Tied Test at The Chepauk


From the Gabba to Chepauk …

In cricket Australia is a great nation, no doubts about it. As much as I want to see India beat them, I also respect that they have a great history in Test Match Cricket, they value their history and tradition immensely and they have had some really great players who would give their everything for the Baggy Green Cap. Yes at times their win at all costs attitude takes them to lows and earns them enemies but inspite of them they have some great achievements and have given us great players and great captains.

Over the last 10-15 years when Australia was at its peak, it is only our Team that has regularly given them a run for their money in tests. Under Sourav Ganguly our team developed a steely determination and they galvanised as a unit to take on the might… our rivalry reached a nadir in Sydney during the Bhajji / Symmo episode.

Neways lets not talk about the bitter rivalry, lets talk about the one most exciting match where neither won… but Cricket emerged as the winner… !! Where two teams actually played positive cricket in the hottest ever conditions a Test match could have been played at the Chepauk !!

This was an Australian team which had just past its worst low in Test Cricket and were a team low on experience and had a reluctant skipper in Alan Border with the first Coach for Australia Bob Simpson.

India were led by Kapil after a successful 2-0 victory over England in England they were starting to feel confident.

The australians made 574 in the first innings with Dean Jones making a double hundred and then being rushed to the hospital coz he was to be put on drip due to heat and exhaustion. India avoided follow on with Kapil making a fluent Century and Greg Mathews took 5 wickets.

lets not write too much as the interviews of the players in the video’s below are much more interesting…

The Aussies set India an improbable 348 runs to win on the final day. Kapil and his boys decided to go for victory ! mind you 348 on the last day on a turning Chennai pitch was a herculean effort… Srikanth set the ball rolling with a breezy 39, Sunil Manohar Gavaskar struck 90, Amarnath struck a slow 50, Azhar and Chandrakant Pandit chipped in… but Kapil failed… but Shashtri suddenly started hitting boundaries and scored at more than a run a ball and suddenly India were in sight of victory.

Here is copy paste from Wisden :

With 18 needed off the last 30 balls, the match seemed to be India’s, but when Chetan Sharma, caught on the boundary, and More were dismissed in one over by Bright, a third possible result – an Australian victory – was sighted for the first time that day. Yadav, who had struck Matthews for six to take India within 7 runs of victory, was next out, bowled off his pads by Bright, leaving India 344 for nine with eight balls remaining. Maninder Singh defended the last two balls from Bright, which gave Shastri the strike for the last over, from Matthews. He blocked the first ball and, scenting victory off the second, hit a shade too eagerly: the ball went in front of deep square leg off a thick inside edge and a misfield enabled 2 runs to be taken safely. The next ball he placed calmly towards mid-wicket for the single which eliminated the possibility of an Australian win. Maninder defended the fourth ball, with some difficulty, and at 5.18 p.m. was leg-before to Matthews’s penultimate delivery. The Australians were jubilant, none more so than a tiring Matthews, who had been bowling since the ninth over and had taken his second five-wicket return, giving him ten in a match for the first time. With Bright also taking five wickets, all ten wickets in India’s second innings had fallen to spin.

Enjoy the videos guys.


Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Video 4

Video 5

Unfortunately this test series was covered by Doordarshan and the picture quality of the videos of the match itself are horrible… What with both the Tied Tests still not being flimed well … I am waiting for the third tied test !!

n i sure hope it is India and Australia !! again !!


7 thoughts on “Tied Test at The Chepauk

  1. Crafty Shines says:

    There are too many names here that I’ve never heard…(of course I mean the Australian team…) my head is dizzy…

    Tell me, I really am ignorant of all this deliberate and well-planned bowling mentioned here, does this kinda thinking n strategy happen today too?
    I mean that bit about “The next ball he placed calmly towards mid-wicket for the single which eliminated the possibility of an Australian win” is there this kinda impromptu (?) thinking and play that happens in present day play?

    asking coz i’m sure u’d know! I would really have no clue even if I saw a match full of strategic n plotted play 😐 gotta take up few lessons in cricket, wud love to know all this!

    Amen to ur wish for a third tie 🙂

  2. Smitha says:

    Too much to read 🙂 Started it – and then realised that I need more time to properly read and watch the videos – will be back 🙂

  3. Badz says:

    LoL! You are showing your true passion and knowledge for cricket. 🙂
    I think I’m going to learn something new from you every time you write about the history. 😉

    Good post. Very interesting. 🙂

  4. Mystery says:

    Wrong timing dhiren 😀 you posted this and then immediately posted ur guest post by ur wife.. This is being overshadowed by that post..

    To be frank i dint read all of the post..as i said once that i dont know all the technical terms in cricket and then there were many players whom i dint know…dint get few of it and hence stopped it in the middle of last para.. will see the videos though..

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