! Eventually after a lot of cigarettes and dinner finally I reach home at 4 am… !!!


Where ever I go, which ever street I take, I have friends, aquantainces and people who just wave at me, call me, stunned to see that I am so much still in shape… (modest, that I am, you know by now… ) The old girl friends were going booom bastic…. seeing me in my cool short t-shirts, jeans and smart goggles, plus my 4 pack abs !!!! 😎 …. that had me looking so so so so george clooney like from the face and Hritik like from the body perspective…. !!!! ahem ahem…. 😉


Ok ok … enough of my popularity in my hometown… !


The next few days were spent in Dwarka at BIL’s wedding, I know very few people at my In-laws and the way they all pestered me calling me “KUMAR”  was really embarassing, eventually even my son called me Kumar once…. it was so god damn embarassing and irritating the word…. I would keep repeating call me Dhiren… !! Even the lovely saali’s that I met for the first time would call me Kumar… so so useless this Kumar word !! bah…


Also being at the BIL’s wedding is problamatic coz the Ladkiwala’s take too much care of you, feed you too much and worst dont leave you alone so that you can wander out and smoke a cigarette in peace… ! phew… ! 😦


Back at home after the wedding was Bro’s engagement, who seems to have completely gone beserk. It seems his whole world is now revolving around a girl whom he didnt even know was existing about 2 months back… !! Well well …. Gone are those days when me and my Mom used to discuss, the girl that marries him will have her life ruined…. This guy has completely changed for the better…. thankfully…. but that invites its own bit of sarcasm from the family members….


Imagine a guy who would take his cupboard keys in the bathroom when he would bath, fearing that his brothers or Mom would take something out of his cupboard or whatever…. suddenly leaves the door open, even cleans out  a couple of shelves in order to put some stuff of the girl that is still not marrying him till November !!!!!!


How the girls  make the guys go round is there for all to see…. ( girls meaning girl friends, no.. Moms and Bhabhi’s are not in that girls category )


However everyone in the house is having fun at his expense…. or rather at the expense of the change that is suddenly visible in him…. Now the poor guy can’t do any good deed for us…. Sarcasm rules here…. 😉


With friends it was a good time, going to their offices, while they are working and pestering them, disturbing them in work, making them stay out long at night, even though they have to go at work the next morning…. (you have the luxury of waking up at 11 am he he he… 😉 )


The useless chatter and banter kept us going at nights…. leg pulling was the theme at all times and always fighting that Bharuch is a small village and Indore a Mega city… !! although I love Bharuch much more… !


Yes, did visit Baroda once just to eat…. after each eating session we would enter a shopping mall, not to buy anything but to pass time, so that we could stuff ourselves again…. amazingly we spent the whole day in Baroda, eating and then waiting to get hungry again and eating again…. !!!! It was seriously fun…. !!!! and felt so good, at all times when ever any one would ask… how come your in Baroda?? and I would proudly tell them, I have come here to eat…. and they would again ask… but no seriously how come..?? and I would say… seriously … silly… I came here to just eat…. Yes we drove 80 kms at 10 am and stayed till 9 pm in Baroda with no agenda, no work, nothing to do but just EAT ! 😀


I wont tell you all the things I ate…. some people get too jealous and the NRI Blogggers cast a Buri Nazar…. so I wont …. its better to play safe …. or else who knows… my Stomach might ache… ! 😛


There are so many blogs that I have to read, my reader shows some 590 plus items to read… whew…. I guess I did rather post this piece and get down to reading… some interesting tags are also in the offing…. suddenly things are so so so bright and exciting…. yipppeee…. !!!!! 😎


82 thoughts on “Moi is back !

  1. Rashmi says:

    Welcome back Kumar :-).this one is more interesting than dhiru bhai 🙂

    Its evident from above post that you had a gala time there 🙂

    Good you r feeling nice at work..normally after coming from vacations i dont even feel like going to office…:-)

    HW : Rashmi, done done done… !!! Kumar is any day better than dhirubhai… nething to get rid of the bhai… 😈

    he he he….

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  3. Badz says:

    Well Dhiren! Or shall I say Dhiren Kumar? 😉 I take it you had a good time. Which was mainly spent eat. And not all NIRs get jealous of your food. Some of us (ME) come to India not to eat (as you’re aware). 😛

    So you went Baroda, and didn’t treat the wife to any shopping. How mean!

    Brother being all considerate for future wife. How sweet. And you’re right, us girls do have a strange affect on men. They become puppies in our hands. 😉 😀

    Did you not enjoy BIL’s wedding. I thought you would with all those girls from the bride’s side everywhere. I’d have thought you would have had fun flirting as you had “george clooney like face and Hritik like body,” I’d have thought you would have had them eating from your palm. 😛

    HW : off late wife also reads the stuff you write… so I cant really explain about my experiences with so many Saali’s of mine here…. lol…. 😉

    • Badz says:

      Oh! So Dhiren Kumar did get up to mischief. It would have been strange if he didn’t. 😉

      HW : BAdz… keep guessing… your not getting ne stories out of me… ! 😛

  4. sandhya says:

    We, bloggers, really missed you and your posts. I must come to Baroda once, just to eat…eat…. and EAT!

    HW : hey Sandhya… moi missed u tooo !!! surely you must come to Baroda to eat…. but when you do…. dont forget to invite me… !!!

    • sandhya says:

      You may have to pay for my ticket to go back….my pocket/purse will be empty, I am 100% sure.

      I thought you wanted to be a Tom Cruise look alike….now, where did George Clooney come from? Hmmmmm….Both of them look nice, though!

      HW : No probs… Sandhya… !!! tell you wat… it would be better, I would treat you to the goodies… !! dont you worry… just come on ovr… !!!! and well Tom Cruise and George Clooney both look nice… but i look better… he he he 😉

      • sandhya says:

        Baaaaapre! The whole blogworld missed this fun, I am sure, Dhiren – Kumar! Except Solilo, no one else can match your wits!!!!!! Good, you are back!!!!

        HW : Vaat ?? Not evan Solilo can match…. 😉 bhagooooo….

      • Solilo says:

        George Clooney!!!!!!!!!!!

        I heard he is planning to jump off the cliff reading this. 😆 😆

        HW : vAAAT ??? George Clooney is also reading me…. thanks for the good news !!!! and i am sure he is jumping off… embarassed… how i can look as cool as him and be in as much shape as hritik !! yuk yuk … :mrgreen: 😀 😆

  5. Winnie the Poohi says:

    Welcome back 😀 Been missing your posts 🙂

    And I can see how much fun you had! What about your wife? no mention of hers? bhool gaye usse while having fun with friends hmm?

    Kidding really 😀 I am sure she had as much fun as you 😀

    HW : see…. IHM is so true… that I made my wife a star…. Imagine… She never writes yet your inquiring about her… !!!

    No no … didnt forget her at all…. she was with me in Baroda all the time eating… however she spent a lot of time catching up with her parents and her friends…. while i was busy with mine…. !!!!

  6. Mystery says:

    Looks like Kumar a.k.a Dhiru ‘Bhai’ 😀 had loads of fun.
    All the old girl friends were going booom bastic seeing you in your 4 pack abs. lol at this.
    BIL’s wedding + brother’s engagement+teasing your brother and above all the food expedition you had!! you really look like you enjoyed every bit of your holiday.
    Welcome back and keep bloggging

    HW : laughing at my 4 pack abs ??? soon they will be 6 packs…. just you wait… !!!!

    • Mystery says:

      just 6 packs?
      i was thinking you were trying to build 8 packs just like aamir 😀
      din’t you once say your wife was a fan of aamir khan?

      • Badz says:

        LoL! Our Dhiru bhai aka Dhiren kumar didn’t even manage a 6 pack. So an 8 pack would be out of the question for him. 😉

  7. zinggy_mum says:

    hey dhiren,
    saala tu to sach much hero ban gaya.
    yeh shorts tere dekhe, yeh t shirt tere dekhe
    aur goggles pehen ke george clooney ban gaya! everybody waving out to u…next election mein bharuch se tera hi naam nominate karenge….
    kya thath hai tumhare……glad u enjoyed ur holidays.
    welcome back…missed u!

    HW : waah… zinggy… waah… sala main to ab neta bhi banoonga !!!! ha ha ha !!!

  8. varunavi says:

    Welcome back 🙂

    Well done dhiren 4kgs in 10 days great yaar;)

    “I wont tell you all the things I ate…. some people get too jealous and the NRI Blogggers cast a Buri Nazar…. so I wont …. its better to play safe …. or else who knows… my Stomach might ache… ! ” Your stomach ache might have started by now….with so much of eating;)

    why they called u kumar???

    HW : “Kumar” well… people here cannot call the Jamai as Dhiren, so its either Dhiren Kumar or its only KUmar… coz they cant remember my name…

    you know what … I got introduced to some of the inlaws first up in the train at morning 7… when i accompanied my FIL to distribute the snack packets… Before my FIL could introduce me… my wife’s mama inquired if I had taken up the catering contract… !! 😀

  9. Rohini says:

    Looks like you had solid fun! Gosh.. how much I miss home… hope to see some zabardast posts from you…

    HW : hope they are zabardast coz even if they aren’t I m gonna zabardasti make you all read them 😈

  10. Rakesh says:

    Wow, sounds like you had a great silly time… As always the case on vacations, especially with weddings. Everything you said sounded like it was me back in Adipur…

    And don’t worry, I didn’t contribute to the 590 posts that you have to read – It’s all Solilo, IHM and Smitha who seem to be trying to outdo each other in reaching 1000 posts 😀 he he

    Actually with You and Indy gone, I did a lot more extra work in office 😀

    And wonder if the Sensex has anything to do with you feeling brighter and happier?

    HW : Man…. you are really writing some genuinely appreciative comments…. u cud do more work in the office… with us siblings away… !!! wonderful….

    And please dont bring the sensex… I m still losing money trying to be the smart alec and trade… sob sob sob 😦

  11. snow says:

    webee!!! 😀 a very fresh post as usual, loved reading it. and thank u for not listing out the food items hehe i’m starvvving right now, can’t wait to go for lunch. btw, why did they nickname you Kumar? it’s an okie name though. i’ve been planning to go to delhi this summer for a cousin’s wedding (foooood!!!) but the summer is scaring me… but after reading your post, i think i might just go! so much funnnn 8)

    HW : thank you thank you thank you…. starving… see tats why i didnt put the pics of the food or their names… !! Kumar aint a nick name its a term for the Jamai’s….. silly one though !!! but better than Bhai !!!! phew….

    Summer or no summer…. food… home… and holidays are fun !!! 😀

  12. Solilo says:

    Are you sure the people of Bharuch were waving at you with fondness and not pointing at you and laughing? Still in shape…George Clooney (he just died of embarrassment) Ha…ha…..ha…. from which angle? The latest picture I saw had close semblance to Rakesh Bedi.

    Dwarka? Ha..ha.. what a perfect place for you. Why did everyone address you as Kumar? Is that the way they address all senior citizens? 😆

    Counting the number of times you mentioned ‘food’, all of us can guess that you have become a tent. Let me cast that buri nazar. 👿

    HW : I aint reading this… People are just plain jealous !

  13. churningthewordmill says:

    welcome back sir.. its good to see u are returned rejuvinated.. wud hv been btr if u wud have come without those 4 kgs… lol

    love the banter btw u n solilio!lol

    HW : Rejuvinated sure I am…. I dont mind the 4 kgs… I ll lose them…. i m back to jogging with deepika and sonam already… 😉

    thats not banter btw …. we are exchanging punches…. lol 👿

  14. vimmuuu says:

    Ok, now this is my first comment here, so cant say I missed you. LOL. But I infact was waiting for your comeback to leave my comments here, cause you are already in my blogroll 😀

    Nice post. see ya around.

    HW : i have been seeing your around for a long time too… great taht the interaction has started… !!! your on my blog roll tooo… but there is way too much unread stuff at the moment.. !!! welcome aboard dude !

  15. Amit says:

    Meeting your family after a long time is always a great experience. God knows when I will meet mine! 😦 And the best part is the Mommy made food! 😆

    HW : yes Mom made food is the worlds best…. Mom made aamras on all days I had lunch at home… and its so much fun to sit together at lunches… in the noon and have lunch together…

    • Rakesh says:

      Maya I second, third and fourth that…

      HW : absolutely Maya and as rakesh has already reached 4th… i ll start from 5th 6th 7th !!! yes… those places and those friends and those memories are bliss !

  16. Smita says:

    That was wonderful read…:-)

    Good to have u back 🙂

    HW : thats too short a comment….. *tapping my feet* *glaring* (indyeah style) …. demanding more !!

  17. Pixie says:

    Welcome back!!! 😀

    Sounds like you had a great time!! the weddings, the food… nice.
    You’ve made me all the more home-sick now!!
    But, I don’t have to wait for vacation time to go home!! Mysore is just 3 hrs away!! 😛


    Never underestimate a woman’s power to change her man!! and besides, you guys turn out to be so much better after you get hitched!!! 😛

    HW : hitched or ditched ?? lol… i aint underestimating a woman’s power at all !!!! I m amazed by it … !! and the foolishness of the male… the moment cupid strikes… they become like langooor’s !!! 😀

  18. Indian Homemaker says:

    It’s so good to see you back even if you keep making me think of food by dropping hints and saying nothing. This is the fourth blog I have read since yesterday that is talking about food!!!!(Others are mine, Ajit’s, Mandira’s).

    You were missed you can see that 🙂

    HW : Glad to know I was missed… coz all the times I was missing you all guys… there were so many things i saw at the wedding and would always wonder what if IHM were here… she would go mad at these customs… !!! some are really bizzarre… I cannot fathom but dont think should interfere either….

    Enjoyed reading this vibrant, lively post full of leg pulling and teasing and banter …

    Being waved at by one and all, being asked how come you here, eating and eating endlessly, and extra 4″ (nobody id believing you, when you say 1 and a 1/2″)
    Welcome back 🙂

    HW : trust me trust me trust me… its only 4 kgs and 1.1/2 inches more… !! I ll be back to being like clooney and hritikbhai in a week !!!! 😉

  19. Usha Pisharody says:


    This was so so so you… 🙂 Missed reading all those lighthearted jabs, and cracks at self and us.. :D!

    Lol@ The abs, and the admiring girlfriends… 😛

    Gosh, you really had a great time, didn’t you?

    Glad to see you back, and I can see, I have much catching up to do 🙂

    HW : Ushus your back tooo !!! yay yay…. our world is an amazing place… really amazing and vibrant… I had a whale of a time… !!!!!! dont tell me bout the catching up… I dont know when will I make it up…. maybe Sundays will have to be used up….

    Wifey is going out to manali with the kid in second week of may, maybe then i ll stay up in the nights and read up all the blogs !!!!

    • Badz says:

      WoW Dhiren! Sorry Dhiru bhai. Sorry Dhiren Kumar! 😛 😛

      I take it the party is down your house on the 2nd week of may. Great! What would you like us to bring? Food I’m sure you’ll have as you have a catering company. 😛 😀

  20. masood says:

    welcome back dude. Ditto on the part when you went to baroda just to eat. i’ve done many many times. not to baroda though 🙂

    so how is the chemistry with the ol girlfriends and wifey? you still married na?

    about buri nazar, dude, beware of solilo. i suspect she’s into voodoo n all 😉 everytime i comment on her blog about something, the same thing invariably happens the following day!! 😉

    HW : dude i agree… she is a devil… now she is into vodooo tooo !!! whew… this fun is turning out to be scary !!!

    and m still happily married.. i m very discreet you see…. 😉

  21. Smitha says:

    That was fantastic!!! Your post and the comments 🙂 Glad to know that you are still happily married 🙂 You sure like you had a wonderful time!!
    And you went to Baroda just to eat!!!! You lucky, lucky man!!!! This NRI is turning green with envy 😦 And you did not even think of sending some our way 😦 Atleast by way of pics !!!

    ‘The old girl friends were going booom bastic…. seeing me in my cool short t-shirts, jeans and smart goggles, plus my 4 pack abs !!!! …. that had me looking so so so so george clooney like from the face and Hritik like from the body perspective…. !!!! ahem ahem…. ‘ Talk about modesty!!!! People should learn from you 🙂 So now you are back – breaking all those hearts ?? Buri nazar to aise hi lag gaya hoga!
    Dhirenbhai – The blogoshpere feels fun again now 🙂 I am supposed to be studying – but can’t keep away 😦

    HW : it was supposed to bi Dhiren Kumar… grrr…. 👿 now now…. why study ?? for the licence… dont u worry …. my ashirwad will have to through it and you will not flunk it… dont u worry ! Dhiren Kumar ki prarthna karo… !!!

  22. Indyeah says:

    you were missed 😀 but I was too busy gorging on food too 😀 just like you 😀 and in between was thinking of all my blogging pals 😀
    I am so glad that you have not contributed to the posts that are waiting to be read 😀

    Dhiren you are a sweetheart and now I am so glad that you and Ushus are back too or I would have missed you guys 🙂

    Dhiren I HAVE to tell you one thing…you are so damn modest!!
    Where do you get this modesty from? 😆

    HW : pssst…. meri modesty ka raaz…. he he he … nahi bataonga !! 😛

    • hitchwriter says:

      How I am going to finish the unread posts only god knowss !! Btw what all food have you been indulging ??? you went to places that cook wonderful Non veg… but what use… you ghas foos khanewali… !

      • Indyeah says:

        lol!!yeh I could see little tags like mutton awadhi and shahi korma and what not 😀
        Dhiren’s drooling 😀

        HW : gee… you should have brought some parcels… slurppppppp

  23. kanagu says:

    Welcome back Dhiren…. Great to have you back…

    and you have already started to rock with your posts and comments 😀

    HW : thanks kanagu 🙂

  24. Lakshmi says:

    You were on your vacation and mom has pampered you so well,isnt it?You post is truly beautiful andur thoughts have been penned beautifully.well done,good job dear.

  25. Lakshmi says:

    You were on your vacation and mom has pampered you so well,isnt it?You post is truly beautiful and ur thoughts have been penned beautifully.well done,good job dear.

    HW : Moms are such darlings… what to do… yea I had a whale of a time and thanks for your kind words !! 🙂

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