Back to being hopelessly free


While the vacation gave me a lot of energy and the much needed break… just one week into office and its back to being hopelessly free….


first bad news… no salary rise… the bonus still in doubt…


no sales… no inquiries… markets going further up again… suddenly its all again starting to become dead… plus the holiday yesterday, today and tomorrow… when i say holiday i mean the whole world but me… I only get sunday off and no other holidays… so while all the people you work with are on holiday you are stuck with sitting in the office … !


Eventually I keep commenting and troubling everyone on their blogs… have brought my unread blogs list down to 350 from 600 plus… !!!! (finished the photoblogs first… ) keep emailing friends and bloggers …. make my selector teams … load pics… sms all the time… keep chatting in gmail and yahoo… and gobble all the cricket news…


My son and IPL keep me occupied at home.. thankfully, or else I ll go insane…. not that I am very far ….. 


Again the same thoughts arise about changing the job or shifting back to my home town…. as they say, an empty mind is a devils abode.. ! I know its time to ride out …


Its amazing with things, if you want to see them as right… every thing is right… but if you want to see them as wrong… everything seems so horribly wrong… I guess its only a matter of what you want to see… and that is what makes things damn confusing…


Once I make up my mind, I am full of indecision. 

– This line was specifically written for me….


In the meanwhile take a look at this head banging rocking dance on snow’s blog…


24 thoughts on “Back to being hopelessly free

  1. Indyeah says:

    aww Dhiren now I know why you have been inviting trouble 😀
    dont you worry now you can do all that you have not been able to do due to lack of time 😀
    actually is there anything that you have NOT been able to do due to lack of time? 😀
    jab khaane se fursat milti hai tab ? 😆

    but seriously I know what you mean 😦
    I have chuttis left and then summer break starts 😦
    I am too free!!!
    never thought I will cry over such a day 😦

    HW : exactly… I so hate work and love no work… but I never thought I would miss work… that i could get bored… however this is the first time I am doing a job where in I am supposed to sit in the office all the time… and that doesnt seem to be going down well now, especially since I have no work and still stay put in one place… ! 😦

  2. chrome3d says:

    I know that feeling. There is always a need for freedom when there is a lot to do. Then it comes in spades and it´s hard to adjust to it after a long hectic period. It can´t go on forever. Good luck whatever is your future.

    HW : thanks mate ! 🙂

  3. Mystery says:

    This will also pass dhiren. I can partly (if not completely) understand how it feels sitting in the office with no(/less) work. At times you get that guilty feeling that am i getting paid for doing blogging all day( i did this a couple of times :-D)?

    HW : sweetheart I have been doing this for almost 4 months now… !! and its starting to get to me now !!

    And by the way, i didn’t have a holiday yesterday 😦 while everyone was enjoying the 3 days holidays i was there sitting in the office and working 😦 the only silver lining is that i have 5 day-a-week unlike you

    HW : there you go… rubbing further salt into my wounds… tsk tsk.. sob sob 😦

  4. Rohini says:

    Koi nai.. soon there will be loads of work and then your mood will be “Main bechara Kaam Ke Bojh mein dabaa hua!”

    You won’t be allowed to rest a long time… 🙂

    HW : Kaam na aaye to koi nai… but pagar nahi badh rahi.. ! Bonus nahi aa raha… !! aise kaise chalega !

  5. masood says:

    Dhiren, dude, buddy would you like to take my job? I’ll happily do yours. Who wouldn’t want to get a free salary?!

    you know, everytime I reach a crossroad at work, where there’s nothing much to do, not much to learn and everything gets more or less monotonous – i pick up a course or a training or a specialization to enhance my professional skillset. call it ‘decorations’ for my resume.

    its help in the long run. for now, go grab a couple of chilled beers and enjoy the IPL. you’ll be ekdam alright. cheers

    HW : lol… dude Its blogging and the IPL that is keeping me going… but need more salary and bonuses… !! thats what is worry ing me lol… ! 😉

  6. Destination Infinity says:

    Same pinch! But I brought on a situation somewhat identical to what you have mentioned, by myself! As they say, we are our own biggest enemies!! 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    HW : We indeed are.. 😦

  7. snow says:

    LOL u linked it from here 😆 thankeee 8)
    “I guess its only a matter of what you want to see… and that is what makes things damn confusing…” very well put, exactly what I was thinking about when I woke up this morning, I was getting irritated at things which I’d normally never look at… it all depends on perception. True!

    HW : Perception says today is a bad day, stomach ache.. and argument with boss.. 😦

  8. Badz says:

    Aww! Bless you. Well you can come and take my exams for me if you want. I don’t mind Indyeah taking them either. 😆

    I wouldn’t mind sitting around in an office doing next to nothing. 🙂

    But on the serious side I do understand how you feel. But going home won’t solve your problem. You need to remind yourself the reasons you came to Indore in the first place. And make that your strength. I guess sitting in an office idly and having hardly anything to do will make you homesick and confused (and bored) BUT hang in there dear. Things will get better and easier.

    HW : hoping for hope !

  9. Rakesh says:

    Somehow working on a day when everyone is roaming on the streets doing nothing seems so cruel. But if there is no work in office, then why are you in office??? Is your boss a Sindhi? he he…

    Yeah, it is a time to ride out.

    HW : tabdik tabdik… riding it mate… riding it !

  10. varunavi says:

    Dhiren i understand what ur feeling,this is just a passing cloud.

    “Darkest hour is just before the dawn”.

    Enjoy ur shot vacation in ur office doing nothing,u will be busy with work in the coming months.

    btw i also started enjoying T20,didn’t missed a single match 😉

    Now u smile this 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 :):D

    HW : “Darkest hour is just before the dawn”. i need to remember that all the time… !!!

    T-20 is fun… !! goood good … keep watching ! 😀

  11. Amit says:

    No holidays?? You must be in a really bad project! 😛

    HW : bad profession buddy… trading 24×7 365 days ! it cant get any worse !

  12. Solilo says:

    Your mood meter says “Main bechara… bina kaam ke boj ka maara.. ” Ha…ha..ha..

    Aapko chahiye Gaindamal Aalas vimukti chooran

    HW : aapki koi aayurveda ki dukaan hai kya… aap hamesha yeh chooran, jamal ghota ki advise dete rehte ho… lagta hai marketing chal raha hai !

    • Solilo says:


      Aapke sardard, aalaspana, kabz ityadi ki dava hai Solilo’s Kayam chooran. Contact: Solilo apothecary.


      HW : Aalaspana ?? lol… it took me 15 minutes to figure out you meant laziness… !!! geee. our hindi !

  13. vimmuuu says:

    no sal hikes…no bonuses….buddy, you seem to be my reflection. LOL. The only thing that I have got to say is what people tell me : “Its ok, be calm, everything will be fine” ! 😀

    HW : Surely… suddenly sensex at 12000 !! hopefully things are really changing !

  14. Pixie says:

    I know …
    I am so bored… at work after a really nice lunch (for a change)…
    Sleepy.. blogs to read… work to catch up on…
    Documents to be taken care of….


    HW : zzzz… i m going home… acting with a stomach ache.. ! bye… !

  15. churningthewordmill says:

    u have waay too much time on hand? sne dme some please?
    hahhaha @”Once I make up my mind, I am full of indecision”waise whose line is this?

    hw : i DONT know who wrote this… but he wrote it for me… I m vey very poor in deciding ! 😦

  16. Pixie says:

    Really? Stomach pain?!! 😀
    how unoriginal is that excuse?!!! 😉

    Were you let off? Are you at home now????

    HW : not yet let off… but going soon… let the sensex close.. and i ll be off ! 😉

  17. Smitha says:

    Dhiren – I second Winnie – you can do my work – can’t believe that there is so much to do despite being a SAHM !!!!! Hardly have the time to even blog these days 😦 Why do I never have such luck – of having no work at work 😦

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