His & Hers…

Husband’s and wive’s share a strange relationship…

Here are a few simple 55’ers… to just throw some light on it… (all are fictional and any relation to any human being is only co-incidental )


” Why dont you appreciate how I look ? ”

” But Sweetheart I just did !! “

” Only when I asked u “

” But that doesnt change anything does it ? “

” It means your appreciation is artificial only to make me happy ”

” But sweetheart even before I would appreciate you asked ”

” Go to hell, I am not talking to you ! “


Amazingly wive’s have no patience… they ask too soon nevertheless you only appreciate and genuinely at that and still they can get angry on you… !!!! Obviously criticising is not an option !!


” Mom called today.. “

” hmm..” (doesnt bother, watching IPL)

” She won full house in the kitty.. “

” hmm.. ”

” Listen, My mom called today.. “

” hmm.. ”

” She and my dad are coming to our house next week..”

” What ? Why ? “

” No they aren’t coming… just wanted to draw your attention from my SOUTEN… Cricket !! ”

She storms off…


Pathan has just whacked 2 sixes of 2 balls… the match is turning on its head… suddenly hearing the in-laws coming turns the hubby’s head… !!!

Also blame this IPL…. how unfair it is to keep non stop matches for 45 days !!! gee… tough times at home…


” Hey ”

” hmph ”

” Hey come here ”

” hmph ”

” come on… dont be so cruel… come here ”

” hmph ”

” uffo… Sorry ”

” hmph ”

” Holding my ears.. ”

” hmph ”

” Doing situps…  please forgive me… ”

” hmph ”

” Sorry ”

” hmph ”

” Hey did u check that novel I brought today for you ?? ”

” which one ? ”

” here – “ Indian Summers -John Wright

Fling….. miss…. crash… he he he….


Some times guys stretch the lines…. but it can get deadly….  Not always do you escape…. But they dont learn things easily…

for those non cricketing types, Indian Summers is a book by former India coach.. John Wright about his experiences with Indian team in India… Btw its a really good book to read ! ( had to tell you this )



” hmph ”

” hmph ”

” Oh wow, you still made my coffee, I thought I would have to get it myself. See you love me too much, you can pretend but never hate me !! ”

” hmph ”

” geee….. ur so cruel… you put salt in the coffee !!!!! arghh…. ”


Most wive’s love their husband’s too much, way too much then they deserve… most husbands know it… and try and utilise it to their advantage unfairly… from time to time they stretch their limits and the consequence can be severe, the salt could have been nething……. just think !


Back from office with flowers in hand ..

” Here are your favourite rajnigandha’s !! ”

” Wow… ”  ( smells them and is pleased as punch )

” Whats for dinner ? ”

” Your favourite Chicken Biryani.. ”

” Wow… but HOW, your rule of no Chicken in house ?? ”

” Rules are meant to be broken, arent they ?? “

” Awww…. “

{{{{{ HUGS }}}}}


and life  goes on…

86 thoughts on “His & Hers…

  1. craftyshines says:


    are u sure this isn’t inspired from real life???? seems prettyyyyyy real!!!

    me loved all!!! 😀 but loved the Indian Summers wala most of all!

  2. Crafty Shines says:

    WAIT!!!!!!!!! Hitchwriter!!!!!
    is this irony that i lose the commenter no 1 position to u at mandy’s blog by a minute, only to be the first commenter on this post of urs, which by chance, is also my first time at ur blog!!!! 😀 😀 😀

    *notes to self: must cut down on coffee*

    i know that look….are u gonna block me???? 😛

    • hitchwriter says:

      Block you !!????? you gotta be kidding me..

      None of the above are true… and if any resemblance to any living being are purely co-incidental…. !!! 😛

      yay yay… your first !!!! 😀

        • Sakshi says:

          So this was the post that made Crafty’s legs twitch and start her disco dance? 🙂

          me too soooperu happy to come across two silly bubbly cutie pie’s like me :mrgreen:

            • hitchwriter says:

              Wow !!!! Its been a year… and I feel like I have known you all my life !!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀


              @Sakshi – And we both are glad to have found the lively you !! 😀 😀 😀 😀 yess… this is precisely the day when we first interacted !!!! A seriously lucky day to have found my soul mate !!!!! 😀 😀 😀

  3. varunavi says:

    I am with ur wife,she is my best friend,we are in the same boat……….. 😦

    How cruel u are,u want ur wife to read NOVEL “ Indian Summers -John Wright. 😦
    It is laying in my shelf since 1 1/2 year,never opened a single page 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I think by ur blog we are knowing more abt ur wife,she is so sweet 🙂

    geee….. ur so cruel… you put salt in the coffee !!!!! arghh…. ”—- So shortly u will be joining me in the mental hospital 😉

  4. masood says:


    Loved the ending…..obviously the biryani part re… 😉

    HW : only a male can write a neutral and honest comment for this post… I am proud of you my man masoood !!! 🙂

  5. Mystery says:

    are you sure that all of them are fictional? all of them sound so true and there is a very big chance that they all are memories of you-know-who…

    Liked all of them 🙂


  6. Winnie the Poohi says:

    Oww she is so sweet and she obviously loves you so much! And she is smart 😀 😀 She put salt ??? he he he *devilish grin*

    Btw reminded me of an email forward.. of a man who by mistake asks salt instead of sugar for his coffee as he is nervous about being with the girl he loves.. for the first time… but that becomes a ice breaker and he tells he has coffee with salt coz it reminds him of home.. eventually he marries that girl.. And he never tells her the truth and she always makes his coffee sweet and he drinks it ** sigh**

    You know.. @ compliments.. every woman loves being complimented .. heck every one does… next time compliment her even when she is not looking her best.. like while cooking and all.. she will be so happy 🙂

    It is inspired by reality no? 😀 😀

    HW : this is such a sweet comment… geee…. for a change your not pulling my leg !!! yea it is inspired from reality… and I think I ll take your advice… complimenting all the time… lets try it tonight and lets see what we have to blog about tomorrow !!!! he hehe 😉

  7. Rakesh says:

    yeah… Fictional yes but ‘Inspired’ from real life?

    As they say when she asks you “Do I look fat in this dress” she’s asking for a compliment, not a comment 😀

    HW : she never has to ask if she looks fat… I always am after her telling her to keep getting slimmer !!! lol 😀

  8. Rashmi says:

    poor wifey…I m damm sure these all are inspired from ur true life !!

    Good line she said to withdraw ur attention from IPL…i will apply this at my home too 🙂 🙂

    Ending is sweet….All well that ends well 🙂

    HW : they are twisted to make me seem evil… but in real life i am an angel !!! 🙂 :angel:

  9. Tara says:

    since it was so funny all the way, when i reached the biryani part, i read it as CRICKET BIRYANI 😀 muhahahahaha.. n was almost ready for some such salt coffee type thing for dinner… she is way too sweet.. no no he doesnt deserve.. i can feel her pain..

    but then when you say “Most wive’s love their husband’s too much, way too much then they deserve” i felt its the other way round in some cases. i realized that when i got back from the 10 day course. it was the first time we dint even spk while being away.. n seeing someone missing u so much is lil scary… he dint even see the match yday 🙂 can u believe that?

    HW : how mean… only if he doesnt watch the match proves he cares for you ???? really mean wife here… !!

  10. Ordinary Guy says:

    hahaha Dhiru bhai!,
    some things never change! it will not in the future asw well…. and LOL about IPL…..
    very good fiction 😉
    i have not yet watched a single IPL match here….. 😦

    HW : the disadvantages of life in amreeka… !! 😦 dont worry dude… i ll make up for you not watching.. !!

  11. vimmuuu says:

    LOL, I guess we should start a 55 fiction book on all these “His and Hers” just like Hum Tum ! What say??? 😀 The first ones my favourite !!

    HW : Good idea buddy !! husbands and wives can give more jokes than anyone… perhaps second to Calvin ! only Calvin ! 😀

  12. Pixie says:


    I can so sympathise with you!!! 😀

    My husband gets it too sometimes, though not so badly!!! 😛

    Also, did you wait till I left office to post?!! Hmmph!

    What kind of conspiracy is this? bolo bolo!! 😉
    I’m so late in commenting…!!!! 😀

    HW : No conspiracy Pixie… actually I am so damn popular… the moment I post… people jump on me… well… lets not say anything more… I am very modest you know… 😛 😛 😛

  13. Smitha says:

    Dhiren – you should get your wife to blog or atleast do a guest post – then we’d get to know the ‘truth’!!!

    HW : Well she is leaving for Manali for 10 days tomorrow… I ll get her to do it for sure once she is back !!! just you wait !

  14. Badz says:

    LoL! Dhiren. I’m pretty sure they are true stories of your personally experience. 😉 Like I said ealier, I will have to speak to wifey and find out the truth. 😛

    And dear I would trust you with making me coffee. Who knows what you add to it instead of sugar. 😈

    I love the inlaws are coming to grab his attention. It’s a classic. I’ve heard/read that before.

    But on the honest side. Your live loves her mother inlaw. I’ve read in ealier blogs that they are like best friends. 🙂 I guess that makes life easier for you. And your mum is a sweetheart. 🙂

    And I agree with Winnie on complimenting your wife often. Even when she is not looking her best. Women love compliments like you guys. So try it at home and tell us how you get on. 😉 🙂

    HW : well… atleast that gets me off the coffee makers list !! 🙂

  15. shalini says:

    Lol, very nice. Always nice to read your posts on relationships!

    HW : well life is very simple and boring so I have to try and find some things that are funny to write about..

  16. sandhya says:

    Dhiren, shall I copy paste your whole blog? Too real to be untrue! Esp. first and second and third and fourth and fifth stories! I loved them all!

    Why don’t you ask your ‘too good to be true’ wife to come and blog and interact with us, bloggers? She seems to be an interesting lady!

    You are back to your usual self, good!!!!!

    HW : its a deal… I get her here… as soon as she finishes her Manali trip… !!

  17. snow says:

    liked the ‘salt in coffee’ best! nice twist at the end 😆

    there’s one thing i learned from your blog today 8) that couples use more of ‘hmms… hmphs’ than words 😆

    HW : Dont know bout couples… but we use hmph the most !!! 🙂

  18. Indian Homemaker says:

    Memory of the taste will stay forever!
    Salt in coffee is so cool!
    The idea is indeed very clever,
    It will make hitchwiter drool

    HW : I aint drooling one bit for that salt in coffee… thankfully it was so hot… I didnt drink too much… or else… you know… namak se khoon ka pani ho jata hai… !

  19. how do we know says:

    loved that joke abt 100 sons .. and of course, the fact that men use the fact that their wives love them too much 😉 second that thot!

    HW : all females will obviously second the thought… even 3rd/4th it… I am sure.. !

  20. Thoorika says:

    Your wife never stumbles upon your blog huh ?!! 😀 😀 You sure are going to get chilli powder in your coffee if she reads this !!!

    HW : I am discreet u see… ! he he he 😉

  21. Indyeah says:

    :lol:everyone has said it Dhiren 😀
    Which ones are fiction and which ones are true? 😀
    what did you say?
    all of them are real?
    thought so 😀

    but the last one made me go awww…..too …..so cute 🙂
    and just for that you will escape some smart comebacks 😀

  22. Indian Homemaker says:

    Nice post Hitchwriter, really sweet, makes up for salty coffees. I like the idea so much I am just waiting for an argument at home now.

    HW : *Gulp* that is a really bad idea IHM …. geez….

  23. Destination Infinity says:

    Putting salt in coffee, though seems interesting and conceptual – a whole coffee chain can open up with that concept!, is quite dangerous when you post it on public forum read by EVERYONE. Did you realize – you are actually giving ideas to others!! The post was too funny 🙂 to be true (I am with you on the fiction part, for practical reasons!!)

    Destination Infinity

    HW : gee I never thought that I am giving ideas for a coffee chain… whaddya reckon… I should put a patent on this ???? 😛

  24. sraboneyghose says:

    Only men can call ‘Indian Summers’ a novel…I’m sure this 55-er is true…

    HW: its a novel and a damn nice one at that… * period *

    • Solilo says:

      Seeing Mandu’s avatar I always have this dialogue ringing in my head “Ye haath mujhe dede, Mandu”.


      HW : OMG…. Solilo sardar…. the evil is lurking in u tooo…. you shouldnt even think of attempting angel… !!! 😛

  25. Gauri says:

    nice…. so much fun packed in just 55 words! amazing…

    HW : I think that is the only sincere comment I received !! after masood that is !

  26. Serendipity says:

    hello 🙂
    was feeling a tad lazy to mail, so heres the badge for Indiahelps. (I hope your following the indiahelps blog :))

    badge starts below – copy from the part.

    <a href=”http://indiahelps.blogspot.com/ “>
    <img border=”0″ width=”200″ src=”http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_4HbPo51QNlo/SWbFLwCWqYI/AAAAAAAAABc/v07FtSX5c3Y/S220/india+Helps+Logo+080109.jpg ” height=”175″/>

    badge ends at

    thanks Hitch, much appreciated 🙂

    HW : done done done… and no probs… I m glad I am able to contribute in a tiny way !

  27. Smita says:

    An awfully sweet but yet so funny take 🙂

    Are these real ishtories or really phiksun???

    Tell Tell

    HW : u bet… finger on my lips and shaking my head… !

  28. Monika says:

    FICTION???dhiren since when u became a liar lol

    BTW no is a routine in our house too

    HW : LIAR ? ME ?? what are you talking bout ???

    no meaning hmph is a routine in ur life tooo ??

  29. Ashwathy says:

    LOL!! loved it…. so realistic and to the point!

    the ending made me go …awww…. all’s well that ends as well…. ok, atleast until the next fight begins… lol

    HW : Aswathy welcome to my blog !!! glad you like it… hopefully the fight wont start sooon !! 🙂

  30. Renu says:

    wow thoroughly enjoyable and very near to reality:)
    BTW why even in humour men are shocked to know htat their inlaws are coming and then they wnt and expect their wives to love here inlaws 🙂

    HW : Honestly hats of to females for this.. It is an under rated thing how females become parts of another guys family !! hats off to them… We guys also try but come a far second to the females in this… !! seriously ! but we are trying !! 🙂

  31. Thomas says:

    Most of what you have written happens at my home, suprising you say its fictitious. But I m sure it happens at many other homes as well.

    I haven’t stopped laughing as I write this comment. One of your best posts. You should “attempt to write” more of such hilarious stuff, it seems to be coming naturally to you.

    Thanks for sharing these.

  32. Sahaja says:

    I read this….thought i had commented yday…apparently did not…so will do it again 🙂
    3 and 4 are awesome….i liked others too …but dont seem so fictious though 😉

  33. Sakshi says:

    Now that I have danced every kind of dance with you on blogs, be it salsa, kathakali or pole one…. am 100% sure this ain’t your life hishtory… :mrgreen:

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