he turns 5 on 4th !!

Hriday’s birthday is on 4th June and this post was to be put up on 4th but blame the impatient me….. lets post it right away… now that its ready…


5 years ago this day he came into our life with all of us eagerly waiting at the hospital in Bhauch… All my friends had come over since morning and we waited (played a bit of cricket too with the kids near the hospital) and finally he came into our lives at 1.15 pm. His birthday reads 4-6-4 which tell to my cricket crazy mind that a cricketer is born… and hopefully a fast bowler at that… !!!!


A long time ago Solilo tagged me to do the first born tag, so since then I had been trying to get my missus to do it but she is really very reluctant to sit on the computer and type things… Eventually 2 days back I sat at home and asked her the questions and typed her answers.


Also my expert commentary will accompany : here we go…


1. Was your first pregnancy planned?

Mrs : Yes

2. Were you married at the time?

Mrs : Afsos.. !! but yes !! (silly question this)

3. What were your reactions?

Mrs : Thrilled, ecstatic…

4. Was abortion an option for you?

Mrs : No

5. How old were you?

Mrs : 25 years

6. How did you find out you were pregnant?

Mrs : Pregnancy stick.

7. Who did you tell first?

Mrs : My hubby on phone..

8. Due date?

Mrs : 5th June, and he came 1 day early on the 4th of June after making us wait a lot.

Me : I would ask her almost every day before leaving home, after reaching home and that was my first line everytime she called… is it time ???? I really could not wait and Hriday made us wait all the way !!!

9. Did you have morning sickness?

Mrs : Never.

10. What did you crave?

Mrs : I craved for nothing … I ate everything like a horse.

Me : All the time I am telling her to walk, jog stay fit not eat too many sweets etc.. (being a medical rep makes u like that) but this was her time to eat any and everything without me actually stopping her… my Mom would kill me if I stopped her.. !

11. Who/what irritated you the most?

Mrs : Everybody’s suggestion, this is good and this is not.. no one was thinking of me just the baby !!! GAWD

12. What was your first child’s sex?

Mrs : Baby Boy.

13. Did you wish you had the opposite sex of what you were getting?

Mrs : Only for one reason, if it were a girl I would have been able to dress her up in so many different dresses. Otherwise it didn’t matter

14. How many pounds did you gain throughout the pregnancy?

Mrs : 10kgs

15. Did you have a baby shower?

Mrs : Small one. My MIL gave me a coconut in my lap and we did lit a “diya”

16. Was it a surprise or did you know?

Mrs : Not applicable.

17. Did you have any complications during your pregnancy?

Mrs : None whatsoever.

Me : she had an almost non-problematic pregnancy, our gyneac did not prescribe her any medicines not even folic acid .. no nothing… she worked in a school as a teacher …. 12pm to 6pm her job timings where she rarely used to get time to sit… i guess it all helped in the end… she worked till the school ended in April.. there after she and my mom would everyday walk a pretty long distance guess about (2 kms one way) to eat Gola’s (Indian Ice Lollies, incase you didnt know) 🙂

18. Where did you give birth?

Mrs : Hospital obviously !! lol in Bharuch.

Me : ha ha ha !!!!

19. How many hours were you in labor?

Mrs : About 3 and half hours

Me : Amazingly she wouldnt let me inside the room, she wanted my mom and mil but not me.. everytime I would go there she would push me out… sigh 😦

20. Who drove you to the hospital/birth center?

Mrs : My father, Mother, MIL FIL. Hubby and his brothers took the two wheelers at 5.30 am.

Me : at 5 am suddenly someone was calling me from the bathroom… i woke up as if what happened.. and she said we must go to the hospital… I think its time… and we were all like thrilled… !!!! 🙂 😀

21. Who watched you give birth?

Mrs : My ob/gyn & 2 nurses. My husband wanted to come in but the gyneac wouldn’t allow.

Me : These are strange things, why wouldnt our gyneacs let us husbands in ???

22. Was it natural or c-section?

Mrs : Natural

23. Did you take medicine to ease the pain?

Mrs : No.

24. How much did your child weigh?

Mrs : Almost 7 lbs

25. When was your child actually born ?

Mrs : 4th June at 1.15pm.

Me : I was the one who heard his voice first outside !

26. What was your reaction when the doctor announced the sex of
the baby?

Mrs : I was more happy that the baby was healthy. Strangely they wouldn’t tell me the sex of the baby for the first 10 minutes till they cut the cord and stiched. The sex didn’t really matter though ! Was really relieved that its all well and OVER !!

27. What was your first reaction on seeing the baby?

Mrs : After seeing his bums and his head I was almost like what is this.. the paedriatrician assured me he was normal. I was very happy, Hriday had very rosy lips and seeing them made me feel elated.

Me : when the nurse came to us with the baby in blue we knew it was a boy, she came to me but i was a bit nervous to hold him so my mom took him… then slowly i took him, my brother commented immedeatly that he is a duplicate of his Mom… but I didnt agree then and dont still… he is a duplicate of me in my childhood… almost a carbon copy … I ll post pics of him and me as young kids a lil later to prove this… we all were thrilled.. I never used to like small babies or hold them, but when i took him from my mom i knew exactly how to hold him… he had really red lips, eyes closed and really thin fingers… he was bathed in powder… then again as I and my brothers noticed his head we were all worried its too long… and my MIL and mom assured he was perfect… !!!! My dad was thrilled… he is very quiet doesnt say anything… but i could see it in his eyes… he was probably happier than me.. !

28. Did you cry?

Mrs : Yes… a lil.

29. What did you name him/her?

Mrs : Hriday.

Me : we had it decided if it would be a girl it would be Reva and if a boy Hriday. I dont believe in any Rashi vashi and I didnt want to even know what it was… I hate such things.. we both loved these two names… Reva means Narmada… we used to live on the banks of Narmada.. we simply loved that name… !

30. How old is your first born today?

Mrs : He turns 5 today.


Here are pictures of the cakes of his first 4 birthdays… !! drool…


hridays birthday pics 003


On his first birthday we had two parties with all the kids that came to our house for tutions at home. This bugs bunny was his favourite toy in those days. The cake wala did mess up his spelling but… !  


hridays birthday pics 057


In the evening we all had a party at a restaurant with all friends !! This cake in chocolate was really lovely !!!




Trains were his fascination at 2 years age.. !! and so a cake with a train.. !




This was his first birthday in Indore and we didnt know any one here… so just my boss and his family and my parents so the cake size smaller.. but Mickey mouse was his favourite in those days… !


Misc 037


Dinosaurs…. had a real tough time to find this cake.. no one was ready to make this… finally Simi’s !!! a home grown bakery that bakes the best cakes in Indore… helped us out… :

Misc 036



Now a days we are scared of asking him what he wants coz he might just say something impossible to provide.. he wanted birds.. but had to explain to him that they are to fly in the skies… !! eventually came the acquarium and we couldn’t deny… this 5th birthday the cake is to be a lion !!!! (will post pics later)


So while I go find the lion I’ll share one more picture of Hriday with you all…




148 thoughts on “he turns 5 on 4th !!

  1. Badz says:

    WoW! Dhiren. That’s so exciting. I can see you were (as well as you wife) were reliving those moments. 🙂

    Yes relieving it was fun !!! seriously !! and I thank Solilo for that !!!! 😀

    The last answer from you on question 27 is funny. I think I’ve told you Hriday looks like you. 😉

    And ROFL! Wife wouldn’t allow you in whilst giving birth. 😆 😛

    The cakes look delicious.

    So is the blogsphere invited to Hriday’s b’day party??

    Yea open invitation to all… Come on over to Indore… !!! 😀

  2. Quirky Indian says:

    Here’s wishing Hriday a very happy 5th year….(if you can post on the 2nd, I can wish him on the 2nd. 🙂 )


    Quirky Indian

  3. Crafty Shines says:

    omg…that is just the cutest snap ever. and i don’t mean the cakes 😛
    will come back n read 🙂
    bday wishes n hugs in advance…in case am not around.

    did i mention he’s a CUTIE?

    Just showed him the dinosaur you made for him and he was thrilled !!! he wanted to come to you to get it !! rite away !!! lol…

  4. Winnie the Poohi says:

    He is sooo kewt!! *does a nazar na lage routine* 😀 😀 😀

    I want all those cakes!!!

    You know .. I wonder how it would be when I give birth 🙂 I guess i have to get married to find out.. thats the sad part really 😛

    No marriage for winnie ????

    for the cakes you have to come to indore.. 😀

  5. Indyeah says:

    alle sho cute!
    I had to say this DHiren 😀
    because Hriday is looking so very very cute 😀

    (((hugs)))for the little darling 🙂
    the yellow looks good on him 🙂

    Whom is he looking at?

    He is looking at his mom !! who has taken his attention away so that i can click a natural photo !!! 😀

  6. Saritha says:

    So sweet hriday, touchwood 🙂

    I know the excitment dhiren,kids just love there bdays.You should have waited till june4th to post all these 😦

    My dad was thrilled… he is very quiet doesnt say anything… but i could see it in his eyes… he was probably happier than me.. !—- grandparents are more happy than us as they see their kids in the grandchildren.

    US and other countries make it a point that husbands are there at the time of delivery

    Now a days we are scared of asking him what he wants coz he might just say something impossible— lol this is really true,my daughter wanted a spiderman cake for her 4th bday,and the bakery near my house doesn’t do that,it was hell for me to change her to butterfly cake.

    Hriday is photo copy of u 🙂

    Advance Happy birthday Hriday and big hug and a kiss from me,varunavi and pinky.:) 🙂

    Thank you thank you Saritha !! I really wish they would follow the US system… spiderman cake !!! enjoy !!!! lol…. !!!

    lion cake should be easy… they make the face of simba i guess.. I have seen it !!!

  7. Indyeah says:

    you and your 4-6-4
    ekdum paagal! 😛
    you and your expert commentary..
    cricket style? 😛

    you actually tried to stop her from eating??

    Enough said 😀

    Aww..that is such a cute reason for wanting a baby girl 🙂
    so that she can wear so many dresses 🙂

    10 kgs is fine I think.. thats the normal weight one gains right?

    That is so cute?they walked together to eat golas? 🙂
    Touchwood for their bond

    and two gola’s !!! not just one… !! and ganne ka juice… !!!

    Three and a half hours?
    Oh man!that is long …isn’t it? :O

    In India in most hospitals they still don’t let the fathers in..I don’t know why..
    thast just unfair and not done ..

    You heard his voice?crying? 🙂

    Yes I did we were all waiting in anticipation !! And it was me first and i m proud of the fact !

    After seeing his bums and his head I was almost like what is this.
    so cute 😀

    I have always felt Dhiren that babies are here only to make us smile..if only for a moment or two..
    so often we grownups forget how to..

    Babies help us remember…..that there is always a reason to smile no matter what..

    Can one ever look at a baby and not smile back? 🙂

    (hugs)))for Hriday..this reminded me of the post of yours on Hriday 🙂

    Happy Birthday little darling:)
    May you always live upto all that your parents dream of for you 🙂


    A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for”

    aha !! that is reallly really lovely ‘di !!!

  8. Indyeah says:

    It was really difficult to have that made… and i aint telling that comment to that baker…. actually bakeress… she is beautiful and sexy tooo !!!! 😀

    So many cakes!
    (they should have a smiley that drools 😀

    the dinosaur one is the cutest 😀
    though the dinosaurs look like a hybrid of cow+dinosaur+dragon+frog(eyes) 😆

    but the cake is cute 😀

    They have this face of Simba made… so i think it should not be a problem !

    How will you get the lion one made? :O

    seriously jokes apart, the bakery people are artists!

    all the cakes are beautiful!

    and yummy!

    you know someday I am sure I will land up somewhere near Mhow and Indore on a trip 😀
    so will come to your home then 🙂

    Sure thing…. !!!! I hope to meet u some day… in the monsoons Mandu is very beautiful so you should come over !!!!

    that apart I will definitely be coming to Delhi !! as it is the gateway to all my dream destinations in Kashmir, Himachal and Uttranchal !!!!

      • Tara says:

        indyeah is upto making ur day hitchy sir!! ruk ruk ke post pad rahi hain and then ache ache comment post kar rahi hain 😀

        I loved the post, i dont care who comes and takes which position, i was looking at hriday for like 1 whole hour and envying u for having such a cutie pie to look at all the time when home.

        god bless, also god bless all those girls who will fall head over heels for him.. have they started falling already? half the blogworld must already be wishing he was born earlier 😛

        Happy wala birthday Hriday, you are the show stopper here on your dad’s blog. I think u look like ur mom, what do you say?

        • Crafty Shines says:

          tell me about it tara!!! he’s just tooooooooooooo cute!!! i have overdone myself pakaoing hitchy about how i’m in love with Hriday since day 1 that i saw his snap as hitchy’s profile pic!!! 😀 😀

          he’s a ray of sunshine!!! lol @ he looks like his mom!!

          hitchy? its that true? 😉

        • hitchwriter says:

          Tara… Indi is a darling… aint she !!?? 😀 😀

          I am beaming like a sun !!! lol !!! 😀

          and btw he looks exactly like me ! i ll bring photo of my childhood and put it here to prove my point !!!

          to you tooo Crafty !!! 🙂

  9. puneet says:

    Great Post ….
    Its like Kapil Dev has come to the pitch want to take it on right away 🙂
    Liked all the cakes and gave me some idea for our boy wonder’s first Birthday…
    As u say “missus” started putting some tit bits here ourboywonder.blogspot.com

    welcome here Puneet !! thanks ! coming over to see ur boy wonder ! 😀

  10. ugich konitari says:

    That was such a wonderful post ! And the whole tag was like a running commentary, and I could imagine the atmosphere around the time. I hope Hriday has a wonderful 5th birthday , amidst all his admirers. Lots of blessings to the real Hriday Samrat….

  11. Rakesh says:

    He he, that was cute, especially the pics of the cake (yum) and Hriday! So adorable, even though I haven’t seen you, whatever impression I have of you in my mind, you can’t be even half as cute 🙂

    And with regards to sex, even my wife tells me that girls can be dressed up so nicely!!!

    So 5 years done, when is plan B?

  12. Mystery says:

    I missed the 1st commenter position that too very badly. Was buy in office so couldnt check blogs.. What to say.. i have no words to tell.. Hriday is Sooooooo cuteeeeeeee. Such innocent face of kids makes our day..

    Aww…so this was the guest post by ur wife which u have been telling form long. It was good reading her experiences with your running commentary in between 😀

    Those cakes looks yummy.

    WAnna bite ?? huh ?

    You and your addiction to cricket… u relate everything to cricket. May god bless Hriday and i wish that he has a great life ahead..Wish him Advanced birthday wishes from me..

    This post of yours is another of those gems. As Indyeah said, it reminded of the post on fatherhood which you did earlier.

    Ok enough of praise..u might have been on cloud 99 by now..come back and touch the ground and keep posting such good stuff 🙂

    Definitely not enough ! no praise is enough !!! he he he

  13. Indian Homemaker says:

    No words Dhiren- this is such a delightful post. Loved it and your red mouthed Hriday is a real sweetheart!! I love how you decided to do this post today instead of the 4th!! Our best wishes to little Hriday, who is so obviously his daddy’s Hriday!!

    I anyway like you family posts the best, this becomes one of my favorites. I remembr your cricket playing the day he was born from another post… and 4-6-4 and the Cricket connection is so cute 🙂 I am sure you are both going to make a great team!!

  14. Smitha says:

    So this is what you and Mrs were doing yesterday 🙂

    yes yes

    Lovely post!! Do be sure to pass it on to Mrs Hitchy 🙂
    And wish Hriday a very happy birthday in advance! That was the sweetest post 🙂
    Hriday is such a cutie pie!!! All his mother’s genes I am sure 🙂

    All genes of studying are hers… he talks as much as her… but I swear he looks like me !!

    And those cakes!!! They are amazing!! Absolutely lovely!! I want some too!! Please send me some of this birtday’s please!!!

    send to london ?? doesnt seem sensible eh ?? you come over to Indore !! your cake is due !!!

    • Smitha says:

      He is a real cutie pie!!! And no cakes for me 😦 sob sob!! Make sure Hriday gets 2 extra pieces – mine and Poohi’s 🙂

      So is he counting days to his BIG Day? Poohi still asks when her next b’day party is ‘coming’ 🙂

  15. snow says:

    😀 😀 that’s chooooo chweeeet !! and Hriday is shoooo cuuute 😀 😀 i know i know, i sound like a teenager but really, reading this post made my day/week/month!! hehe as i was reading it, i had these comments pop up in my mind every now and then, i should say this, that.. but by the time i finished reading, all i have remaining is this hugest smile. your and your wife’s answers are so simple and heart-touching 🙂 that’s the beauty of your blog you know. Beauty in Simplicity!!! no wonder we can all relate to it to easily (well except this baby tag, there’s still time hehe) but you know what i mean.. oh by the way, my cousin shares her bday with Hriday, i think she’s turning 8 😀 so here’s wishing a berrry berrry happy buddday to Hriday! and a virtual hug for him 8)

    Wish your cousin too !!!! a happy wala birthday !! and hriday hugs back ! 🙂

  16. vimmuuu says:

    Never thought you are a sadist like the rest !!! Whats with all those cakes, huh? You think we arent humans??? 😀
    Btw, did the first cake have ‘Hariday’ as the name?? 😉

    😆 sadist and me ?? ha ha

    yea the baker messed it up ! and it was too late to change !

    I dont know about you. But your kid is so damn adorable. I have never said this to anyone, even my bro, but can I adopt him???? 🙂

    Adopt ??? lol .. isnt as innocent as he looks there… !!! 😀

  17. Pixie says:

    Aww… awesome, sweet post Hitchy! 🙂

    Hriday looks damn cute in the pic and the cakes are totally drool-worthy!

    Happy Birthday to your little one!
    God Bless…

    *I can’t believe I’m so late in commenting…*

    Thankk you for your wishes and blessings Aunty !! (sayz Hriday)

    late.. ??? geez… this is a star’s blog what do you expect ?? huh ??

  18. monikamanchanda says:

    ok now to comment on the post

    first a big KALA TIKKA on that snap

    hriday is so adorable 🙂 and he cant look like u for the same reason 😉

    I could feel the heart in every line of this post, lovely lovely lovely

    I loved loved the dino cake….

    and they didnt allow u here they allow hubby’s to be inside in a normal birth dont in a c-section

    and how could u stop her from eating *evil*

    • hitchwriter says:

      Eating too much is not good for health is it ???

      but i swear in the 9 months of pregnancy i didnt tell her to not eat anything except medicines… !!!!

      and he LOOKS LIKE ME !

      I ll prove it !

  19. Ordinary Guy says:

    You kid is so cuteeeee dude!!!!!!!!
    great photos of all the cakes…..
    and that tag was great……. 🙂 LOL, it is a pity that they dont allow husbands into the room……….

  20. Amit says:

    A very happy birthday to the kidooo! He is very cute! 🙂
    And the cakes were great! I really liked the last one!

    Thank you !! 🙂 😀

  21. Crafty Shines says:

    a long post (pliss not this is NOT a complaint) calls for a long comment! here goes!

    so u just had to play cricket!!! even if it was near the hospital where u were soon gonna be dad!! lol!!!

    you should read that post… here is the link :https://hitchwriter.wordpress.com/2009/01/08/i-want-a-daughter-oh-yea-have-3-sons/ & https://hitchwriter.wordpress.com/2009/01/08/no-daughters-still-but-no-complaints/

    please read both those posts !!! puhleez !!

    amen to hriday becoming the fast bowler India needs! 🙂

    she was 25 when she had hriday??? geezz hitchy….me staring at my snoopy prints pyjamas and tom and jerry moneysaver on my desk and wondering if its time i grew up…. 😐

    you see i knew here since 5th standard, fell in love in third year of college (1999) … married in 2001 … just cudnt wait !!!
    and I think a kid in 2004 is just about right isnt it ??? you tell me

    he made u wait eh? its believed that such kids will not be rushed into anything till they want to. all in his own time! 😀 😀

    good to hear the pregnancy went off well! so rare to hear that!

    heck hitchy! that answer to no. 27…i’ve got tears… hugs! what a description…he’s nothing less than an angel! so serene! its so so ….*loss of words*
    “when i took him from my mom i knew exactly how to hold him”
    hriday on that day, a lil angel wrapped in a bundle of blue, gave birth to the father in u hitchy….hugs….

    what do u mean bugs bunny “was” his fav? he doesn’t like him anymore
    😦 just when i found a connect with him!!! (i got bugs bunny merchandise enuf to start a shop)

    all cartoons are his favourites… but his craze for a particular character comes and goes… these days its more of ben-10 you see… its horrible but he just loves it !

    dinosaur cake!!!! its adorable! n its more adorable how u guys ask him what he wants on his cake and then make sure to get it! hope u find the most adorable lion cake ever for his bday!!

    kala tikka on the pic hitchy…he’s reason enuf for a trip to indore!!
    hugs & muahs to hriday!!

    wish u a wonderful parenthood mr. & mrs hitchy! 😀 hugs!!!

    Thanks and mr and mrs hitchy hug you back and crush you !!!! hee heee

  22. Crafty Shines says:

    nothing inspires a writer more than the beauty of a moment. ur journey into parenthood is beautiful enuf for this one!

    dedicated to Hriday for his special day coming up! 😀

    bundle of delight in blue
    one look, and they knew
    you will open the doors to undiscovered paths
    ur parents were born the same day as you

    don’t grow up too soon cutiepie
    let them relish every day that passes by
    ur little fingers than close on theirs
    walk a while more before u learn to fly

    Happy Birthday Hriday! *hugs n muahs* 🙂

  23. Solilo says:

    How am I so late for this? 😦 76th?

    So finally as I guessed the tag arrived on Hriday’s birthday. He is turning a big kid. Big 5. *Kisses*

    You wanted to be with your wife inside delivery room? So sweet. I think it is time they allow it in India too. I know some hospitals do.

    Happy Birthday to that sweetipie who is looking out of the car window. Wish him loads of happiness and success in life. *muah to the cutie pie*

  24. Shail says:

    Awww……….. just look at his picture!! Absolutely cuuuute!! So he is a train fan too like my elder son had been at about this age! Lol. And Hruday is a lovely name!!

  25. Shail says:

    OMG I forgot!!!

    Love hugs and blessings.

    Thank you shails !!! Hriday hugs back Shail Aunty !!! and aunty my spelling is Hriday !!

  26. Sindhu says:

    Aww, that was so sweet…loved reading all your wife’s reactions and also your added comments…and the cakes look yummy and creative! Wish Hriday a Happy Birthday from me too tomorrow…he is so cute!My daughter turned 5 a few weeks back.

    HW : Welcome Sindhu !!! belated birthday wishes to your lil one as well !!!! and thanks for the wishes and yes the cake was yummy !!!

  27. churningthewordmill says:

    you cant do a birthday post before a birthday !! its like ordering a birthday cake two days in advance!!!

    I m so impatient what to do… you know i even got his birthday gift yesterday and I was more excited than Hriday !!!! 🙂

    rant done, we move to the real comment..
    the cakes are cute…but hriday cuter… they actually make dinasaur cakes in this country! im impressed man!!

    In this country ?? whaddya mean ?? India is not behind any one in any way !! 😀

    btw, i like the idea of ur doing a joint post with ur wife.. its pretty cool…

    and just before i go…HAPPPPPY BIRTHDAAAAAY HRIDAY!!im sure u will have a great year!!*hugs*

    Hriday : Hugs back… Mandira Aunty !!! Thank you thank you !! 🙂

  28. Mampi says:

    He is absolutely adorable, Best wishes to him for a great life ahead.
    GOd bless you and him.
    The answers to the tag questions are lovely, more because u and mrs shah participated.

  29. Crafty Shines says:

    okies hitchy, so ur lil prince was born on a date that’s a boundary – sixer – boundary…and now ur post about it has hit a century in comments!!!! 😀 😀

  30. Thoorika says:

    hriday is sooooo bubbly and cute !!!

    no one was thinking of me just the baby – Lolz !! Poor her !!! Arey mummy ko bhi tho pamper karthe hain na !!!

    You are regretting that they didnt allow you inside ?! Shayad une patha tha ki agar aap andar hote tho chakkar khakar gir jaathe !!!! 😀

  31. Thoorika says:

    hriday is sooooo bubbly and cute !!!

    no one was thinking of me just the baby – Lolz !! Poor her !!! Arey mummy ko bhi tho pamper karthe hain na !!!

    You are regretting that they didnt allow you inside ?! Shayad une patha tha ki agar aap andar hote tho chakkar khakar gir jaathe !!!! 😀

    And ofcourse HAPPY BIRTHDAY HRIDAY !!! Wish you lots and lots of happiness and lots of more yummy cakes !!! 🙂

  32. Sandhya says:

    Dear Hriday,

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU! Many many happy happy returns of the day! All of us in our family wishes you to be happy, hale and healthy always!

    God bless you and your mummy, paapa, daadi and everybody else in your family!

  33. Amrit says:

    What a great time to hit your blogspace Dhiren!! Wish Hriday a great great happy birthday!!!

    Could visulaize the shine in your eyes….u must be a really really proud and elated Dad!! Hriday is really cute n smart!! I must say..wait for few years and you will find girls swooning over him :)…or errrr…has it already started ??!! 😉

  34. Vamsee says:

    Awww that was a very sweet post. Looks like you have a great marriage and a great kid. Hriday is very cute and I wish him a very happy birthday!

  35. Sandhya says:

    I admire your wife more, now. Nazar na lag jaye to your family, Dhiren. God bless your family.

    I read this post earlier, but thought I will reply on the D-day. Today, hmmm, busy. Anyway, our whole hearted blessings to all of you, be happy always.

  36. Sandhya says:

    Indyeah had said it all, beautifully:

    A baby will make love stronger, days shorter, nights longer, bankroll smaller, home happier, clothes shabbier, the past forgotten, and the future worth living for”

  37. Nids says:

    A very happy birthday to Hriday…May god bless him. Congratulations to Mom and Dad..Loved the tag 🙂 and loved all the cakes..yummm

  38. tikulicious says:

    Hi Hitch writer
    This is a beautiful tag and belated birthday wishes to Hriday.. I stumbled upon your blog from IHM’ and will be following it now. The cakes were delicious so was the feeling of love and gr8 bonding between all of you. Bless you all.
    I am tempted to do this tag myself.. 🙂

  39. Saima says:

    awww..this is soo adorable!! Hriday looks so cute!! 🙂
    Lovely post..Happy birthday to Hriday! May he grows up to be a great cricketer 😀
    And makes everyone proud!!

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