Run !!! They are coming to convert me into a female !!! haaaalp


— Story so far — or Recap — call whaddeva you like…


Monika comes up with a tag…. a really weird one that is… and tags a few people however all males either run away and ignore the post or try to ridicule it or avoid doing the tag … !! The girls though religiously go about doing their tag….


They are just loving Converting into males and they are loving nominating people from their own kin …. wonder what that tells you….


naaa.. it doesnt tell me nething… I am a innocent lil guy ! 


Then the Notorious Solilo comes up with a Switcherooo tag…. and catastrophe strikes….


 As you all know… Kisladious was successfully CONVERTED …   


after that Vimmuuu was stuck somewhere in between the CONVERSION….


and OG’s Conversion malfunctioned….


Hearing the word Conversion so many times… The Vishwa Gandu Parishad, Yamraj Dal and the Hari Vishram Sena got active … !! Only to realise that the conversion were not of religious nature but … errr… you know what nature…. tee heee… anyways the Sena’s and Dal’s made a cardinal mistake. So far they were taking on only hapless women, innocent couples and weak adivasis. But they had now crossed their path with the uber cool and most powerful  Sililo Don’s path…. and her commander Indyeahician aided by the knights Smithus & Badzus actually smashed the living day lights out of the Sena’s !!!!


They successfully managed to capture the leaders alive and started converting them…. they successfully converted Mr. Battalik of Hari Vishram Sena into a female and asked him to nominate his favourite males… and the sick man that he is he came up with this :




No no…. Solilo Don didnt bother to ask his name… !!! She just started getting sick….


Having recovered somehow Solilo Don still didnt stop and actually went ahead and converted Mr Naveen Angadia, head of Vishwa Gandu Parishad… Again against all advises she went ahead and actually asked him to nominate his favourite male… and this is what he came up with :





Seeing this Solilo Don had a heart attack and since then her Commander and Knights are praying for her good health and speedy recovery….



Seeing all this Hitchwriterious seized his oppurtunity and posted his 5 most favourite females….  :


Points to be noted :


a.)  5 is a miniscule number, I could easily list 500 !!! but well … rules are rules… right Solilo !! 😀

b.) Women are the most beautiful, sensitive and amazing creatures in this world. My fascination for them has been increasing ever since I was born…

c.) My list of women I love keeps getting longer all the time, but these are 5 of my eternal favourite females … I am just in awe of these women …


1. ) Sharon Stone : Ever since I saw the movie Basic Instinct I fell in love with her…. always have been and always will be… even now… maybe she is looking a lil older, a lil more devilish… but I dont think any woman can be as sexy as her… !!





2. ) Angelina Jolie :  She is unbelievable… her looks, her lips, her everything !!! just drooooool worthy…. for all men… our tongues just keep dripping… like dogs seeing her…




3. ) Deepika Padukone : If there is a word perfect to be used for some one it is her… I mean how can any woman look like her… whatever she wears she just looks perfect…




4. ) Sushmita Sen : Another one like Deepika is absolutely perfect !!!! she is a shady seductress….




5.) Bipasha Basu : There is something about her which is different… I havent been able to find out yet… but the mystique in her keeps me spell bounded….






Hitchwriterious has gone into hiding and all the tomatoes, rocks you throw will not hit me… but if you guys are going to throw eggs do tell me… I’ll collect them all  !!!!



None of these pics are mine and taken from google images and all the credit goes to them. I dont earn anything out of my blog and this is not for commercial use !

67 thoughts on “Run !!! They are coming to convert me into a female !!! haaaalp

  1. Ordinary Guy says:

    Firstly lemme say that this is not fair…..

    while vimmuuu and I “honestly” posted a good list……. you did not get your operation done…..

    but after seeing the 5 classic photos, I really dont care!!!! LOL!!!!

    “hot” is what OG has to say!!!!!!!!

    LOL at Vishwa Gandu Parishad, Yamraj Dal and the Hari Vishram Sena….. hahahahahahahahhah and Mr. Battalik….. LOL

    btw, you fell in love with Sharon Stone after watching basic instinct???? wah wah… that was a romantic film 😉 hahahahahahaha 😛

  2. monikamanchanda says:


    hitchy u are a cheater u were supposed to post 5 men for us to drool over… all u men are like very bad…

    see we post drool worthy pics of females for u and u come post females too


    me not likes 😦

    me and solilo both reject this attempt and command u to do the tag again 😀

  3. monikamanchanda says:

    but there is one more thing I have to say those first two pics u have posted are like hilarious i am still laughing 😀

    and ur list was nice too

  4. vimmuuu says:

    The tag says you are supposed to be the opposite sex and then mention the possible crushes ! Now are you he or she or it ??? 😀

    Nice list buddy and you brought in a social message too. 😀 How I wish this was the original tag !! LOL

    Basic Instinct! Thanks for reminding. Its been a while since I had seen that movie. Gotta download it now 😀

    I dont like Deepika though, she reminds me of an evil witch !!! 😀

  5. Smitha says:

    I can’t tell you how disappointed I am! I thought at least you would post some pics of attractive men unlike those two – OG and Vimmuuu!! So disappointed!!

    Nice list – but obvious list 😦 Now listen to Monika and do the tag properly 🙂

  6. Ashwathy says:

    not fair, dhiren!!! this is pure unadulterated cheating!! 😛 😛

    the women are gorgeous and worth the list, but thats not what we were waiting for!! now get around to that conversion fast and let us know how green the grass is on the other side in ur perspective!!

    having said that, ROFL @ the introduction! 😀 thats using ur creativity and coming up with something entirely different from OG, vimmuuu and kislay! i wish u’d had continued along that train of thot tho!

  7. Saritha says:

    Lol dhiren if had done the tag i would have named bips,sush and sharan stone 🙂

    I think u didnt do the tag properly because u dont want us to admire men 😉

  8. zinggy_mum says:

    shush is the best of the lot….
    nice choice tho…..
    u could easily have put up pics of some handsome hunks for us to drool over…..(apne aap hi maje le rahe ho…yaar mil baat kar jeena seekho)
    rt gals?

  9. Indian Homemaker says:

    Nice list HW.
    Very well done tag.
    This is exactly how it was supposed to be done.

    Nice looking guys, first two are not very good looking…
    but the third one , the blond, errr looks a little like a woman you know. He’ s applied lipstick?
    Now let me read this post.

  10. Indyeah says:

    not fair!! 😀
    Not fair at all! you gave me a heart attack with those pics in the beginning 😆 and then came up with the tried and tested ‘tonic’ for guys 😉

    Not a fair Switcheroo! 😛 😛

    we want more names !! Only Kislay has done it most fairly!! 😛

    *looks proudly at Kislay*

  11. Badz says:

    Well Dhiren I’m on your side. Your post was awesome. I love the begginning. That was the best with your first two pics. 😆 😛

    And your taste in women were great. All five are sophisticated women and exstremely good looking. 😉 🙂

  12. Solilo says:

    So Hitchy you turned into a Lesbian? Then why not Ellen Degeneres? 😆

    The pictures you have selected shows the perfect side of you 😉 Ha..ha..ha..ha..

    Sharon Stone : For just that one scene 😉
    Angie : bi/gay/lesbians/men/women everyone loves some Angie 😆
    Deepika: I think Papa Padukone was yummier
    Sushmita: She is GOOD.
    Bipasha: Oh yeah!

    • hitchwriter says:

      Naa… Sol’s Sharon is not just for that one scene… she has the look.. the suaveness… the oomph !!!

      Angie … !! lol…

      Deepika… good you keep papa i keep daughter !!! mil baant ke.. !! 😀 😀

  13. Destination Infinity says:

    I have not watched Basic Instinct! But after your wonderful representation, I will for sure 🙂 The problem with Angrezi girls is, I don’t remember or don’t know the names of some of the cuter ones! Anyone I ask also doesn’t know! So, thanks especially for putting up the first picture.

    I know this is a bit late : Please wish Hriday a belated happy birthday (Missed all the action earlier) BUT I am the first one to wish him Many more happy returns of the day for 2010. Wish him this one too!! In such an advance 🙂

    Destination Infinity

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