Lets try being a female…


Finally the pure love of our female bloggers convinced Hitchwriterious …


He has decided to put his list of men he would love if he were a female… their personal lives I know little of… but their on screen persona and public image is what I am going by…. !


1. ) Hritik Roshan :  He is simply amazing !!!!!!!!




2.) Kabir Bedi :  He always to me looked like an Exotic Egyptian Man !!!




3.) Goran Ivanisevic : Something in left handers that I always like… a grace a style… and the demon tooth out… This football crazy Tennis Star is my favourite Tennis player I love the way he looks… his dry sense of humour the best !!!!!!!!!!




4.) Micheal Douglas : My favourite actor… again there is something about him that I cant figure out… but always feel he is a intimidating guy… and one from whom I would always hide my woman    !!!!!




5.) Akshay Kumar : He is extermely fit and looks cool…. carries out lovely stunts… No wonder females keep falling for this cassonova…. !! and yes he has a perfect nose… something a pakoda nose owner like me yearns for !!!!





All girls who drool here are tagged !!!!

Okay Okay girls I know there is no point in writing anything in this post as you gals just won’t read… !!! drool on…


93 thoughts on “Lets try being a female…

  1. Thoorika says:

    Exotic Egyptian Man..! Lolz!!! Kya description hai bhai !!!

    HW : Bhai ????? dont start it again.. call me dhiren, hitcy hitch writer or a lose nut but not bhai !

    and doesnt that man look like someone from Egypt… i mean he looks like that to me atleast !!

    and you are tagged tooo !

  2. Saritha says:

    wow lovely list dhiren.

    of those i like hritik and Akshay

    Lol at Exotic Egyptian Man

    where is your list now ??? you are tagged officially !! Saritha !

  3. Ashwathy says:

    LOL u guys are all the same! u cant be seen as outdone by someone else! now u r racing against each other to finish the tag properly!

    but nice list btw 🙂 and yes, i’m drooling lol
    altho i have my reservations against kabir bedi 😛 just my opinion tho!

    Imagine the zest in us… !! we are making up for the lesser numbers of us… you all got two tags in return for one !!!! lol…

    Like i said i have nothing to do with their personal lives… but the man looks exotic… in my opinion ! 😀

  4. vimmuuu says:

    Hrithik, Douglas and Akshay would be my choices !! 😀

    Its gonna be amazingly short comments from us guys for this post… !! lol no wonder everyone was trying to avoid it ! 😀

  5. Indyeah says:

    Akshay yep!would be my choice too as would Hrithik be(have no doubts there )

    Goran looks too crazy by half in this pic 😀

    Couldnt find any nice pic of him… but I loved his style… I thought girls might like him topless !!! 😆

    Good list Dhiren 😀
    Amazing how a lil competition can work wonders 😉
    Kislay got all the praise and now all three of you hurried to do the tag properly 😆

    HW : you rubbed us the wrong way… !!!! lol

    good work!
    moi is might impressed with all three of you 😀

  6. Trotter says:

    Hi Writer! Not easy to find you here… 😉 Amazing posts!!

    Want to see Trakai? Blogtrotter has itand misses your comments… Enjoy and have a great weekend!

  7. smitha says:

    Nice List 🙂 I so wish you guys had modified the tag and named 10 instead of 5 🙂 Kabir Bedi! I had totally forgot about him! But, he is good looking!!!

    Not too fond of Hrithik and Akshay though 😦 Somehow HR seems to coordinated to me.. Robotic somehow 😦 And Akshay – don’t know why – just don’t like him 😦

    HW : Hritik is robotic ???? I thought he was sensational !!!!! smi !!! 🙄

    But lovely list with the rest 🙂 But you guys have been so quick at churning out these lists!!! I am amazed!!!

  8. Pixie says:

    I only liked Akshay kumar and Hrithik on your list! 😛

    I think Douglas looks old
    Agree he looks old now… not always… but he is some one who intimidates me always… I m in awe of him… and what a wife he has… !!! 😛
    and that hairy guy with the trophy – NOoooooo!!!! 😀

    I cudnt find good pics of that hairy guy ! but he looks quite smart really !

  9. Badz says:

    Dhiren I’m certainly drooling. 😉 Topless sexy men. 😀
    *wiping drool off laptop*
    And where’s John Abraham?? Surely he should b on this list. 😉
    And I agree with the girls. SRK should surely be in this too . I think you’re being unfair on him. 😛

  10. Crafty Shines says:

    hey bhagwaan!!!! i’m gone few days only to return and find hitchy trying to be a female and posting topless guys on his blog??? 😛 😛

    me no drool on any of these men. what to write now hitchy?
    this post has short comment scope….

    sigh. turns to writing irrelevant comment…

    hope all’s going well! have ya named the two fishys yet?? where’s the pic of hriday’s lion bday cake??? did u save a piece for me???
    are u done being a woman? are u gonna shoo me away now???

    *crafty takes another long swig from coffee cup and goes to bother some other victim blogger*

    😛 😛

    missed ya, but am back now! hee haw haw haw 😛

  11. Thoorika says:

    Arey this “bhai” was not bhaiya walla bhai! This was an automatically nikaltha hai ne baat karthe waqt.. woh walla bhai 😛 This tag will be easy oly !! I need not try to be a female 😛

  12. Smita says:

    And by the way…I have an objection to the title…”Lets try being a female”

    All ur female readers are already females 😀 so we don’t need to try 😉

  13. sureshkumar says:

    I think nowadays , Being male and female is more about an attitude rather than the sex organs ! 🙂 whats important is that we are able to enjoy , The rest is always and usually done by Sex change operations 🙂

  14. Nancy says:

    U’ve chosen some really drool-worthy men, except for Akshay K ie :-P. Hritik is awesome, really 😀

    Even ur choice of women are cool again except for except for Deepika P 😀

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