What thinks you ?


They sez…




Me thinks…. that a cliche and completely untrue… then I read Mandira’s post about gems she accidentally comes out with… she is a genius guys !!  ( cough cough ) …. however I have suddenly realised I have had a gem since long…. from my personal experiences…




So what sez you ??


55 thoughts on “What thinks you ?

  1. snow says:

    i don’t have a concrete theory on this yet, but if i had to choose one, i’d agree with u — first impression is usually the wrong one! hmmmm

    HW : atleast me takes real time to judge or know some one ..!

  2. Ashwathy says:

    don’t agree with either saying…
    but between the two, the 2nd one please. i agree with snow.
    it takes time to know a person… i’d say first impression need not necessary be the concrete impression. but yes, thats the first chance u get to leave a mark on another’s mind. thats it.

    HW : I have always been bad at judging people so i guess for me first impression has always turned out to be wrong… maybe its just me.. ! 😦

  3. Solilo says:


    I know why you said so.

    At first you thought I was a devil but later you realized how angelic I am so now you are regretting.

    Thanks You. *Solilo khush huyiiiiii*

  4. Indian Homemaker says:

    LOL HW I think some of us are able to read a lot into people, for them first impression must be the right impression. I am not sure I feel that way. I need to know someone really well before forming any real impression….

    My first impression of you was a simple, enthusiastic and a very open person, that has been kind of correct till now.

    • hitchwriter says:

      guess it works both ways … ! for me in the past it has always happened that the people i thought werent rite turned out the best… and the ones I thought were rite.. turned out worst… !

      me naive i guess… !! 😦

      bout my impression… uh … i m not saying nething about that.. !

  5. sraboneyghose says:

    First impressions – hmmm…let me see…I know if I dislike somebody immediately…For others, I need time to make up my mind…I mean, if I’ll like them a lot or just a bit…

    HW : you mean you reject first… geee… i need a lot of time always…

    • sraboneyghose says:

      There are some people who just put me off as soon as I see them…I can’t always pinpoint what it is but it has a lot to do with their eyes – the shiftiness etc. …

  6. Smitha says:

    I am not sure.. I have changed my opinions on people.. So I guess I am not the greatest judge of people 😦 But first impressions might count in certain situations, I guess…

    HW : ok ok… seems god is wrong this time… it seems… !! I am the only one who seems to interpret wrong on the first impression ! bah..

    • Smitha says:

      You do , do you? Yes, ‘GOD’ can be wrong too 🙂 I somehow, do not judge on first impression unless it is something drastic – like that couple with that badly behaved child 🙂 And sadly that impression stuck even when I met them again last week 😦

      • hitchwriter says:

        not like that… i dont judge people… but people i like on the first impression generally become people i dont like as I get to know them… and vice versa… !

  7. Indyeah says:

    There is no concrete theory on this 😛
    so I usually rely on my instincts! and usually it turns out that the people I really disliked when I first met them are the ones who became my closest friends later 😀
    there goes your theory! 😛

  8. Pixie says:


    I think first impressions are ok. not the best and not the worst!
    becuase, sometimes you are straight on mark when it comes to people and sometimes way off base…
    So, it depends really.

  9. Usha Pisharody says:

    Lol. Two extreme views this. Well I go by instinct too… and most times I am glad that I did. That says a lot about which perspective I would like to take I guess 🙂

    You? An easy, happy go lucky charming witty person, who shares a lot of himself, with ease 🙂 And sincerity. And I believe I am on track on most 🙂 :P!

    Nice way to fish, Dhirubhai 🙂 Lol!

  10. preeti says:

    I go by first impressions as then we are unbaised , its all about vibes and I have seldom been wrong …

    but then if we are prejudiced by first impression , it will deepen in our mind , coz we seldom like to believe what we dont want to …

  11. Mystery says:

    Well.. u never know.
    for me most of the times first impressions are the wrong ones.
    its only after a couple of meetings you get to know about a person.

  12. Mystery says:

    i dont know much about stock markets.. today i heard that the markets are going up and the trading was stopped for an hour. Looks like loads of work for u and u ll be busy for a couple of days..

  13. Crafty Shines says:

    ah! so true so true *recounts miserable excuses she called “genuine ppl”*

    have never been wrong about bad vibes…but have been awfully wrong about good vibes plenty times!!!

    am a louse at understanding nuances of personality…i trust real easy and am all smiley and friendly till am pushed off the hill 😐

    have learnt, am better now….but i agree with u on that one! 😀

    did u submit this over at Mandy’s? i think she’s gonna want to cough very much like u did!! 😛

  14. churningthewordmill says:

    i dont know if its the wrong impression but sometimes u have to revise your impression after you have dealt with a person for some time…it cud be a minor or major revision, depending on what great traits you unearth!! but i have to admit, in some cases ur statement wud hold true…

  15. Badz says:

    Well Dhiren. I agree with you. My first impressions are always the wrong ones. Although I don’t believe I’m very judgemental. Well have learnt not to be. BUT whenever I did, I always use to come with the wrong conclusion about certain people. So I agree with you.

  16. shilpa says:

    I’d say first impression is a lasting impression.
    It may be the best or worst depending on both the object and the viewer.
    But if first impression was always wrong, how’d you hire people for jobs? You dont hve the luxury of meeting them repeatedly before you can employ them.

  17. Destination Infinity says:

    Generally the impressions I have about people are wrong, first time or the 100th time! I think it is better not to assume or have a fixed idea about people. And yes, they do change quite faster than you expect. At least for me, impressions haven’t quite worked!!

    Destination Infinity

  18. Renu says:

    my personal experience says that we must not form an image after first meeting, though we tend to do so, and quite difficult to shrug that off:)

  19. Mampi says:

    neither the cliche, nor your bit of wisdom is true
    for you cannot generalise,
    it varies, from time to time…. and experience to experience.

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