Honesty pays and how !!


Our maths teacher in the school had a very very bad habit of walking all the time…. she was just too honest with her job for our liking… I mean a lot of the teachers would read their stuff when they would give us our work…. but she would always keep walking in the class peeking into your books to ensure that all were doing their stuff….


This used to annoy us a lot, we fools of all…. never understood maths…. and we had reached a point of helpless ness… Trigonometry no matter how much they explained to us…. never went in….!!! it just didnt make any sense…. it doesnt today either….


This maths teacher, Kaul Madam was her name, eventually got a name from her students (ungrateful that we are) of billi…. a cat on the prowl…. She was a very good lady and a good teacher, but we all just didnt understand and hated Maths just too much… !!!! This name was passed on from years before we came into her class in Higher Secondary….


So one day while she was on a prowl…. one of our class mate Vijay (ma best friend) , purred… !! ” meow meow ”


She knew they teased her as a Cat and immediately she turned around and asked who was it…. somehow she got the impression that someone from the last benches made the noise…. however the culprit was on the second row… so she was way off target….


She was (is) not very strict but maybe she had a bad day that day…. she made the whole class stand up on the bench… then she went to the last bench and kept asking… nobody actually knew…. who purred… she slapped 4-5 students asking who was it… give me the name…. !! Strangely enough most of my class’es last benchers were actually rankers and really studious students and not as mischiveous as Last Benchers are normally believed to ……. after she had slapped 4-5 students we all thought it would pass away… but she had probably decided that she wouldnt let the offender go unpunished that day and made us stand for the whole period and kept prompting to tell who did it…..


Eventually she uttered…. tell the truth and I will forget…. and the smart ass came up ahead and accepted that he did it and he was sorry….


as Kaul madam neared him, Vijay sitting behind me had both his hands on his cheeks fearing slaps….


to the surprise of everyone and the disgust of the students who had been slapped… Kaul Madam actually praised the guy for his honesty whats more… she made all the students clap 10 times for his honesty….. !!!!! Can you believe that ???


‘Boy did we have a tough time defending Vijay that day in Recess….. !!!!! phew…..


Had I been the one who was slapped…. I am sure I would have made mince meat of him ….


71 thoughts on “Honesty pays and how !!

  1. Indyeah says:

    What awesome reward for honesty specially after all the slaps 😀

    you know what made me sad?
    That she slapped students 😦
    Why do teachers do it?Why does anyone do it? 😦

    • hitchwriter says:

      Well ‘di I didnt mind being slapped by my teachers… I deserved them on a lot of occassions… I think I ll start posting my mis-endeavours in the next few posts….

      However I agree that the teachers should not beat students… but then there are all types of people in this world… and some of us are like laton ke bhoot… baaton se nahi maante…

        • hitchwriter says:

          yes… beating was very common…

          once i was beaten so badly by a sir of mind… eventually i hid inside the bench… and he kept kicking me…

          but to be honest… I surely deserved all the beating i got… If i were in his place i would throw myself out of the schoool… !!!

              • Indyeah says:

                hey bhagwaan!! thats it! I give up!!
                you seem to WANT to be beaten for some strange reason 🙄

                *goes off shaking her head sadly…old age?so soon?tsk!tsk!Poor Dhiren*

                • hitchwriter says:

                  well when school children bring Sutli Bombs (volcano type) in school and tie them with a live inscence stick in the drawer of the teachers table… and when you get caught… what happens ????

                  • Indyeah says:

                    you were a child or a monster? 😆

                    sutli bombs in school and keeping them in teacher’s desks?

                    Dhiren!! 😈

                    OMG! 😀
                    you WERE a monster !

                    • hitchwriter says:

                      they were for our music teacher… who used to spend a lot of time in the girls row… !! but unfortunately the wrong teacher came… at the wrong time… they would be time bombs… most of the time we would not get caught…. !!!

                      but unfortunately one girl gave my name away…. sigh…

  2. Crafty Shines says:

    lol!!!! sheesh…one heck of a teacher..i can’t remember understanding maths either. EVER…

    i am a mathematically challenged child hitchy 😐

    so u managed to defend ur friend….good for him…i cannot imagine someone escaping the wrath of students who got slapped!!! 😀

    lucky friend for whom honesty paid well….strangely, i have memories of it not paying at all 😐

    • hitchwriter says:

      awww scratchy… you too…. Indi tooo …. we all are mathematically challenged… !!!! 😆

      duffers et all !!!! :mrgreen:

      geee… those guys complained to our class teacher… and told him… they would not sit on the last benches… that they never made mischief and that it was the shorter guys who always made more mischief and they got blamed all the times… !!! poor chaps… !

      • Tara says:

        hey, I was among those treated as if we come from some other planet for getting 99 if not 100 out of 100 😐 in every mathematics exam..

        but that was the maths of school days, my dislike for it started after i graduated with maths major where it becomes so theoretical and jumbled up with physics.. 😦 good for those who didnt persue it further 😛 (with no offense to those who went even upto PhD in the subject.

        coming back to honesty.. maybe the teacher had not expected that someone will own it up and when somebody did, she dint know what to do and ended up like this.. the chances of this being the reason cannot be ruled out 😛 right.. ?

        but seriously, someone, rather so many of them getting chante for something done by somebody else is so sad and unfair…

    • Indyeah says:

      rofl!!@Dhiren’s comment
      we three ARE mathematically challenged Crafty 😀

      seriously so.. 😀
      and I am still grinning for some insane reason 😀

  3. Anish says:

    Good to hear instead of punishing him ,she praised his honesty 😀 .Probably that guy will never forget that lesson in his life.But why did she punish entire class and even slap some of them for a one student’s mischief.I don’t know y some teachers are like this?.I was lucky to have good maths teachers throughout my school life.Probably that is the reason behind my love for maths 🙂 ……..

    • hitchwriter says:

      you are right….

      but honesty pays… doesnt it… 😆

      She was a good teacher… and apart from that day… in the three years she taught us… she never raised her hand…. she would infact call us for free personal tuitions to explain to us trigonometry… !!!

      maybe it was just one of such days for her…. I m giving her benefit of doubt here…

      • anishthomas says:

        wow thats really nice 🙂 (in our place instead of giving free tuition many of the faculties used to take leave and give private tuition).may be that day she were not in a good mood

        @honest….very true lol :), after all god has given lips to close our mouth at times

  4. Smitha says:

    Honesty certainly pays.. Atleast I believe so 🙂 And I think standing up to what is right pays to – atleast in the long run!

    I am so proud of you Hitchy!!!

  5. Swaram says:

    So, Honesty is the best policy aa? Would be fun reading all ur adventures; bring them on.

    BTW, where’s the cake [lion was it?]

  6. Badz says:

    LoL! Great reward BUT I feel sorry for the students that got slapped.
    And yes I would have killed your friend if I got a slap coz of him.
    Thank god we don’t have such punishments here. Otherwise I’d get slapped most days. 😉 👿

    BUT yes honestly does pay. 🙂

  7. snow says:

    haha can’t wait to read more of your (mis)adventures 😉 btw, maths is COOL 8) and yes, the cake pic please, i’ll be back after lunch lol 😆

  8. Mystery says:

    poor guys who got slapped. You indeed must have had a tough time in the recess saving him getting bashed by ur other friends..

    u dont like maths? I know a couple of people who dreaded maths.. I somehow love that subject.. especially trigonometry it was one of my favorites. all thsoe son thetas and cos thetas were fun…

    You know what? when my 10th results were announced, i got a little less marks than expected but i cried a bit coz i dint get a 100 in maths.. i got 99 btw 😀

  9. Amit says:

    I can understand the plight of the students who were slapped. 🙂 Even I had payed such a price in school. Its like being caught in a crossfire. 🙂

  10. monikamanchanda says:

    why do teachers beat students ???? i feel very sad on that really very sad

    but on the other hand the way she behaved with vijay impressed me

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