I am a star…


I have been interviewed… !!!! Whoppa !!!!


Here is the link : http://catawampusme.wordpress.com/reviewed/hitch-writers-attempts-to-write


will catch up on this tomorrow morning.. have to run… !!!!


62 thoughts on “I am a star…

  1. Crafty Shines says:

    *wears anti-glares before looking at hitchy* 😛

    Congratulations!!! let me fetch my autograph book!! can i also have a snap with u? no wait…i want a snap with ur son! 😀 😀

    haven’t read it, will read it at office tomm…coz at the deadly pace of my dial up internet, it will be morn by the time i get to read it 😐

    so, how’s the stardom ki duniya? 😀

    • hitchwriter says:

      you want my autograph !!!

      waat ?? no… ? you get a snap with my son only if you take my autograph !!!!

      stardom… lol… its heady !!!! geee… !! teee heee heee

  2. monikamanchanda says:

    mr star can we have a autograph now so that u dont forget us later 🙂 🙂

    btw that was a lovely interview

    • hitchwriter says:

      me and forget you all ?? even if i forget you… I wont forget the omchilla which is now a regular in my house… and your doc with tatti tales… !!!! he is immortal !!! 😀 .


  3. Serendipity says:

    arey too cool!!! Im glad we’ve been friends since before you got famous, i always knew you had it in you, you showed promise sicne you started blogging etc etc (standard things people say when people aroudn them get famous) 😀

    you have twins??? 🙂

  4. Smitha says:

    Dhirenbhai/Bhagwanji 🙂 and now Superstar tooo:) You can now sound like those dons.. )Pappu aka Chottu aka .. 🙂
    The interview was great and Winnie doing a wonderful job!

    Now don’t forget us ordinary mortals now that you are a Superstar:)

    • hitchwriter says:

      Pappu cant dance saala…
      Chotu hai meri height !!


      Winnie is such a sweetheart !!!

      its the comman man becomes super star !!! aint it… !! i m just thrilled… !!!

      and how can I forget you ordinary mortals… unless you are there … below… I cant feel on top… 😉


  5. Saritha says:

    Dhiren u rock man 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    U r indeed a super star,a blogger did whole post on you 🙂

    btw why u have so many female friends 😉

  6. Crafty Shines says:

    i read your interview! lol!!!! u interesting character you…..glad to have made aquaintance during the race of being first commenter 😀 😀

    then i went and read the Fatherhood wala post mentioned in interview and by many other bloggers….

    i laughed so loud…bhare office mein….:D 😀 😀

    if u ask me hitchy, with all the Dinosaur-doting that ur lil boy is having…he may veer to paleontology! 😀 😀 lol @ not qualified to get animal education books!! hahahahah…..

    and u donate to tiger fund *admires hitchy…maybe a dwan of new role model*

    achha hitchy, Hriday has stolen my hriday! what a CUTIE! can i come over? i’ll recite all barakhadi and animal names n vegetable names just to sit with him!!!! but must to inform you….while he has started letting u watch cricket instead of cartoons, there will be no such generosity from me….ab se cartoons will be all that your tv will telecast! hee haw haw haw haw!!!
    *crafty walks away as hitchy refuses to answer his door, tho she can hear the tv…sounds like cricket….hmpf*

    • hitchwriter says:

      You can sure come over Crafty… you all can watch cartooons while I cook !!!! naa… off late I am able to change channels while cricket comes… maybe this IPL over dose …. 🙂

      your enthusiasm is infectious… !! really… !! your like Indyeah’s twin sister.. your as cute as her.. !! and sweet !! 🙂 🙂

      bus bus… I am not supposed to praise people… I am supposed to pull legs… but this was cho chweet of you !!! couldnt help it !! 😀

      • Crafty Shines says:

        awww!!! *shifts uneasily at praise from hitchy, wonders if its an imposter…*

        must to lap up all the praise before hitchy switches to
        leg-pulling mode! hehehe 😀

        but all u blogwalas got some really intelligent and fun kids!!
        first i fell in love with solilo’s peanut, then IHM’s lil neice, and now am bowled over by hriday cutiepie (ahhh…much awaited signs of being a cricketer!!)

        me n Indyeah ARE sisters…Kumbh Reunited Sisters (KRS)
        i’ve known her all my life..just took a while to find her! 😀

        • Indyeah says:

          yeah we are! 😀
          and yep! totally agree on all that you said about all the bloggers and the kids Crafty 😀
          coz I am in love with Peanut (muah Peanut!) and Hriday’s pic makes me smile 😀
          IHM’s niece is a cutie too 😀

  7. Crafty Shines says:

    WHOA! HITCHY!!!!! all this talk of dinosaurs – check google’s logo for today!!! quick!!

    how of all days today i learnt of his obsession with dinosaurs????

    psssttt…i just realised…Hriday’s interest in dinosaurs, its just like Calvin!!!! u big fan of calvin n hobbes….now best of luck raising a calvin! 😀

    HW : Today morning only, I read C & H in the news paper and was telling my wife… really if there were a child like Calvin… just imagine… what his parents mite do….

    geee he is a real terror… !!

      • hitchwriter says:

        geeez… even i thought it was a dinosaur fossill !!! only when you told me did i bother to click on it… is it the missing link… I thought the missing link would be more like an ape.. !!

        need to read more though…

        you’re rite… hriday and dinosaurs go hand in hand… !! he has this dinosaur book… and it drives me nuts !!

  8. Badz says:

    Well Dhiren! All I can say, CONGRADULATIONS!! You deserved it. 🙂

    Now can you give us a treat for writing nice good things about you?? 😉 Because we all know what the really Dhiren aka Hitchwriter is like. 😀 😛

  9. Indyeah says:

    Dhiren you are a special blogger 🙂 one of the most special ones here coz you are like sunshine 🙂
    I always laugh when I come to read anything here 😀
    remember how often I used to and still say that I always smile when I read your posts? :))
    I like your humour and the way you are so full of life 🙂
    the way you never take any tension 🙂

    (((hugs))))Dhirenbhai coz you rock!

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