Gift for Granny !


 Artist – Hriday


Well that is a pic that the grandson painted and Mom got framed and was gifted to granny on this trip back home… !!! It now adorns the wall in the drawing room… the funniest part happened when Momma went to get it framed and the shopkeeper asked which way is straight.. !!! lol… 😀



This is the lunch… Ma served for me !!!! aaah… droooool guys… !




35 thoughts on “Gift for Granny !

  1. Solilo says:

    Can I request a painting? Hriday is a GENIUS. Bravo! *clap* I am sure he got his mom’s genes. 😀

    Oh my! that plate……YUM. I have drool all over my laptop. 😛 😛

    Why is there only one roti? Did you already gulp a dozen and then clicked it?

    HW : my dad is an artist… me and my wife cant draw a straight line even with the assistance of a scale !!!! lol…

    the roti’s will come once i start eating… !!! Hot hot chappati’s… !!!!!

    ( where’s IHM ? )

    • Solilo says:

      Do post your Dad’s paintings if you have any. Your son is brilliant. (Touchwood)

      Garma garam roti! and that spread again. Yum…

      HW : na na… Dad aint a painter.. he was a commercial designer, making logo’s etc… but i guess that qualifies as an artist.. especially compared to me !

  2. Indyeah says:

    See?you did it?no more probs with the pics 🙂
    is this the medium size?

    I love Hriday’s painting:)
    LOL@the shopkeeper’s question 😀

    but seriously the painting is truly a work of art 🙂
    the lunch looks yummy 😀

    Solilo …Dhiren has removed all the rotis excpet one to help us maintain that illusion of clooney+Hrithik 😆

    HW : Dusht aatma’s…. as much as you like to think its an illusion… its a fact !!! he he he 😎

  3. Badz says:

    WoW! We do have an artist amongst us. 🙂 Hriday is VERY telented. 😀
    And Dhiren, the food looks delici. Your mum is a great cook (I should know 😉 ) which is why you’ve put on the pounds in a period of a week. 😛

    HW : telented = talented – delici = delicious ! when will you UK breds learn english !

    • Badz says:

      We know english. Just like shortening it. And as for me, my brain is working faster than my fingers. Plus when writing your comment, I was half asleep. 😛

  4. suranga says:

    Your son is so gifted…. dont pay any attention to the framing chap. In any case your mother knows and Hriday knows which side is up. ….

    And you have a knack for taking closeups of food. If I was offered this I would forget the camera….and just enjoy the meal. Followed by thanda thanda chhaas of course.

    Maybe you need to do a food blog………..

    HW : i get a feeling you are hooked with gujarati food… I have a few marathi friends and a couple of up friends.. who just wait for the thin roti’s, sweet daal and ras with idla !!!

    yes.. the chaas and papad were there too and kachumer too but they were missed !!! and i didnt eat the ras gulla’s and the gulab jamuns.. !! they were for the grandson !

  5. Smita says:

    Drooool!!!! I love Gujarat Khana. Period!!!!

    And that painting is super cool, seriously!!!!

    Let the shopkeeper rot, he does not understand moder art 😉

    HW : rite rite 😉

  6. Indian Homemaker says:

    The shopkeeper asked which side is up, I thought who’s the artist 🙂 it looks very good, your son is an artist!
    And this is such a loving gift for his grand mother 🙂
    That thali is my kind of food, this is torture Hitchwriter, posting such pictures 😦

    HW : hey i didnt eat the gulabjamuns or rasgullas … does it work as a consolation ?? i ate over 10 roti’s though !!

    • Indian Homemaker says:

      I was jealous enough to take a picture of my lunch that day HW 🙂 I will post it …and I don’t like gulab jamuns and rasullas 🙂 But now that it is early morning and I am avoiding looking at the picture, I can say without evil envy that I hope you really enjoyed that err that mouth watering meal 🙂

  7. Surbhi says:

    Hriday (which is such a beautiful name) is an amazing artist. Really, Dhiren, how old is he? I am just so pathetic at art. My highest grade was B+ in school, and that too for something a friend had drawn (in return for Nirula’s Hot Chocolate Fudge). My best to Hriday!

    But really, Dhiren, how could you do this to me, and all others with a sweet tooth? How could you have two rasgullas and two gulabjamuns without a single thought to what this image can do to me who is slogging in office, knowing there’s no Mummy-ke-haath-ka-khaana till 7 in the evening? Meanie!!! AAARGHHH…

    HW : he is about to turn 5 in June !! my drawing was pathetic… though I would get drawings made by one guy in school whom I would threaten to beat up if he wouldnt finish my books ! no wonder I always managed an A+ in drawing but I m totally skilless in drawing ! lol… 😀

    hey i didnt have the gulla’s or jamuns !! dont you worry ! 😉

  8. Usha says:

    Dhiren, the painting is a dream 🙂 Congratulations to the budding artist 🙂

    After Solilo, I’d like to request for one, when he gets professional 🙂 🙂

    And the thaali, yummmmmmm…. *drooling* 😛
    Gujrathi food is what I love the most, among Indian cuisines, and this looks absolutely divine! You are getting to be an expert on third degree :P!

    HW : ok… the applications are lining up… if i tell him… he wil go rioting colours… we have to be careful in indore with the water colours.. he paints the whole house… in bharuch its much easier to make him sit in the lawn and let him spill and paint where ever… !!! lol…

    third degree .. he he he.. 😈

  9. Monika says:

    I told u on FB that painting is awesome he is a genius and that food i agree with everyone is a torture

    HW : torture. ??? lol…. 👿

  10. masood says:

    hey, nice painting dude. i wouldn’t know the difference if this was made by a professional painter or a 3 yr old. maybe that’s the secret behind all great paintings – draw like a 3 yr old! dude, you son solved a biggest mystery of all times. we can have Picassos, Rembrandts, Monets & Van Goghs everywhere now. You son is a genius!


    Never mind the typo’s masood ! lol… my boss has some 3 paintings in the office that cost an astounding 6 lakhs… and seriously … none of them mean anything and they are total waste of money… i guess i dont understand art… they say its abstracts… i can do them too only they will not pay me so much !!!! 😦

  11. mayz says:

    well its d gesture which counts n thr is lots n lots of love in dat pic 🙂

    btw did i eva tell ya i lovvveeeeeee gujju food…i jus had lunch but aftr seein dat m hungry again 🙂

    HW : I love all kinds of food… but yes.. home made food is always special !!! 🙂

  12. Smitha says:

    Wow!!! Hriday is certainly talented!!! What happened to your usual modest self – I thought you would be claiming all the credit for Hriday’s talent 🙂 And such a sweet gesture – to give granny a handmade gift!

    As for the food!!! Drooling away!!! It looks so yummy! Is that dum aloo?? Have to show this to my husband – he is abs crazy, crazy, crazy abt Gujrati food!!! Poor us – all we can do is watch it 😦

    HW : so how did the test go ??? did u make it ??? 🙂

    Hriday is the only person from whom I am not able to claim anything… and i am modest.. always.. only you guys dont trust me.. !!! 😀

    Thats why i wasnt putting pics… you will will lagao buri nazar and my stomach will ache.. !! 😈

  13. shilpadesh says:

    Whoa there is an artist in you..lurking somewhere.
    Are you trying to make all of us living away from our moms jealous with the picture of your thali?

  14. sandhya says:

    A dog/bear with a red rose and another one, are there and in the forest, right? He is going to be a great artist. I love his name..Hriday. Nice one.

    Your thaali is complete with all the vitamins, minerals, proteins etc. Only a mother will do it! I envy you, Dhiren!

    How many times have you told now that you didn’t eat the gulab jamuns?!! Buri nazar daalnewaale koi nahin! Daro math!

    HW : It was supposed to be a mountain and river and a tree on the banks of a river… but he was given a free hand… so suddenly he wanted to put an apple.. we told him to put a sun… but apple it was !!! lol… ! 😛

    I seriously didnt eat the jamuns !!!! lol 😛

  15. Amit says:

    Did you make that painting with your toothbrush?? 😛
    Looks cool though! 🙂
    And the food! Ah! I don’t know when I will eat the food cooked by my mom! 😦

  16. Badz says:

    Dhiren! I thought to rub it in. I got to eat my mummy’s wonderful homemade gulabjamuns. And today she treated me to samosas, daal, rice, 2 sabjees, puris, salad, etc. 😛

    You made me remember my mum’s indian dishes and I got it two days in a row. 😀

  17. Tara says:

    It was really mean of you to put the second pic. i am missing my mom now 😦 when with her i almost everyday fought over the fact that she expresses all her love thru food n we will die of over eating (just like my fish did 😦 ) n now i wish i could join then for at least once a month for a meal together… i wont mind overeating also..

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