Discrimination has to stop…


There has to be a limit to the amount of discrimination we males face… It must stop… !!!!



bar sign


I cant take it any more.. !!! :mrgreen: 😀 😆



Had got this in email earlier and saw this on Sylvia’s blog today and just thought I had to put it up here !


63 thoughts on “Discrimination has to stop…

  1. Badz says:

    Hahahahahahahaha! Dhiren! I think you’ll probably already at the pub/bar right now looking for the shirtless girls. 😉
    You’d know I’d be there for the free drinks. 😉
    BUT unfortunete for you, you’ll get no service. 😛

    HW : you’d be there ?? for free drinks ?? gee… and I wont mind not getting service… as I dont drink anyways !!! 😛 I just would love to be there !! 😆

  2. Saritha says:

    U know i was expecting something else when i read the title of ur post on my reader 😦

    No comments…..

    HW : this is a free to comment post !!! come on !!

  3. sraboneyghose says:

    What can I say, men do look disgusting without their shirts – their beer bellies are rather unappealing…

    HW : ok so I take it you are not going there !! 😉

  4. Solilo says:

    What is you actual grouse here?

    –You want to go shirtless.
    –You want free drinks.
    –You want to see women going shirtless.

    Let me know your answer then I will come back with a retort. Till then Solilo signing off from Eggwriter’s blog. 😆

    HW : do i have to answer this ??

  5. Surbhi says:

    Dhiren, you dawg!

    You know, you’re right! We women need our share of eye tonic too! Especially if the subject is called Hrithik Roshan or John Abraham!

    Yikes! I drooled all over my keyboard!

  6. how do we know says:

    Obviously this place has a male owner and male staff. Take heart, soon, we will think of an all female run place, and there, you can rest assured, the signs will be reversed.. 🙂

  7. Usha Pisharody says:

    Dhirubhai???? 😛

    No answers yet? Methinks I perceive someone scratching furiously on the head, and the belly perhaps, trying to figure out how to play Solilo’s googly 😀 😀 :D!!!

    HW : I aint got no belly… and m not scratching my head either… ! I aint replying to Solilo… coz she didnt put any question marks !

  8. shilpa says:


    Btw, in Gokarna (the temple city in Konkan), entrance to the Shiva temple says “Please remove your shirt before entering the temple (men only)” 😀

    In case you do not know, legend has it that when Ravana did penance and acquired the Shiva linga, the condition was that where ever he lays the linga on the ground, the linga gets fixed there, it can never be moved. So, one evening, when Ravana was on his way to Lanka, he had to do the SandhyaVandhana and he called a small boy to hold the linga for him and not lay it ground. The boy was Lord Ganesha in disguise. The boy said he’d hold the linga to the count of three. Obviously, three was counted before Ravana could finish his prayers and the boy laid the linga on the ground and disappeared.

    This place, being on the coast, is frequented by a lot of tourists (including foreigners and hippies). And hence the message.

    Now, what do you say to that?

  9. Rashmi says:

    hey shilpa ..this is new and interesting story..never heard that this ritual exists in temple too 🙂

    Dhiren – you said you didnt answer solilo coz she didnt put “?”

    What is you actual grouse here?

    –You want to go shirtless ?
    –You want free drinks ?
    –You want to see women going shirtless ?

    And lot more ??????????????????????
    Waiting for ur answers 😆

  10. Crafty Shines says:

    not only am i late…i miss a post in between…this is poor comment performance compared to my first rank!!! 😐

    hmmm….that’s one message that’s gonna make guys ensure they have shirts, so they don’t miss meeting the girls getting free drinks in there!! 😛

    • hitchwriter says:

      Yes it is indeed a poor performance… but I have no right to complaint… suddenly I m with so much work… I just am not able to catch up with the comments and the posts that everyone is putting up… !!!!

      i guess your observation is quite intelligent.. !! lol 😛 😛

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