Mumbai ka thag….



One of the penchants in all the patel’s in Gujarat is to go to Amerika… no matter how good a life they have here… they want to go to amerika… they have naukar’s here.. but they want to go to Chicago and do naukari !!!


One of such friends and his uncles went for a medical check up to some Leelavati hospital for visa… now…


My friend = lets call him Sandip

His uncle = lets call him Kaka (55 year old)

My friends Mom = lets call her Aunty

and My friends friend = lets call him Rahul


So while Aunty is having her health check up done, the other three are sitting in the waiting room.  While Rahul was reading a magazine, Sandip was on his mobile smsing to his girlfriend… Kaka meanwhile found a gujarati guy in the hall and they both started chatting… the guy was a simple man probably in late 30’s and looked an ordinary citizen with nothing striking and he was looking a family man in trousers and a half sleeve shirt ! He too had come for a medical check up and he was a Patel too… he was heading for Chicago too.. He said he was from Surat… My friends were from Bharuch which is just one hour drive away…


After a while  Kaka and the the gujarati fellow decided to go out and have tea and smoke.. Sandip and Rahul didnt join…


Down at the tea stall… both of them ordered a sugar less tea as Kaka has diabetes and he carries Sugar free… the two guys kept chatting… suddenly 2 men came there and were offering a mobile for sale… It was an N80 brand new and for sale in just 5000 rs the market price then was some 18000 rs.  Eventually the guy accompanying Kaka called them and they took a look…


The man with Kaka got interested… initially they both ridiculed the guys that the phone is duplicate etc.. eventually they put their own sim cards and tested it… it was working fine… the guy got ready to buy !! He told Kaka this is a lovely phone, cant let this lovely bargain slip away… Kaka told him not to buy from the road… no warranties… but the guys had worked their magic on the guy… !!!!!


The guy had around 1500 rs  in the pocket so he told the guys to wait and he would go to an atm and bring the money… the two guys said ok… at that time the sugarless tea’s came and suddenly the guy asked Kaka.. do you have cash ? I ll pay him and then after we finish tea we shall get money from the atm….


Kaka agreed and paid 3500 to the guy… they both had tea and the phone was packed in a box and given in the hands of that guy… The moment the tea was finished… Kaka went to get a cigarette… the guy gave the phone packet in Kaka’s hands and told him that he wait and he will go and get the cash from the ATM….


Kaka went to get the cigarette… the phone tightly held in his hand secure…


Till date… 3 months have now passed… the man has not returned from withdrawing the ATM machine… after 30 mins of waiting when the packet was opened… a toy mobile worth 20 rs was found in the packet.. when you press on the mobile… it rings… “dhoom machale dhoom machale dhoom… ” and if you press another button…. “Nimbooda Nimbooda Nimbooda Nimbooda Nimbooda…” 😀


Zabardast Nimbu pakda hamare Kaka ne… !!!!! poor guy… was left speechless… and so embarassed at his foolishness… and this became the laughing stock for all friends this summer… in the night… and when Kaka would see all laughing at his folly … he would eventually get angry and run after us to beat us…. poor guy !!!

19 thoughts on “Mumbai ka thag….

  1. shalini says:

    That’s too bad….such scams are becoming so common now. This one reminded me of Bluffmaster!

    HW : Bluff master reminded me of that song… “come to me…. !!!! 😀

  2. Smitha says:

    Oh my goodness!!! What a scam!! And what a gang.. They must be doing this a lot!! They did all that Bhai-bhai thing – we are neighbours thingy and then looted him!!!!

    HW : Well it sure provided us with a lot of laughing stock… !! so we didnt complaint !

  3. Lakshmi says:

    Yeah,lot of things like this keep happening.Anyway too bad.

    HW : gee… you all taking it too seriously… these things teach us to be on our guard… !! it was fun nonetheless… !

  4. Mystery says:

    These scams have become like a day-to-day thing these days 😦
    poor kaka.. 1st thing he would have been angry with him for his foolishness and to add to it all of u laughing at his foolishness would have been like salt on an injury.
    but listening to such kind of incidents is real fun 😀 😀

    HW : since the KAka was very rich and so the amount didnt matter… but the embarassement we caused him by laughing at his folly was the most painful thing for him !

  5. Destination Infinity says:

    These guys play such tricks on senior citizens too… I know an elderly couple who lost a chain when they were being photographed for some senior citizen pension scheme newly announced trick. These things happen regularly in so called big cities, Kumarbhai….

    Destination Infinity

    HW : Kumarbhai ???????? geee… i thought people write comments to encourage people… 😦

  6. Badz says:

    LoL! It’s funny BUT I felt sorry for kaka. I guess he was just naive and gullible to trust a complete stranger.

  7. Vinod Sharma says:

    Greed gets you many a time! I liked that statement “They have a naukar here but want a naukari there”!

    HW : that one amreeka penchant of the patels irritates me most !

  8. Indyeah says:

    haw! I feel so sorry for poor uncle 😦
    feel like bashing up that scamster

    it did provide a laugh though 😀

    HW : yea the scamster was bad… but some how couldnt see beyond the funny side of it… we all just loveed teasing kaka… !

  9. Monika says:

    oops 😦 u know these kinds of thugs are common once someone had sold my dad (a simple technologically challenged man) a tape recorder which looked like an handycam for 5K the actual worth was some rs 500 sigh

    so sad

    HW : sad indeed… but a lesson learnt… and after a while… it becomes laughing stock !!! …. lol… 😉 cheers !

  10. vimmuuu says:

    LOL, that was funny. oh wait, im supposed to be sad too.Ok, now, Im sad for Kaka…….but what a silly man. ROFL 😀

    Btw, did this actually happen or is this your creation ???

    HW : real life is much stranger than movies Vimmu bhaiya !!! real life story !

  11. Amit says:

    This is the best one I have heard in some days. Still rolling with laughter! 😆
    Anyways, Ahem! Poor Kaka…he must be feeling…….. 😆 😆

  12. Indian Homemaker says:

    Kaka was being neither greedy nor foolish, poor thing, he was just trusting this guy he had started talking to, from ‘back home’…. we trust – in India the moment we meet someone from ‘back home’.
    I feel very bad for him. I know someone else who bought a similar box of mobile from some bus top in Delhi.
    Electronics anyway one should buy from authorised shops , with guarantee papers and all I think.

  13. Renu says:

    For me its neither surprising nor shocking..I have been duped twice like this and now I am very careful, once the guy had intricate knowledge of my family even, and I dont know how he found that as at that time my parents lived ina very small place not known to many.

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