Mobiling while driving is a no no…


As much as I wanted to write and submit something for the LOL challenge I haven’t been able to do… nevertheless I am going to be polling for my favourites and will read them up and keep laughing after all its healthy to laugh. 😆


Finally my wifey and kid are back from Manali with their tanned noses… they braved -4 degrees celcius in Manali and also experienced a rare snow fall in May for about 30 minutes. Hriday was all thrilled and suddenly seems a lil bigger, quieter and a lot more mature… just in 8 days !! 🙂


It is really great to have them back, and I cant wait to go home again. Whilst I did pick them up and dropped them home, I still have to finish the day in office.


Hours just dont seem to pass today !


and hey by the way yours truly was caught today… ! going to office on my bike after dropping wife at home… ! talking on the mobile while driving… !


yeah yeah… its bad…. I know…. I was caught and the policeman told me to give Rs. 50 and go… but I stood my ground and refused to go without a receipt and paid Rs. 100 and took a receipt for it…


Paid 50 more but still felt proud that I didnt bribe (Smita, you’re the inspiration for this) … now now… please don’t pour advise. I promise to not talk while driving, if I have to take a call I will stop on the side and pick it up. But not while driving… !


promise.. ! to myself actually !


41 thoughts on “Mobiling while driving is a no no…

  1. Crafty Shines says:

    see, hitchy…u shudn’t……*re-reads bit about not to pour advice*

    wow! that cop must have been like “arre baba, bhalaiyi ka zamana nahi raha!” 😛 u know, this is a great concept for an ad!!!

    nie to hear ur family back from a refreshing vacation! anda bit jealous to hear of snow fall and all…*wipes sweat off, sitting in a namesake ac room*

    have fun!! 😀

    HW : I wont.. I know its wrong and I try my best not to break rules.. !

    That cop was like really irritated… he then even check all my papers and everything… ! idiot… didnt feeel a wee bit ashamed in asking for Rs. 50.

    I was jealous too hearing about the snowfall.. I still havent had snow falling on me.. !! tsk tsk 😦 but tell you what… my office is really chilled.. with our mast split ac’s… !!! 😀 😛

  2. shalini says:

    Good going…always better to get a receipt. Do post some shots of your Manali trip….so we can enjoy as well!

    HW : not my trip 😦 …. only wife… and kid… !!! hope they have clicked some nice pics… she is a very reluctant photographer… ! sigh…

  3. sraboneyghose says:

    You got away cheap! I was caught in Gurgaon once and the official rate there is Rs.1300…I had to go to the court to get my license back…Moral of the story: I don’t touch the phone when I’m driving!

    HW : But then madam you must have been driving a car.. ! however… Rs. 1300 !!!! tooo much… !! and court ke chakkar… tauba…. I’m stopping rite away.. !

    • sraboneyghose says:

      Yes, I was driving a car…Delhi/Haryana have doubled the fine to discourage people from using mobiles while driving but unfortunately, not many are discouraged…

      HW : We humans arent the most rule following folks are we… and we Indians are probably the last… sadly.. 😦 me included..

  4. Mystery says:

    You paid the fine with a receipt! that was really good. Yes. Smita is an inspiration for me too to do such things..
    no advice from my side… enjoy with hriday and wifey..

    HW : thankfully we are changing.. we must follow rules.. ! and shall enjoy !! thinking of watching 99 !

  5. Smitha says:

    Good for you!!! Great that you did not bribe!!! Way to go!

    As for advice – since you have said ‘promise’ so many times – I guess I will refrain 🙂

    So you must be waiting for the weekend to begin – with wife and son back 🙂

    Weeken ?? no only Sunday off !! but still waiting for Saturday evening !

  6. monikamanchanda says:

    good that u took the rec i was given the ticket too last week twice 😦

    speeding and jumping a signal both times i demanded a rec and once the police even laughed on that finally gave one

    HW : monika glad that you too demanded a receipt… but dearie… speeding and jumpin the signal is bad no ?? dont do that and save that money and send it to me 😀

  7. Ordinary Guy says:

    waoh!!!! it is risky dude…… 🙂 good that you paid 50 Rs extra!!!!

    IT is risky… i have once had a fracture when i fell off my bike while talking on the phone…

  8. Pixie says:

    See bhai, this is bad! 😀
    but, since you have already said you won’t do it and its a self-promise and all that…

    I have nothing to say here!
    Except, we got our places changed at work and I was the only one who wasn’t really worried abt the whole shifting places thing!

    This has nothing to do with your post, but still its a comment nevertheless!! 😛

  9. nitu says:

    i should keep this in mind….but ever noticed that the cell ph will always ring when you are either on the wheels driving…or when you are in ameting…or when you are on another call!!!! why so???? sometimes i would notget a call for a whole one hour ..and the moment it rings i wud have a second call on wait ???? could never figure out the reason .. can u ???

    HW : unfortunately both my mobiles… and my land line are always ringing… ! I am fed up with phones… and all game to have them all banned… wish they would have never invented it… !!! but then… without the phone I dont think I would have been able to marry !!! so … sigh… !

  10. Solilo says:

    Whoa! someone is trying hard to win LOL contest but failing.. muaahahahahahahahah 😈

    Jokes apart. I am proud of you my friend for standing your ground.

    SEriously just cant think or write anything… so giving up was the only option left… 😦

    • hitchwriter says:

      @ Snow : be inspired by the no bribing stuff… and dont follow the rule breaking stuff !!

      @ Thoorika : gee… so many feel proud of me… i m blushing… 😛

  11. Sandhya says:

    Good boy, Dhiren! Keep it up!

    By the way, I forgot to mention – your son’s baby photo is very very nice. Display some more photos of him. He is so cute.

  12. Indyeah says:

    Proud of you Dhiren bhai!
    the proud feeling came after I first went tsk tsk! at the fact that you were talking on your cell in the first place!
    *glares at Dhiren*

  13. preeti says:

    aha !! snow fall at manali …I have been to manali twice ..lovely place ..

    pat on back for not bribing ..:-)

  14. Smita says:

    I am so sorry for coming in so late but I am so proud (not for driving while talking on mobile) of you….we have to be the first one to take the 1st step 🙂

    And talking while driving is the worst possible thing….have u noticed that your vehicle turns on the same side where your head is tilted?? And it is dangerous for you & others as well!!!

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