The inspiration for this post comes from this tag by IHM  … she twisted the tag and I am gonna twist it more…. while reading her post there were so many things she had written that I felt my Mom must have thought… surely….


I didnt write the most appreciative comments for that post, but IHM I was choked with emotions reading that post ! It simply is my most favourite post by you… While I was reading your post I just realised at so many times I have troubled my Ma so much !!


Mothers are the most, most, most, most precious BEINGS in this world…. There are no better souls then Ma’s….


Ma is the one…. who….

goes out in the April heat to find her son’s favourite variety of Mango coz he nonchalantly mentioned he misses that variety in Indore, when she can’t find it at any vendor near the house she reaches the main market when she cant find it even there eventually she reaches the whole sale market about 15 kms away from your house, finally to be dragged home by the other son…. Who just spotted her roaming in the heat without an umbrella… ( ‘ma do you really need to love me so much ? )


Ma is the one…. who….

refuses to give house keys and insists she will wake up to open the door at late nights.  She wakes up at 2 am when the son comes home and opens the door, looks at the watch and looks at the son and goes back to sleep. ( if eyes ever spoke they did then ‘ma )


Ma is the one … who…

checks the notebooks in utter disbelief that the son has not written his class work since 2 months !! She spanks him and then herself cries…. then feeds you the best pani poori you ever had in your life,  at night… counsels you that you must study, its for your own good… apologises for beating you and feels miserable… ( ‘ma I wasnt the ideal child I know but you were the best there ever could be )


Ma is the one… who…

would play the pani poori wala bhaiya and entertain us friends, she would always invite all our friends and the house would be a riot…. ( ‘ma I know you always were worried bout us, so instead of us going to other peoples house, you would always get all friends creating mayhem in our house )


Ma is the one… who…

played cricket with us too… and when we broke panes of our house… we needn’t worry… they would be changed without a fuss… even when our friends broke the panes… the smile would remain… ( ‘ ma all our friends envied us… they were just amazed at how cool my Ma is )


Ma is the one… who…

would always worry about exams, take the pain and get time tables so that she could stop the son from preparing for maths on science exam days. No matter how exasperated she would still sit and listen as the son would note the syllabus from a friend on phone a day prior to the exams….  ( ‘ma how I now wish I would be more responsible )


Ma is the one… who…

would allow the son to go play cricket from 4 to 7 even on board exam days … She accompanied the son on the maths paper in the board exams coz she knew he would flunk… while on the way she even assured, son, if you fail… it doesn’t matter… !! ( ‘ma I would never fail you ma I got 41 marks out of 100 and passed )


Ma is the one… who…

knows what your favourites are and always keeps them ready for you when you go home … she always beams at seeing you come home… she hugs you and cries everytime you leave home… she is always calling and asking if all’s well… she is the sweetest and the most lovliest… !


Ma is the one… who…

lost her identity, her own choices, her own likings, her own passions everything in trying to be a mother…


I am just simply lucky to have you as my ‘Ma… Words are never enough to describe how much you mean to me and whatever I am today is coz of you… ‘Ma I love you the most.. !


— added later –

Moms are also those who bear with the constant chanting of the song, “Mummy oh Mummy tu kab Saas Banegi” and actually worry about finding a wife for you !!!!!!!! 😉


45 thoughts on “Ma

  1. bookslifenmore says:

    Aren’t we all lucky 🙂

    And am glad that through pur writings we are at least expressing ourselves otherwise our Moms would never hear such words from us because we hardly say them do we??

    Lovely post!!!!

  2. Smita says:

    And that was me in 1st position, where is Indyeah??? Yay!!!!

    BTW don’t go n check the account from where the above comment appeared I dunno how I was logged onto my wordpress account, am still very much a blogspot follower 🙂

  3. Solilo says:

    Hitchy, For this post no jokes from moi. I am so choked up 😥

    ” Words are never enough to describe how much you mean to me and whatever I am today is coz of you.”

    You know already what my views are about your mom. Kudos to your mom! She has brought up 3 naughty but wonderful kids.

  4. mayz says:

    this is not done dude…m sittin in office wid tears in my eyes…u makin me miss my mom even more…its been a mnth since i last met her…thankgod shez comin back tdy…m gonna give her a big hug n tell her how much i missed her

    ps: sry have not visited ur blog for so many days now…i thot i had u on my list but apparently i was mistaken

  5. Indian Homemaker says:

    This is such a heartfelt, simple, mushy post from someone who is forever laughing, I am making my son read this today…

    And let me call my mom too.
    And I am going to say, 😦 ‘ma I wasnt the ideal child I know but you were the best there ever could be )
    and ask, ( ‘ma do you really need to love me so much ? )

    Thanks Hitchwriter!

  6. Pixie says:

    Dude, that was awesome!

    you had me tearing up and missing my mom…
    tearing up at work is so not a good idea!

    I miss my mom now and I will get to see her soon!!! YAY!

  7. sandhya says:

    No one would have expected this emotional post from you, Dhiren! I glimpsed some, in your ‘aam’ post and the ‘tiger’ post. I started reading your posts for the past month or two. You were always happy to tease others, yeah, in a harmless way.

    I am writing this with a blurred with tears eyes, Dhiren. Should I say, you are lucky to have a mother, who has brought up her sons so well or she is lucky to have you as her son, hmm?

    Most of the sons might feel like you, but the way you have opened up and saluted her, is great. Be happy always, Dhiren and please convey our greatest regards to your mother.

  8. zinggy_mum says:

    yes i agree with others.
    most emotional and commendable of
    u (being a man) to come out in the open
    and aprreciate ur mother!
    kudos to ur mom and kudos to u too for
    being such a loving son.

  9. Smitha says:

    I was not supposed to check my reader today but I sneaked in and had the luck of reading this!!! Wow!!! What a wonderful mom! and your tribute to her is even better!!!! Wow! Can’t say any more.. You moved me to tears… That was beautiful..

  10. Badz says:

    Aww Dhiren! That’s so sweet. The post makes you laugh and cry at the same time. I guess there no words in the world that can describe how great a mum is. And your mum is soo nice. I’m touched. :-“

  11. Mystery says:

    What a wonderful post dhiren! It was very touching. Mothers are so wonderful, they do so much for us and don’t even complain about it. Don’t know if you have finished reading your pending posts in reader but one among it was this :
    The same feelings which you have expressed, in my way. IHM’s post has indeed inspired all of us to write the feelings which we rarely express.

  12. Pal says:

    Hi Hitchhiker,
    Hopped over from Monika’s blog, and simply loved this post. Really touching! Just to add:
    ‘Ma is the person who gives you everything she has, without wanting anything in return, but for you to be happy!’

  13. Indyeah says:

    Dhiren too choked up after reading this…your mom is so wonderful …I already admired her a lot… now I do even more..
    mothers are so special…its hard to describe it…and yet you have done it so beautifully…this post is so heartfelt Dhiren…
    (((hugs))from me for your mom 🙂

  14. Rashmi says:

    u made me all misty eyed…never expected such emotional post from you

    Words are never enough to describe how much you mean to me and whatever I am today is coz of you… ‘Ma I love you the most.. !

    The best words u can say to ur mom !!

  15. Badz says:

    Dhiru Bhai! I admire you and your talent. You make everyone all jokey and happy in your Moi post and then, in your next post, you make everyone (kind of) serious and emotional by reminding them of their mothers. Hats off to you! 😀

  16. Rohini says:

    Wow! isn’t this a lovely post! i tried to fightback the tears coz i am missing mom… though i speak to her everyday and spoke only last evening and will call again now, still i miss her.. 🙂

  17. varunavi says:

    Dhiren loved the post,read it with tears.Never saw a guy who is so emotional.

    Hugs to all mom’s

    Have to rush to the airport will come back again 😦

  18. J D says:

    Ma is such a beautiful word and all these thoughts are so well expressed. I enjoyed reading it especially now, when I am on yet another nostalgic journey..

  19. vimmuuu says:

    Maa, its an universal word for mother; the first word any infant utters. Such a sweet post Dhiren, I so miss my mom now.

    These lines are simply beautiful ” Ma is the one… who…

    lost her identity, her own choices, her own likings, her own passions everything in trying to be a mother… “

  20. Usha Pisharody says:

    Dhiren, no words can quite describe the emotions I feel.

    This is so heartwarmingly simple and yet so very very moving. You spoke for a lot of us too, when yOu shared this 🙂 For this is what moms are made of . Stuff that is quite quite quite precious, and al ways renewing itself, for as long as she is… 🙂

    Thanks Dhiren 🙂 Like IHM, I am going to send this link to my sons too… 🙂 As a reminder too 🙂 Thank you so very much 🙂

  21. varunavi says:

    @Dhiren came back.
    Such a lovely words for mom 🙂 I admire ur mom a lot and a big hug to ur mom 🙂 🙂

    “Ma is the one… who…
    lost her identity, her own choices, her own likings, her own passions everything in trying to be a mother…” —– LOVED these lines dhiren,even my mom/every mom does this.

    These lines of urs said everything —– “I am just simply lucky to have you as my ‘Ma… Words are never enough to describe how much you mean to me and whatever I am today is coz of you… ‘Ma I love you the most.. “

  22. Rakesh says:

    Brilliant post Dhiren! Every word you’ve written looks like it could be me who could’ve written it and I’m sure every son would feel the same for their mothers… Awesome!

    Refusing to give keys and then making an excuse that she gets scared if she hears noises at night (though she never used to get scared);

    Playing Pani Puri Bhaiya for friends;

    Complaining to Dad about what we’d done whole day and when dad got really angry, asking him to let them go, they won’t do it next time;

    Checking my lunchbox each day when I was back from office and when it isn’t empty, checking about my health or my likes;

    We could really go on and on Man…

  23. Surbhi says:

    Ok, now this was so not fair! Here I am, at work (minus boss and a few other colleagues) and reading through our blog. The more I read, the more my eyes welled up. And when I reached the end, I had to excuse myself to go to the loo and bawl my eyes out.

    This was so so beautiful, and reading it from a guy’s POV so made me cry!

    “I got 41 marks out of 100 and passed” – LOL… You naughty boy, you!

    “if eyes ever spoke they did then” – Don’t we all know?

    “ma do you really need to love me so much ?” – This was where my peepers were threatening to leak! That was so sweet and s like a Mummy!

    Amazing post, Dhiren! Hats off! Take a bow!

  24. Tara says:

    why do some ppl love u so much… difficult to handle i tell u. having said that, i hv never seen so much love being expressed or acknowledged by men, i think thats the beauty of blogging.

    the first thoughts in my mind were ur mom should read this n then i thought maybe not – this straight from heart post would have made her cry and i wont like any mom do that.. my mom is overtly emotional n i consciously dont express sometimes…

    but moms are something else only… not the normal human beings for sure.

  25. Swaram says:

    That’s a lovely post Dhiren .. so heartfelt.
    I have tears in my eyes n am going to call my Mom ‘NOW’ 🙂

    One of ur best posts .. yes, I had loved the Daddy post too 🙂

    And plzzzzzz, can I get Pani Puri sometime 😛

  26. Shail says:

    What a beautifully done post Hitch! You are indeed a lucky. Reading it only re-enforces, what a poor specimen of a mother I am! Really! 🙂

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