The house to myself


Its always fun in the first few days when you have the house to yourself… I love the sudden silence and love being with myself… Chance to sit in the hall and smoke.. !! I never smoke in the house but this is my chance… so now when Veeru today smacks Malinga for a six.. I ll light my smoke !!! he he he… and sip my coke !!!


Gotta buy eggs and stack the refrigerator.. and make new recipes daily !!


Sleep late… play Heroes Armageddon till late night get up late… on sundays… not bother to bathe or brush… whew… I m gonna be Awara Again !!!!


hostel days are back !!


am humming,


” Awara hoon… ya gardish mein aasmaan ka tara hoooon… Awara hoon…. “


69 thoughts on “The house to myself

  1. Indyeah says:

    Enjoy the hostel days! 😀
    And dont be too awaara 😉
    errr and any plans with old flames? 😀
    any girlfriends who live nearby ? 😀

    HW : tsk tsk… sulk sulk… dont have many friends in Indore… !!! and btw *angelface* I am not interested either !!!!

    • Indyeah says:

      😛 ha ha! Dont believe you 😀
      btw what can you cook?any veg dishes? 😀

      HW : I can cook a lot of things… but I am not planning to cook anything veg atleast for the first few days its gonna be eggs, eggs and more eggs !!!!

  2. Badz says:

    LoL Dhiren! Some how I don’t believe you. Not having old girlfriends over. I’d expect you to jump at the chance with the Casanova you are. 😉 I’s expect you to be singing the lyrics to Bachna ae Haseeno. 😉 😛

  3. Smitha says:

    Enjoy – I would love to have the house to myself too 🙂 Maybe you could ask your jogging friend – was it Sonam or Deepika, over for breakfast 🙂
    Please don’t smoke in the house – you’ll have that horrid smoke smell in all the furnishings!!! Oh I already feel sorry for your wife 😦

    • hitchwriter says:

      No no no… I dont want any one… !! not even Sonam or Deepika !!! I want to be alone… !! I am gonna revel… with IPL !!!

      smoke will vanish 1 day before she returns… !! dont you worry…

  4. Saritha says:

    Lol have a great fun and wait till ur wife comes and sees the mess u made in the house 😉

    not bother to bathe or brush… whew…—- yack yack…….:(

    HW : the house wont be a mess… no… I am a cleanliness liking guy… but yea i will laze a bit..

  5. Smita says:

    lol, forced bachelorhood (forced???) days hmmm???

    Enjoy! Enjoy! Bas wish that electricity doesn’t go and neighbors don’t pester u for small things 😀

    HW : gee… dont even think about a powercut… that will be the worst thing to happen.. ! I dont mind the neighbourhood bhabhi’s coming to pester me though !!! 😈

  6. vimmuuu says:

    I have been alone in my huuugggee apartment since 2007 !!! Buhahahahhahahahah !!! I know, good things would end some day ! Sigh 😦

    Enjoyyyy budddy !!! Cook safe 😉

    HW : since 2007…. geee.. thats a long time… na… I dont think I can stay that long alone.. !!! will cook safe for surely !!!

    • Mystery says:

      me?? I know how to cook but my mom is the one who tries out new non-veg dishes and i will be tasting them and analyzing which is good and which is bad (I know i put in so much effort 😀 :D) i think there are a few recipes in varunavi’s food blog..check them out and let us know the results..

  7. Rashmi says:

    Seems mr awara is enjoying a lot in absence of wifey 🙂

    But be very careful…ur wifey can smell smoke…even u try ur level best to hide it… 😆

    HW : yes.. Awara life is something I m looking forward tooo !!!! 😀

  8. sandhya says:

    Enjoy, Dhiren! Yes, it is nice to be alone for the first few days at least. Then brood….you will get bored!

    Enjoy now!

    HW : almost got bored yesterday… ! 😦 but tonite colleagues will come over and we wil have a party ! 🙂

  9. Sahaja says:

    haha its always good to have a day off for oneself….but my case is diff…i am tired of being alone 😛 🙂 see…change brings energy!

  10. Sahaja says:

    haha its always good to have a day off for oneself….but my case is diff…i am tired of being alone 😛 🙂 see…change brings energy! btw enjoyyyyyy

    i remember me and my dad, when my mom and bro went to grandmother’s house, saw 2 movies [1second show], i had my first dairy milk [man 5rs costlyyy abck then] …..bought a TV and Music system haha….not that my dad’s scared of what mom says…but he wanted to give her a huge surprise!

    HW : you and your dad saw 1st and second show at a stretch… reminds me of my school days… ! would you believe if i told you that for almost 6 months i bunked school which was 12 to 6 and we either watched 2 movies 13 to 3 & 3 to 6 or 1 movie or played cricket !!!

  11. Solilo says:

    As long as you are not snorting coke. 😆 😆

    So this means we will be tortured with your cooking experiment posts. 😐

    HW : ok ok I am drinking pepsi !!! okkk !! khush !!! grrr…

  12. Solilo says:

    In wife’s absence Hitchy’s torture posts.

    Day 1: Egg Hitchmelette recipe

    Day 2: Egg Biriyani Hitchized

    Day 3: Smoking while eating Egg

    Day 4: Coke and Egg masala

    Day 5: Feeling Egg-ish

    Day 6: Doctor advices to stop Eggs for some time.

      • hitchwriter says:

        neways… Veeru’s team won !!!!

        BTw I hope all Indian teams players take enough rest and dont get injured playing this IPL …. I want them to be fit and kicking ass in June in the world cup rather !!!! we have an amazing team this time !! one that is looking so so threatening… Imagine…

        Veeru – The basher
        Gauti – Mr Consistent
        Raina – The clean striker
        Rohit – The classy
        Yuvraj – The Bazooka weilder
        Mahi – The Chabook player
        Yousuf – AXE MAN
        Bhajji – The turbanator
        Zaheer – Zak the Knife
        Ishant – The lanky in cutter
        R P – The smiling assasin..

        Its an awesome awesome line up… and I am sure the oppositions will be be taken apart !!!

        • masood says:

          Yeah, it is a well balanced (read: kick-ass) squad. When the IPL started, many of them were not in form but everyone is into runs and wickets now.

          But 20-20 is such an unassuming game. Anything can happen. Just how we won it last time (out of the blue) we can easily loose this time.

          And Indians take some time adjusting to the conditions in England. So I am quite skeptical. But am a true Indian cricket fanatic at heart so…

          “jeetega bhai jeetega, India jeetega”


  13. Sahaja says:

    heyyyy did u get my comments at all 😦
    check in spam…waaa….i commented on most of posts i missed when i was away and none appeared yet 😦

    HWW : got them all.. and approved them all too !!! just was away from the internet … !

  14. Indian Homemaker says:

    Love this short post. I can relate to how you feel… I also feel like this the first few days 🙂 I redo the living room, clean my wardrobes, re-organise the blog-reader, watch TV till late- all of which can be done otherwise also, but somehow is done better when we are alone at home. And then after a while you start missing the chaos at home, and the lack of free time 🙂

    HW : absolutely … its great to have a couple of days off… but not any more… problem is I am alone for 10 days… Although am looking forward to the sunday and playing Heroes Armageddon on my laptop for the whole day… !!!!! 🙂

  15. Rakesh says:

    It is an awesome feelin innit? Having the whole house to yourself…

    You have the freedom to sprawl on the whole bed and the freedom to get down from either side. Then, just get up from bed and go and sleep on the sofa with the TV on.

    But the cooking part, I don’t enjoy. I rather just pick up the phone and order some good chicken kadhai or kababs with beer.

    And then friends can come over and just lie in the hall whole day, doing almost nothing (peeing because of the pressure of beer is doing something btw)…

    Not bother to bath in the mornings… I’m totally with you on this one 😀

  16. Amit says:

    Its like back to the jungles. 😛
    I remember as a kid, whenever I had the house to myself, I used to watch Baywatch! 😀

    HW : just baywatch amit ???? …. gee…. I am not gonna confess nething !!!! 😀 😛

  17. Ashwathy says:

    LOL… enjoy ur me-time while it lasts… all good things dont last forever 🙂
    and er… stay safe! hehe

    HW : Will enjoy… for sure.. though I dotn want these times to last forever… ! 🙂

  18. Monika says:


    its really fun when u have the house to urself for a couple of days and then it starts sinking in the loneliness

    till then hav as much fun as u can 🙂

    we three sisters used to do all kinds of things when mom-dad were not there, u are giving me a idea for a post here… 🙂

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