Malfunctions in the search engines…


I read this post of rakesh a long time back… and this post of gappa

ever since I read those posts I wanted to do this post for my own blog… terms people use to search to come to my blog… and while rakesh did help to do it on blogger I never was able to do it.. but in WordPress its much easier…


A search of quite a few amazing things leads people to my blog :


  • “started eating non veg”

if my mom reads this I m gone… really… !!

  • main rota hai main film

ok ok so I cry in movies… even my wife disowns me in the theatre…  but has that fact become so so obvious ???

  • rapegirls

jesus christ !!!! how does that lead people to my blog ??? google is hopeless !!

  • how much does p.chidambaram earn

How in the goddamn freaking way I know bout this ???? huh ??

  • how to write like an intellectual

I think this is the only thing that is right… if you want to write like an intellectual.. come to hitchwriter ! :mrgreen: 😀

  • what do jain gravies have

I seriously dont have a clue… we eat onions, potatoes galore…


and then the scariest of them all !!!! If ever my wife reads this… i m going to be hanging by the hook on the wall !!!!


  • my wife is lazy and boring


yikessssss !!!! who ? how ? where ?? what is this ??? – – i dont have a clue… !!!!


and to add insult to the already so many injuries…


Smitha just told me that some one reached her blog searching out  “Dhiren BHAI ”


sympathies any one ?? sniff… sniff…




82 thoughts on “Malfunctions in the search engines…

  1. Badz says:

    LoL Dhiren! That;s funny BUT i don’t believe people visit your blog for those reasons. I think it’s for your sense of humour and craziness. 😉

    My craziness ????

  2. Pixie says:

    LOLZ!!! 😀

    Google throws up weird searches sometimes! 😀
    I have found strange things esp while looking for a piece of Code!! 😀

    Weird is too light a word… !

  3. Smitha says:

    Oh that was hilarious!!! And I agree with Badz – your regular readers come to your blog for that daily dose of humour and craziness 🙂

    LOL at ‘how much does p.chidambaram earn ‘

    and ‘my wife is lazy and boring’ – your wife will surely kill you now 🙂

    ‘how to write like an intellectual
    I think this is the only thing that is right… if you want to write like an intellectual.. come to hitchwriter ‘ – picking and choosing , haan????

    Nice one though 🙂

  4. Saritha says:

    After a gap of 10days i opened my blogger and i didnt see ur latest post.I came to ur blog from smitha’s and read this new post.

    LOL “what do jain gravies have” have u written this somewhere in ur post or in the comments

  5. Crafty Shines says:

    ppl are coming first…but kahan hai crafty? kahan?

    look for the Sea of Boring Office Work…squint a bit to look afar…squint more….do u see that round object floating? it has arms…its waving?? ya….wohi hai crafty 😐 glug glug

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL hitchy!!!!!!!! a million hugs!!! that was too funny! now that the LOL challenge is over and gone, the humour hits back eh???
    ur post just saved me from drowning into depression!!! i took a break, i thot chalo, let me see that beautiful purple flower again…and this happened!! 😀 😀

    u cry in movies??? AWWWW!!!! 😀 but why does wifey disown u?? don’t tell me u do the loud, hanky squeezing, nose honking crying? do you????? 😛

    No no… not so much… but yes tears do roll out… especially when the Maa dying scene comes… I cant help it… !!! She just gets embarassed… and strangely enough she never cries… !! well now you know who wears the pants in my house… !!

    rapegirls :O areee baap reee!!!!

    that was really shocking !! just imagine !!

    how to write like an intellectual??? arre wah!!! hitchy!!
    so u are right…google does goof up 😛

    tee hee hee! 😛 😀

    I can run fast.. !! scratchy !!

    by god, if ur wife sees that!!! aren’t u happy now she ain’t so interested in ur blog??? 😛 😛

    What a relief !! thanks for reminding that !!

    u totally made my day hitchy!!! 😀 😀 hugs!!

    your comment made mine !!! cheers !!

  6. gunmeen says:

    ha ha……dats like really funny dhiren. god i’m rolling on the floor. but tell me one thing how did you find out these terms/sentences that people used to come to your blog. kinda funny!!!!! LOL!!!!!!

  7. monikamanchanda says:

    lol ROFL

    dhiren bhai 🙂 and my wife is lazy….

    i should check mine too

    Monika.. : do let me know if you have called ur hubby names… ! 😛

  8. Tara says:

    google devta ki jai!!
    does that mean ppl get ur blog link as search results for these words or phrases AND they actually land up on ur blog by clicking on it..

    these are mostly funny (from all such posts i read, i can say that)!! i never got to see what brings ppl to my blog though.. is it possible in blogger?

    • hitchwriter says:

      yes tara … google devta ki jai !!

      you see in our superior WordPress this facility is inbuilt… :mrgreen:
      in blogger also this can be done…. but i m a lil technically challenged to help you… !! you can ask Rakesh or gappa to help you out !!!

      or best… option … move to wordpress !!

  9. Sandhya says:

    I am still laughing loudly and my husband was looking at me strangely and got up from his TV glue chair and came here to read. Now, both of us are laughing ROFL..

    I agree with one thing, 100% (Badz’ comment) ‘your regular readers come to your blog for that daily dose of humour and craziness :)’

    Thank you Dhiren…I won’t add Bhai…!

    thank you Sandhya aunty !! 😉

  10. Mystery says:

    lol..what an interesting list..
    some part of is correct though..the 1st and last ones u say them a lot..except that i am not sure if any thing else is true including u being intellectual 😀

    HW : every thing is cent percent truth !! sacchi !! kasam se… !! mother promise (as we used to say in school) !!!

    things i have to go through to make people believe me … sigh !!

    • Mystery says:

      crying while seeing movies..aww…
      sometimes i do feel like crying but then my brother will make fun of me.. so i dont cry 😀

      you feel like crying ?? I just cant stop… tears just roll…. even today when i see Haathi mere Saathi and the elephant dies… I just cant stop… I must have seen that movie atleast 15 times !!! still… lol…I m a hopeless case… !

  11. Ordinary Guy says:

    ROTFL dhiru bhai 😛 LOL…. the internet nevers lies 😛 LOL!!!!! LOL……….. hahahahaha

    yea…. i guess so… it said to write intellectually come to me… !! 😛 😛 😛

  12. Indian Homemaker says:

    This is so funny… loved it, it’s really hillarious 🙂 And I had no idea anybody googled to find out how much P Chidambaram earns!!!

    Tag all of us to do this HW!

    Yes good idea… I ll announce it wait !!!!

  13. Rakesh says:

    All are hilarious 😀

    he he, “My wife is boring and lazy!!!” this looks like an advert on a “friends” website 😉

    And how much does Chidambaram earn???

    But anyways, looks like crazy people got what they wanted – crazy website 🙂

    HW : I swear !!

  14. Smita says:

    Google throws out what you have written so am sure u must have written each of these words 😀

    The last one takes away the gem though 😀

    HW : hey you need to do this post tooo !!! it will be fun !!!

  15. sraboneyghose says:

    It’s hilarious!!! You cry in movies? That’s funny…Now I wouldn’t have told anybody something like this…Brace yourself for all the jokes and teasing…

    HW : on the contrary this tends to earn me a lot of affection from my female readers…. he he he he…

    sshhh… dont tell neone !!! 😛

  16. snow says:

    ROFL lol lol this was hilarious!!! 😆 i just had lunch and i can barely laugh lol too good. methinks you just stuck that “intellectual” line on your own 😉 the rest i believe are 200% true lol except “rapegirls”?? 🙄 🙄 hahahaaaaaaaa ohmeegawd i shouldn’t come to your blog right after lunch ouch hehehe

    HW yea snow.. all were funny but seriously that rapegirls ??? i m sure i havent used that word ever !!!! how did that lead people here… !! GAWD !

  17. Amit says:

    Some one is reaching my blog using the word “lesbian”. 😐
    Can you believe that??

    HW : be careful what you say buddy… people here are ready to pull the legs and the whole body down…!!! 😛 😛 just see where rakesh and solilo are heading !!!! 😛

  18. nicky says:

    good one…lol jain gravies hmm i need to ask my mom on that :), at times i dont realsie there is no onions n garlic in the gravies

  19. Solilo says:

    I am the 50th commenter. What a slip! 😀

    Ha..ha…ha… actually I also have such a post in my draft inspired by Rakesh. Gosh! you should see some of the words. It is hilarious and some plain trash.

    “my wife is lazy and boring” 😆 😆 It is time for Mrs. Hitchy to get involved in blogging.

    Now i would be really keen to see what all things lead to your blog !!????? its gotta be fun… 😛

    like IHM said I have now tagged all of you !! to do this post !!! 😀

    bout the Mrs… I think i ll have her make her debut on 4th june !! hopefully ! 🙂

  20. Indyeah says:

    Dhiren I will be back pucca!
    will comment my heart out:)
    I am looking at all the fun you guys are having in the meantime 😀


  21. Thoorika says:

    LOLZ !! I cant help but laughing !!! Rapegirls, P,chidambaram salary, Intellectual writer .. The super comedy is search on wife !!! Your wife is sure to get famous if google keeps directing your blog for such searches !!!! 😀

    My wife is sure to kill me if she reads this !!!

  22. Nids says:

    Hey came to your blog through Smitha’s blog and loved this post and your sense of humour Dhiren Bhai. Google is definitely weird….:)

    HW : welcome to my blog !!! you didnt leave your url 😦
    google is an expert in googly !! lol… 😀

  23. Destination Infinity says:

    I think it is time google came up with a separate search engine for searching and indexing humour and creative stuff. If there is no way to find it electronically, we will create a database manually. Maybe we will name it !!

    Destination Infinity

  24. Indyeah says:


    So now its officially confirmed the world the entire world calls you Dhirenbhai 😀 😛

    Sigh !! ‘Di… where is the sympathy… you were expected to provide a shoulder to cry on !

    what was someone doing searching for staetd eating non veg..?
    I mean so?
    What now?
    started eating non veg and looking for ways to hide from mom tips? 😀

    guess he might find a few tips here… lol… !!

    main rota hai main film? 😆

    rapegirls 🙄


    What kind of a psycho was looking for this?

    hmphh..forget it..the world is full of loonies :I

    how much does Chidambaram earn?
    What are you ? His CA? 😀

    Dhiren are you secretly raking in the moolah without letting us know? 😈

    WISH wISH !!

    How to write like an intellectual?

    are you sure they were searching for your blog?
    *Indyeah preens* 😛

    HW : 😈 did u say that ?

    err matlab of course they could be searching for your blog 😀

    what do jain gravies have? 😀
    ye kya hai?

    my wife is lazy and boring


    *ahem* no comments*

    HW : good girl !

    Dhirenbhai!!! haw!!!

    tsk!tsk!veryy bad!

    aisa likhte hain? hmm let me remember which postw as this?…..*Indyeah thinking hard*

    Nah!all the posts are really sweet 😛
    you always praise your wife 😀

    Psst.. Dhiren this is to pelase you (remember this karz always Dhirenbhai!Tum bhi kya yaad karoge*
    also I want to be safe for the day when your wife does read your blog 😀


    too many cooks, psychos and sisters are searching for your blog Dhiren? 😆

    HW : sigh sigh sigh … koi hum dum na raha… koi sahara na raha….

  25. Nancy says:

    my wife is lazy & boring……….u r dead duck if she finds out:-D

    I once wrote abt how I swallowed a pin & guess wht if anybody or anybody’s dog swallowed anything they end up at my blog;-S

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